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Hello everyone, I wanted to know if there was any audiophile or anyone interested in loudspeakers.

It has been a long time since I wanted to buy a good pair of floor speakers and the time could maybe be right, I saved some money and I am therefore in doubt a bit about some models. I know you normally have to listen to the music before purchasing speakers and off these that I list I listened just to the Klipsch.


I was wondering if any of you has any experience with the followings:

KEF Q900, Monitor Audio RX8, Focal Chorus 816V, Wharfedale Diamond 159, B&W 683, Klipsch RF83


The Klipsch are used since they have been out of production since 2008

I wait for your feedback and or comments about these or similar

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I was listening Monitor Audio BR5...well done for enter in Hifi world !

I dislike Kef sound. For the rest, I don't know...

But your speaker choice depend of CD player and amplifier to.

You need to listen everithing in same time. It's a team.

What's your CD player and amplifier ?

> go in a showroom to discuss with a 'pro' !

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Amplifier: Sansui AU-919 (1978)



CD Player: Pioneer CDJ500 through Pioneer DJM300 (1999 setup)

I would probably go somewhere and hear some of them

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Your CD player could be changed to have best sound in a second time...

I don't know what about Sansui sound but it's complete ! Pre phono, pre amp etc...

Why did you want floor speakers and not compact speaker ??? It's different.

How high is your listening room ?

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If you buy floor speakers buy more expensive ones. I have listened to cheap floor speakers such as Canton and they are only good for loudness and bass, no precision in sound, no linear frequency response. I have listened to Magnat 809 and liked the sound of them, clear and detailed. But you pla to buy speakers that probably will be much better anyway, the brands you listend are very well known for hifi quality.

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Yes Radi, after working hard in Spain as a teacher I feel like I want to reward me with something that I wanted to buy since many years.

All of the mentioned speakers are not cheap, not the most expensive but surely not entry level and all are very big. I tend to think I will probably buy the klipsch since they are extremely powerful and big and when i heard them live i was blown away (literally).


Have a look to these videos:




these are recommended for music with peaks and bass like rock and techno, which are the styles i listen to mostly.

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What did you end up buying Drake?!


I have just been looking for speakers my self... it's really hard, but it does help to go and compare them with fixed combination of tracks. Ended up going for Younger Brother - Crumblenaut, Aes Dana - Opalin and Hallucinogen - Gamma Goblins (Part 2)... very good combo :D


So far I am leaning towards a pair of Elac fs207 A, amazing top and mid, and they play really well at low levels as well as louder ones, properly not as blasting as the Klipsch though... ;)

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