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Virtuart - Sacred Drop EP

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An official page on the DAT Website, with link to longer samples and pre-orders opening later today!!


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just wondering if anyone who bought this had any feedback on mastering. thanks in advance!


I don't have any other versions for comparison, but it sounds (and looks) very gentle to me. Especially the last two tracks are normalised to a few isolated peaks with most of the signal only reaching about 0.9. In a typical modern release, those peaks would be the first thing to go to squeeze out an extra dB already before the actual compression kicks in.


However, the whole production style here is quite airy and dynamic with sharp kicks and effects instead of seismic bass and three overlapping broadband supersynths, which contributes a lot to the overall sound.


In short, already the source material makes a good starting point for enjoyable listening, and it hasn't been screwed up by excessive processing either. I'm happy with it.

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