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Deedrah - Out of Control


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Artist: Deedrah

Title: Out of Control

Label: Hom-Mega Productions

Date: October, 2012


1. Step by Step

2. Pendulum

3. Out of Control

4. Cycles of Life 2012

5. Purple Unicorn (Hard Mix)

6. Over Bloody Flood (Old School Mix)

7. Soul Motherf*ckers

8. Motel Lover

9. Ananda (Morning Mix)

10. Half of Me (Mickey Noise Remix)

11. Gayatri (Deedrah Remix)

12. Over Bloody Flood (Tech Mix)

13. Half of Me



I don't know about you, but there are certain labels I avoid. It comes with experience and getting burned a couple of times.




Hom-Mega is one of them.


They are notorious for putting out the creme de la creme of crap. Uninspired, lazy, unimaginative drivel. But people keep buying this stuff so on they go. I knew this was going to blow, but that little goa head inside of me said that he would probably would do justice to a couple of goa classics. After all Dado was himself a goa artist (part of Transwave) at one time so surely he would be understanding when it came to remixing tracks of this stature. Right?



Step By Step- This was an awesome progressive track. Really thumping with an extra helping of sexy shake. Remember this because





Pendulum- "I want everyone on the floor...NOW!"





Out of Control- Now that is some wicked bass. Funky as hell and totally out of control. And that's just the half of it. The middle of the track slows to a semi reggae crawl halfway to dubstep before returning to its funky ways. Gott in Himmel I liked it.

But you just couldn't resist the cliched snare roll, could you?


Cycles of Life 2012- You sonofab*tch...


I bid you good day sir.



Purple Unicorn (Hard Mix)- Ok let's just forget that last track ever happened. I'm a forgiving guy. See, you've recovered. The bass is punchy and yes...I see you brought your epic house pianos...good for you. Oh and that's a nice build up.

Well they can't all be smash hits can they?


Over Bloody Flood (Old School Mix)- There is nothing old school about this mix. Unless you equate it to a lifetime of detention. Excruciating. I haven't heard sh*t this bad since the MFG Remix of that Rhianna track going around on Facebook. Really dude, that's two classic tracks that you've managed to sully like a stopped up toilet. What happened to you?


Soul Motherf*ckers- Holy sh*t was that a Madonna sample?





Motel Lovers- This was pretty good full-on.

If it was 2002.



Ananda (Morning Mix)- The lead sounded pretty good with some progressive backing and the ending was a gentle touch, but all I'm thinking of is I have 4 tracks left to go.


Half of Me (Mickey Noise Remix)- More generic full-on with some awful vocal tacets. Good God and you had help with this one? How bad must the original must've been? Be patient, you'll get to find out soon enough.


Gayatri (Deedrah Remix)- The original was on the Stars on 35 EP by Astrix so I guess this is Dado's take. You know I don't really give a f*ck anymore. I would've shut this down long ago, but what if there is a track that really restores our faith in....


Yeah I know.



Over Bloody Flood (Tech Mix)- He's already cornholed this track once. Two times and you have to register as a sex offender.


Half of Me-





If you order this you might as well go punch Blue Planet Corporation in the nuts if they haven't already rolled over in their grave.







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