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Found 5 results

  1. Artist: Astrix Title: He.Art Label: HOM-Mega Productions Date: February, 2016 1. Shamanic Tales 2. Deep Jungle Walk 3. Alien Turned Human 4. Valley of Stevie (with Ace Ventura) 5. He.Art 6. Agate (with Ritmo) 7. Sapana (Album Version) 8. Awake The Snake (with Tristan) 9. Juno Reactor - Conquistador (Astrix Remix) 10. He.Art (Continuous Mix) Jeez, get a room. Used to love He-man. Had all the action figures (call them dolls and I'm gonna punch you in the face). Beast-man, Skeletor...even had Castle Grayskull. Looking back I never realized how homo-erotic those things were. Figured they just had a lot of muscles, and the tv show didn't help. But like a lot of sh*t you outgrow it. Soon girls became the main focus and no chick is going to date a dude who has a bunch of these things lying around. Like those toys, I feel I also outgrew Astrix. Sure I loved Eye to Eye when it came out, but musical tastes change and listening to it now just leaves me wanting more. Doesn't hold up, and while he was always into the full-on, he seems to have acquired an even more commercial sound with subsequent albums. So when this was passed on to me I gave it the full Leonard Nimoy. It says Astrix on the cover, but this doesn't sound like him. Hell listening to the uber-long opener it sounds like he kidnapped Simon Posford and got him duct taped in the trunk. Very tribal and mystical with loads of changes. Deep Jungle continues the deeper exploration of sound and it's very refreshing. Valley of Stevie was a more aggressive style of full-on and Sapana had a bunch of weird sounds, but finished on a strong, growly note. And that break was sick. I liked where he was going with the Conquistador remix, even after the triplets showed up. The whole album is deeper and more detailed than expected. Sure sometimes he reverts back to the full-on dude we always knew him to be (He.Art, Awake the Snake), but this was a really great effort that I didn't see coming. If you get the CD you get artwork of course, a sticker, and a poster. If you get the digital format you get a continuous mix of the entire album. Decisions decisions. Beatspace Psyshop
  2. Artist: Xerox & Illumination Title: Temporary Insanity Label: HOM-Mega Productions Date: May, 2004 1. 3D 2. Marley On Acid (Part II) 3. Resolution (feat. Sandman) 4. Tribal Metal 5. Helium 6. Illumination - Under Pressure 7. Break Off 8. Psycraft - S.O.S. (Xerox & Illumination Remix) 9. Alech'o (feat. Goma) Yes, get it son! These two artists had really good solo careers before they decided to team up and hands down the best album of the three this duo has done in my opinion. They came close several times after their debut with some decent tracks, but this is full-on with that early 2000's edge that still holds my attention. It's hard charging and varied with tracks sounding like Braincell in his hey day. There is a futuristic component and a dark, acidic vibe that still holds up.
  3. Artist: Various Title: Remixed Label: HOM-Mega Productions Date: April, 2005 1. Psysex - New Wave Hooker (Domestic & Pixel Remix) 2. Psysex - Altered States (X-Noize Remix) 3. Psysex - Come In Peace (Illumination Remix) 4. Psysex - L.S.Dance (Psysex Remix) 5. Psysex - Alien Cop (Eskimo Remix) 6. Psysex - High Times (Nick Remix) 7. Children of the Doc - Bionic Bong (GMS Remix) 8. Sex On Mushroom - Dirty 80's (Wrecked Machines Remix) 9. Psysex - New Wave Hooker (Violet Vision Remix) 10 Psysex & Star-X - Star Sex "Would you describe, in your own words, what happened that night." Who died? The reason I ask this is because when this was first recorded as sold on Discogs back in 2008 (three years after it's original release) it sold for a paltry $5.66 $5.66. My kids can't get a happy meal for that. Now it's common knowledge that people on Discogs can be somewhat delusional when setting an asking price. Admit it...it happens. They tend to overvalue. For example there is a user that is asking for $53 for this mid 2000's Israeli full-on. C'mon that's just off your meds ridiculous. Udi's grandma needs to get back to baking cookies and stay off the damn internet. I know he's your bubbie, but he'll be alright. However in November of 2014 it sold for $25. That's an increase in value of 442%. You don't get that kind of appreciation unless somebody is pushing up daisies. Trust me this Whitney Houston cocaine mirror is gonna put my kids through college. Too soon? So now I'm scouring the internet to see if Udi died and not appear like the biggest dick in the universe. Found his Facebook page and he recently celebrated a birthday so I'm guessing he's still of this Earth. Seems like a likable enough guy. But let's be honest this album is a compilation of Israeli full-on remixes that will stay with you about as long as dry fart. I would argue the cover is more well known than the music found inside. It's actually not that bad even though it's close to as full-on as you can get. I found it enjoyable in spots and really liked the breakbeat un-full-on Violet Vision Remix of New Wave Hooker. But an almost 450% increase in value? Either one of these artists kicked the bucket or someone's about to go full-on OJ. Mdk
  4. Artist: Various Title: Xerox & Illumination RMX Label: HOM-Mega Productions Date: April, 2009 1. Paranoia (Black and White rmx) 2. Tribal metal (Insomnia rmx) 3. The beast within (PTX rmx) 4. Ghost in the machine (U-Recken rmx) 5. X-files (Chakra vs. XI rmx) 6. Control me (XI rmx) 7. Sun burn (Hipnotix rmx) 8. Battleship (Krunch rmx) 9. Night shift (Loud rmx) 10. Welcome to paradise (cover mix) "As I was going up the stairs...I met a man who wasn't there." This is a remix album for a bunch of X&I tracks. I always liked that duo as their compositions exhibited a dark techno vibe that fit seamlessly with their powerful music. Yeah it's full-on, but it was usually the type of full-on that didn't make you roll your eyes. And trust me when I see artists like Black & White, PTX and Loud it's hard to control that eye rolling reflex. F*ck this is what happens when you let full-on artists mess with your tracks. It's like taking a new iPhone and then covering it with that glittery sh*t. Totally emasculating. Annoying. Choose your adjective. They've taken the dark atmosphere and put a Hello Kitty sticker on it. Galloping bass lines galore and cheesy melodies for the rave crowd. Even their own remix lacks a pulse. Wailing guitars I thought Sun Project was in the building. Battleship which is probably my favorite track has now been neutered and lacks all the gravity and grandeur it once contained. This compilation just takes all the air out of some really good tracks. Depressing. This must've been how Daisy felt when she found out Donald was shtupping Minnie Mouse. Psyshop Beatspace Mdk
  5. Artist: Deedrah Title: Out of Control Label: Hom-Mega Productions Date: October, 2012 1. Step by Step 2. Pendulum 3. Out of Control 4. Cycles of Life 2012 5. Purple Unicorn (Hard Mix) 6. Over Bloody Flood (Old School Mix) 7. Soul Motherf*ckers 8. Motel Lover 9. Ananda (Morning Mix) 10. Half of Me (Mickey Noise Remix) 11. Gayatri (Deedrah Remix) 12. Over Bloody Flood (Tech Mix) 13. Half of Me I don't know about you, but there are certain labels I avoid. It comes with experience and getting burned a couple of times. Hom-Mega is one of them. They are notorious for putting out the creme de la creme of crap. Uninspired, lazy, unimaginative drivel. But people keep buying this stuff so on they go. I knew this was going to blow, but that little goa head inside of me said that he would probably would do justice to a couple of goa classics. After all Dado was himself a goa artist (part of Transwave) at one time so surely he would be understanding when it came to remixing tracks of this stature. Right? Step By Step- This was an awesome progressive track. Really thumping with an extra helping of sexy shake. Remember this because Pendulum- "I want everyone on the floor...NOW!" Out of Control- Now that is some wicked bass. Funky as hell and totally out of control. And that's just the half of it. The middle of the track slows to a semi reggae crawl halfway to dubstep before returning to its funky ways. Gott in Himmel I liked it. But you just couldn't resist the cliched snare roll, could you? Cycles of Life 2012- You sonofab*tch... I bid you good day sir. Purple Unicorn (Hard Mix)- Ok let's just forget that last track ever happened. I'm a forgiving guy. See, you've recovered. The bass is punchy and yes...I see you brought your epic house pianos...good for you. Oh and that's a nice build up. Well they can't all be smash hits can they? Over Bloody Flood (Old School Mix)- There is nothing old school about this mix. Unless you equate it to a lifetime of detention. Excruciating. I haven't heard sh*t this bad since the MFG Remix of that Rhianna track going around on Facebook. Really dude, that's two classic tracks that you've managed to sully like a stopped up toilet. What happened to you? Soul Motherf*ckers- Holy sh*t was that a Madonna sample? Motel Lovers- This was pretty good full-on. If it was 2002. Ananda (Morning Mix)- The lead sounded pretty good with some progressive backing and the ending was a gentle touch, but all I'm thinking of is I have 4 tracks left to go. Half of Me (Mickey Noise Remix)- More generic full-on with some awful vocal tacets. Good God and you had help with this one? How bad must the original must've been? Be patient, you'll get to find out soon enough. Gayatri (Deedrah Remix)- The original was on the Stars on 35 EP by Astrix so I guess this is Dado's take. You know I don't really give a f*ck anymore. I would've shut this down long ago, but what if there is a track that really restores our faith in.... what? Yeah I know. Over Bloody Flood (Tech Mix)- He's already cornholed this track once. Two times and you have to register as a sex offender. Half of Me- If you order this you might as well go punch Blue Planet Corporation in the nuts if they haven't already rolled over in their grave. Beatport Mdk
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