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Artist: Hiyarant

Title: This is Only A Game

Label: Disasterpeace Records

Date: August, 2011


1. Osaka Remix

2. Something Else

3. Chaos Resolved

4. Last Possible Solution

5. Yojimbo (Hiyarant Remix) - Frozen Ghost

6. Hall of The Mountain Clown (Hiyarant Remix) - Rubix Qube

7. In Hindsight

8. Power To The People

9. Triple 7


"You people have been chosen...to reveal our existence to the world!"


Whew. This is intense. Hiyarant is Stuart Vermaak from South Africa and he drops a migraine inducing blend of hard bass lines, ominous samples, and ear piercing leads right into your living room. As you would expect from the artist behind Collision the mood is dark and unrelenting. One does not just sit and listen to this. Oh no, you put this on right before your first Muay Thai fight. It's brick hurling twilight madness that people not familiar with our music might associate with animal cruelty. Severely detuned leads that sound like they're weeping are everywhere and there is a lo-fi rawness to its production. The low end rumbles and the highs screech like an eagle. It might be a lot to take in one sitting, but if you need a blast of energy before you go all hostel on someone...have I got something for you.




"Let's get to work..."





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