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Ziptnf - Cloud Travel [dreamy downtempo/psychill]


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Ahhh... time to ramp the energy wayyyy back. Close your eyes and expand your consciousness. Explore the clouds, listening to the strings, pianos, and beautiful melodies, letting your mind drift up through the stratosphere and into space. Enjoy your journey :)


Skysurfer - Here Comes the Sun (Piano Dream Mix) [Manifold]

Amethystium - Ethereal [Neurodisc]

Jaia - Epsilon (Tesseract Remix) [iono]

Murya - Carl's Last Interview [uxmal]

Chronos - Free Falling [soundmute]

Apple & Stone - Authentic Reaction [Kontor]

Asura - Everlasting [Altar]

Timewave - Re-Entry [Mistique]

Koan - Selena's Song (Blue Mix) [blue Tunes]

Marvin Wilson - Imagine Instead [Alex Tronic]

zerO One - TransfOrmatiOn/bu_ist (Phutureprimative Remix) [Waveform]

Myk Bee - Colours Of Nature [Mistique]


Image credit to Singglefritz.


Ziptnf - Cloud Travel (1:12:42) 167MB ~320kbps

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I tried posting the link but it keeps turning it into a player button!!! Just click the "quote" button on my previous reply and copy-paste the link into your browser.


Try turning off the rich-text editor (using the lightswitch button at the top-left-hand corner of the editor) and typing this:


[url=http://dl.dropbox.com/u/71483/Ziptnf%20-%20Cloud%20Travel.mp3]write the name of your link here[/url]


write the name of your link here


I couldn't seem to find any easier way to prevent the forum from automatically adding [media] tags, sorry.

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