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Kuro - Conception


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Artist: Kuro
Title: Conception
Label: Wakyo Records
Date: July, 2012

1. Not Enough
2. Analyzer
3. Resolution
4. Black Zombie V2
5. Blue Moon
6. Push
7. Black Star
8. Magnetic
9. Red Zombie V2
10. Runaway

I don't know much about Takeichirou Kurosaki. His album Revolution back in 1996 contained a great goa track of the same name, but that's where it stopped for me. This is his 4th album and 1st in 4 years. So is he an old master returning with his take on today's goa or is he doing his own thing?

If you hoped he would release a goa stormer than you shall be disappointed. But all is not lost. This is party music pure and simple. You need all the lights flashing their brilliant colors and a pumping system for this to work. I can easily see this being played and watch the masses below bounce with ecstasy. Home listening cannot do this justice. It can't, because it doesn't have the same effect. You can't contain music that is supposed to be blasted. This is dancing until you pull a hamstring music and it comes at you like a tsunami of sound. He wields subtlety like I would surgery. Total disaster and someone would end up losing a testicle. There are no twists and turns, no breaks for you to contemplate your place in the universe. He flings sonic sledgehammers and kicks you with techno boots. Soaring melodies were never his style and he unleashes his power all at once.

Standouts include Not Enough with it's hard hitting acid line and Analyzer with it's discordant melody. Push blows the doors off the hinges with maximum concussive force and Magnetic and Red Zombie V2 shows that he hasn't turned his back on his goa beginnings with sick acid lines and big bass. But there is no middle ground. If he goes straight forward with power he equally moves in dare I say a boring fashion. He finds his melody and sticks with it. Black Zombie V2 and Black Star while not minimal didn't have anything new to offer. The heavily techno inspired Blue Moon is placed right in the middle of the tracklist and doesn't maintain momentum. Hell, it kinda kills it. But like a good warrior he recovers.

If you like his techno acid style then this will please you. It's got power and I'm sure can whip the masses into a frenzy. It's not the most imaginative thing I have ever heard, but it does hit hard.




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IMO, his music is great, refined and sound out of place if it's not played in Tokyo. His music was written for the underground techno clubs (literally under ground, clubs that are 30m below surface with powerful sound systems one can only dream of), with a strange atmosphere you find only in the Japanese maze city. Japanese psy artists are returning to their source: techno.

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