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Fractal Gate Indoor! Etnica/Pleiadians old school, Asura,... 31st of october!


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Because we were not able to organise another Fractal Gate festival this summer because of too busy personal lives, we want to present you something that can replace this great memory of last year :)


31st of october


Like usual the Fractal Gate crew (Suntrip Records, Trance Dimensions & Full On P.A.) takes you to a wonderland with 2 rooms! :)


Room 1: Suntrip Records & Trance Dimensions present: Old is gold room - Old School Goa-trance (+- 1000m²)


Etnica - Pleiadians Old School (Etnicanet, Dragonfly, Spirit Zone,...) set by Maurizio! - Italy

(Maurizzio Begotti, one of the producers of Etnica/Pleiadians since the early 90's will play a pure old school set, with music from 94 till 98! Expect lots of unique tracks, remixes and for sure... A mindblowing experience!)


Asura (Ultimae Records) - Live - FR - 1st time in Belgium

(Asura will play a downtempo 110-125 BPM 4/4-beat trancy/ambient set, getting people ready for the party)


Antares vs Daimon (Suntrip Records) - Live - BE

(Simon will build up after Asura from dreamy Antares-music to crazy acidic goa-trance under his darker alter ego Daimon. Also, he will present his new album under his Daimon alter ego on this party!)


Draeke (Dat Records)

Anoebis (Suntrip Records)

Yani vs Javi (Suntrip Records)

Inada (Cronomi Records)




Room 2: Full-On PA presents the Melodic Full On Room (+- 500m²)


Vibe Tribe (Utopia Rec - Mainstage Rec.) - Live - ISR

(Last time Vibe Tribe, one of the most famous full on artists on this planet, performed in Belgium is over 4 years ago! Time to invite this star of melodic full on music again so you can hear what this master made last few years!)


Vibe Tribe Melodrama Era Dj Set (Utopia Rec - Com.pact Rec - Mainstage Rec.)

(Vibe Tribe classic debut album "Melodrama" was a huge hit back in the days. Stas will perform a special dj set with all his music from this period! A must see for all lovers of melodic euphoric full on!

Electric Lord (GanjaTree Recs / Naturall Prods - Be)

Phasid (Lani - Be)

Norion (Dacru Records - Be)

2CB (Ganjatree Records - Be)

Hypnosis & Psylosopher



Deco:Flourelysium - GER (For pictures, check following links...)





Location:Feestzaal Atrium - Bosuil

Oude bosuilbaan 54a

2100 Deurne


Start:22.00 - 10.00


Entrance Price:20€ (Pre-Sale) - 25€ @ the door


Pre-sale:www.fractal-gate.be (soon)


Extra's:Cd-shops, clothes shops, food, market place and lots of smiles


No's:Drugs, animals and girls/boys of -16!






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