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mmGhost - Inner Cochlea


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Hi Everyone--

I'm new to this forum, and I was hoping I could encourage people to have a listen to one of my tracks, linked below. It's hard to find folks into this genre of music where I live, so I seek the vast web of cyberspace to help me out!




Any feedback to help me get better at creating psy trance is much appreciated!


All the best. Thanks in advance.

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I enjoyed really much the part after 5 : 22 nice melodys and feelings :P !! But richpa is right about the quality .Track is weak and has no power !! I didnt like your kick and i could barely hear the bass .In my opinion you have to bring bass to the surface While reconstructing the whole mix Also do something with your hihats and percusion to give s rythm .The melodic parts and whole idea of combosition is really good.


Cheers mate :)

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Hi Everyone--

Firstly, thanks for taking the time to have a listen.


Secondly, the sound quality is not soundcloud's fault...it is me! I am new to making my own tracks, and I've definitely been humbled by how difficult it is to produce a polished track. I'm kind of teaching my self all of this stuff, by perusing internet forums like this, so it's a work in progress. In some ways I think I'm a lot better at hearing in my head what I want the track to be, and composing, but the producing and sound design is the most difficult for me. I've gotten similar feedback about EQ-ing and mix-downs from soundcloud users.


Anyways, I'll keep it up and see if I can get some more stuff uploaded in the not too-distant future. Probably need to do more A-Bing between a pro track, and one of my projects.


Kindest Regards.

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