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Artist: Schizoid Bears

Title: Bearsky Dreams EP

Label: Forest Freaks

Date: December, 2011


Nothing is more terrifying than seeing the dark side of something that always gave you comfort.


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What can I say, Santa loves the hoe, hoe, hoes!



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shortly after this pic was taken they found parts of little timmy in the freezer of the neighbor across the street who always waved to you on his way to work.



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"Now where dat Barbie b*tch at?"



So the Freaks are at it again with a release from C. Monster and P. Tale. Two Lithuanians who love the dark side and first name initials. It's a 4 track EP that makes you think what really goes on in the deep woods where there are no prying human eyes. Love the cover with the psychedelic colors and the slighly out of focus bears watching in the background.



Back on Action- Sounds like the bears have had enough with these f*cking hikers sh*tting in their woods. Hear that weird evil cry? That's them. Great effects and twinkling sounds create a rich atmosphere. But that is only added to with the clicking and bubbling as someone sings in an attempt not to be scared. It's not powerful but rather suggestive. Ooohhh...look what you diiiiiiiiid.


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Now you made him angry.




Planeta Pliuk- Something about Russian that makes samples spooky. Unless you're Russian I guess. For all I know he said, "How bout some scrambled eggs for breakfast?" But for me it's very cold war get the hell outta here type stuff. Holy sh*t did you just forest goa me? I think you did, Ursa Major. So this is what bears do in the woods when nobody is lookin'. Twisted forest sounds with intertwining melodies. Pumping all the way through as you get lost in the woods. Easy to get turned around isn't it?


Waggish Night- I love layered forest tracks and this is the tail that wags the dog. Or bear, in this case. Typical forest sounds with eerie pads and bouncing leads are on the menu and it does.not.stop. A very deep and involving track.


Sick and Tired- "I'm sick and tired of hearing about all of the radicals."


More of the punishing style with juicy and bubbling effects and unlike a lot of the darkpsy or forest this has more than one melody running concurrently. So the bears are sick and tired of you starting fires in their woods. Sick and tired of the sh*tty food selection in your pick a nick baskets. But mostly they are sick and tired of your extreme couponing.


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"Take that bush league sh*t to Food Lion, p*ssy. Dis Kroger, n*gga!"



I hope they release more stuff and refine their sound. Some of the tracks were a little light in places and could use a little more oomph. Sounds odd to say, but I hope they take this in a darker, horror movie direction because it almost writes itself. Like a psychotic serial killer bunny named Kottontale that...ah, you get the picture. Using the cuddly teddy bear as a theme could prompt some truly psychotic images. Psychedelic....I meant psychedelic. It's free so I urge you to check it out.


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"That was nice, right? Just like we rehearsed. You need me to do it again? Cuase I got no problem with that."





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