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The Raid (action fans)


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We saw The Raid. It was at RedBox. Good action film with great fighting (martial arts) choreography. The weapon combat was especially impressive, the intensity, realism, and the boss (or sub boss, the main boss doesn't fight per say but the sub boss) fight towards the end is memorable. I'm a big martial arts fan.


My only gripe is it seemed almost everyone in the film knew how to do martial arts almost a little too well. What are all these great fighters doing shacked up in some run down building, I wondered. I realize it's a gang but still. If they're disciplined enough to train in martial arts their whole life to fight as good as they (the antagonists) do, you'd think maybe their lifestyle would be a little different, less being lived in some rundown building. I just wondered, that's all.


For those into intense, Rated-R martial arts action, I highly recommend SPL / Kill Zone (Donnie Yen, Sammu Hung)... that gets better as it progresses, with some of the best one-on-one (Donnie Yen Vs. villain) boss fights I have ever seen in a film. Oh, and The Protector with Tony Jaa and for the amazing Pakour I recommend District B-13.


It's impressive what can be accomplished on a reasonable budget with talent and creativity!

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