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Goat Ranch mix: Hallucinary - Secret Society


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Hello, everyone!


The Goat Ranch has been quiet for a few months, but we're back and ready to provide y'all with a steady supply of old-school Goa in the new year.


The first mix posted after coming back online is Secret Society by Psynews' own Hallucinary. With almost 2 hours of 1995-1998 Goa trance on vinyl, this makes for a tasty winter treat. Check it out, comment, and enjoy!


Find it here:

Hallucinary - Secret Society (goatranch.com)


Posted Image


DJ: Hallucinary

Title: Secret Society

Format: MP3 (320kbps CBR)

Size: 260MB

Duration: 1hr 53min



01 Technossomy – Germination (Huge Rant Mix) [SYMB005]

02 Deviant Electronics – Army Of Darkness [HEX004]

03 Satori – Entropy [STAR005]

04 Laughing Buddha – Andromeda [TIP009]

05 Pleiadians – Universe 13 [BFLT50]

06 Slide – Alien Hitmen [TRA029]

07 Phreaky – Over The Moon [BFLLP19]

08 Slide – The Search [TRA029]

09 Deviant Electronics – Psi Corps [HEX001]

10 Breach Of Space – Two Mad Men [SYMB011]

11 Razors Edge – Tribal Sunrise (Alpha Mix) [MM008]

12 Germinating Seeds Of Doda – Midas [ADO-L01]

13 Polyploid – Akousmata [INTRU003]

14 Semsis – Storm In A Test Tube [ATOM002]

15 Deviant Electronics – Catacomb [HEX001]

16 Dimension 5 – Light Sensitive Data [D5003]

17 Technossomy -Timepiece [SYMB005]

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Downloading as we speak! Curious about this one, tracklist looks goowd B) I'll comment more when I finished listening!


(Goat Ranch mixes are instant download no matter what anyway)

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