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Tryon - Cube Sequence EP

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Trance2MoveU    408

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Artist: Tryon

Title: Cube Sequence EP

Label: Hypergate Records

Date: October, 2011



1. Awareness Test

2. Frequency People

3. Deep Space


This is a cautionary tale. Of not being happy with what you have, but being unhappy with what you don't.


Based on a true story. The names have remained the same because he is the f*cknut that did it.



Elmo Pereira had it all. Fame, with appearances on the late night talk shows.

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But as is the case with a lot of stars who rocket to the top and burn so brightly he became addicted to the perks of the lifestyle. The fall began while he was shooting a product shot for Red Bull when tragedy struck.


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He was burned on over 70% of his body spending 7 months in the intensive care unit. Once released he became a virtual hermit, sinking into a deep dark depression. To take his mind off his troubles he traveled to Ireland for an extended vacation.


Unfortunately his wealth allowed him to crawl inside a bottle in an endless menagerie of pubs and backroom bars where the drink choice was only limited by his imagination.


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But alcohol was merely a gateway drug. Soon his recreational drug use became habit forming. Coke, heroin, prescription drugs to numb the pain and finally...meth.


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Immediately rumors began to circulate to producers and he was quickly dropped from his successful television show. His agent stopped fielding his calls and soon he took up with a bad crowd.


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His downward spiral continued with the release of his latest books. The fanbase scattered like dust in the wind and sales were dismal.



Posted ImagePosted Image


For the final humiliation he was caught on camera performing favors for drugs.


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With no where to go and nobody to turn to, he sought relief in the warm embrace of death.


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After not being seen for many months, Elmo released an album that garnered critical acclaim in 2009 called The Twilight Solution. Psytrance seemed tailor made for his high strung personality and the music he made had the masses dancing. After favorable appearances on compilations, Elmo has since gotten his life together with professional and personal success. This EP is his latest effort to quell the demons that have haunted his past.



Awareness Test- "This is an awareness test."


All hands on deck cause this is a rumbly motherf*cker. The leads rip as thick lasers strafe the target. I'm sorry did he drip a little acid on you? Tide will get that sh*t out. He's got the layers and a build up that actually builds tension. How novel. Good job sir.


Frequency People- "Well how can people relax under the tensions of modern life?"


More blow jobs obviously. Sounds heavy with a cyber twist. It's more of a underground sound, with churning rhythms. After the break, the lead starts to do its thing and the acid is let loose. It hits its stride near the end and becomes a pretty good track. Kind of a wall threatening to topple on you.


Deep Space- Acid rollercoaster. Strap yourself in and try not to lose your cookies. That lead dances like a stripper I saw who told me she was only doing this to pay for medical school. Well, far be it from me to get in the way of science and education. The end is an array of sticky leads and bright lights which make it one of the best tracks for me. I love the shiny lights!



Hypergate Records is on quite the roll. Massive release after massive release with quality night time sounds. I liked Sidhartha as an artist and I like him as head of this label. The Portuguese sound is intact and as potent as ever. While not as intense and blistering as the Alienn EP One, it is still a good bet to get the body moving.





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Xamanist    17

Just dropping by to say that the name of the man is Telmo :P

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