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Space Tribe - Space Tribe Continuum 2


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Space Tribe - Space Tribe Continuum 2


Space Tribe Music, 2011


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CD 1


1. A Pinch Of Psychedelic

2. Spiritual Experience

3. Single Dose

4. All Reality Is Virtual

5. Astral Body Surfing

6. See The Light

7. Short Term What??

8. Giants

9. Kikkin' Up Some Dust


CD 2


1. 3rd Eye (Spacebase Mix)

2. Alien Attack

3. Alternate Future

4. Total Disintegration (Guitar Mix)

5. Wacko

6. Spiritual No Body

7. Time Warp (Guitar Mix) (feat. Jon Klein)

8. Mid Summer Night's Dream

9. Deep Purple Haze (Star Spangled Mix)


The second part of "Space Tribe Continuum" is another chapter of a trip through time and space continuum with Olli Wisdom along the rhythm by Space Tribe. This two-CD collection gathers Space Tribe tracks from the time period of 2001-2010 and strongly underlines the collaborative character of Olli's tunes. While in the first part of "Space Tribe Continuum" among 18 tracks five of them were created with three other artists (Simon Posford, Electric Universe and Psywalker), here the proportions are entirely different. Out of the 18 tracks presented here only four of them are solo Space Tribe tunes. The rest was made with other artists, namely GMS, Absolum, Menog, Electric Universe, CPU, Psywalker, Sirius Isness and Mad Maxx. On one hand cooperation with his fellows in crime made the Space Tribe profile a bit more attractive, on the other hand it is not so good as one would suspect. It is easy to see that with the dawn of a new millennium the head of Space Tribe Music fell into a routine hole, which can be clearly heard in his tracks, even if they are coproduced with others and bear some other signatures than Olli's. Moreover, Olli went too easily with the current of new musical trends and was ultimately left with the content similar to the rest. Somewhere there one can still grasp his unique character, however it was watered down for the sake of being cool. This collection has its moments (for example "See The Light" or "Kikkin' Up Some Dust"), but as a whole it does not strike as being good, especially when contrasted and compared with his earlier, more interesting output. It is better to get a hold of the first part of "Continuum" and stop there. Especially concerning the fact that the times depicted here are not so distant.


Templar / http://www.psytrance.pl





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While not as interesting as his earlier stuff (let's be honest, some of his earlier releases was ridiculously barren) the later phase of Space Tribe is the acid laden full-on dance floor smashers.  Some of these tracks are blistering even today.  A Pinch of Psychedelic and Astral Body Surfing?  12 years old and still scorchers.  For me it's like a nice walk down memory lane with this later version of Olli's music because I wasn't around for his goa days. 


Now I will agree that a rut he is surely in because he's been making the same music since 2004, but these efforts bring a smile to my face for nostalgia purposes alone.  Still, this release has a lot of great tracks and at the time of this writing is itself almost 7 years old.

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