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Later Flying Rhino Records

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I recently fell in love with Planet BEN's deep & banging second album "Silver" and I wan't more. Atmos split with Echö Lab is of course mandatory. Could you people recommend me some CD's to get?


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Guest nectarios

Brilliant album, one of my favorites. Test is also very nice, but not exactly in the same manner. Bit more SBKish, if you know what I mean.


Peace out.

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For the ones that came out in the same year or after I can really recommend the following:


VA - Singularity 2-001

Great Leap Forward - Cinkofa

VA - Live In Germany 2000

VA - Endangered Species


Singularity 2-001 a million times over!

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Seconding Great Leap Forward.


A little more popular, but if you don't already have it: Fifth Flight: Maelstrom has some phenomenal tracks.

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Seventh Flight is a nice compilation by Flying Rhino from that era, especially the tune by Biodegradeable. At the time there was quite a bit of prejudice towards minimal like this, but in retrospect it's simply bangin' psytrance!

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