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Field Rotation - Acoustic Tales


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Label: Fluid Audio
Catalog#: fluidaudio007
Format: CD, Album, Limited Edition
Country: UK
Released: 31 Jan 2011
Genre: Classical, Electronic
Style: Neo-Classical, Downtempo, Experimental

01. Acoustic Tale 1 (Introduction) (8:30)
02. Acoustic Tale 2 (5:19)
03. Acoustic Tale 3 (4:21)
04. Acoustic Tale 4 (With Danny Norbury) (7:18)
05. Acoustic Tale 5 (8:45)
06. Acoustic Tale 6 (6:37)
07. Acoustic Tale 7 (Inspired By Franz Kafka) (4:54)
08. Acoustic Tale 8 (Dedicated To Sergei Rachmaninoff) (5:08)
09. Acoustic Tale 9 (7:28)
10. Acoustic Tale 10 (6:21)
11. Acoustic Tale 11 (Appendix) (4:09)

This album is a tough nut to crack. Mainly since I am not used to review this kind of music, namely modern classical, neo classical, ambient or whatever name you wish to put on it. My first encounter with Field Rotation was on the compilation Hope, also released by Fluid Audio, he also made an appearance on Imaginary Friends by Ultimae, both of these appearances was with Regenzeit, altough with two different versions of it. This track with it's different variations is without doubt one of the most amazing psychedelic compositions that has reached my ears. It's up there with the greatest of the great within the psychedelic movement.

Naturally the encounter with this wonderful piece of music raised my attention towards this artists, and it was with great anticipation I awaited his first album Licht und Schatten released on Fluid Audio. A great album, but sadly none of the tracks on this album could compete with Regenzeit. I thought it was strange when Field Rotation claimed that Licht und Schatten was probably the last electronic album he would release, but this only shows that nobody knows anyone better than him or herself. After having listened through Acoustic Tales it becomes clear that Christoph Berg is more at ease creating music with a strong emphasis on acoustic elements.

As the name implies this album is a nexus of different tales, and the album does convey an emotional story from start to end. Overall the music is quite abrasive, gritty, dark and contemplative, but at the same time amazingly beautiful with a great use of elongated violin strings. I love emotional music and if artists like Solar Fields, Krusseldorf, Bluetech, James Murray, Carbon Based Lifeforms, Shpongle and the like can be seen as to create some sort of emotional psychedelic sci-fi stories, which is by no means anything bad of course, then Field Rotation with Acoustic Tales can be seen as creating that classical dark and gloomy fairy tale that you can find in old dusty books hidden in an old mansions cellar, it's an emotional journey that brings to mind more ancient conceptions. Even with this strong contrast towards downtempo music I just mentioned, Field Rotation manages to keep some of that psychedelic sense shown in Regenzeit and Licht und Schatten, this is especially apparent in acoustic tale 2, it can also be find it acoustic tale 4 and 5.

It's obvious there is a lot of thought and work behind this album, it only takes a glimpse on the packaging of this release to realize that. And sadly most you you reading this might never see that package since it's already sold out. I will not go into interpreting what the packaging and all it's contents could mean, I'd probably get it wrong anyways. The album is sold out but, I want to urge everyone and anyone to get a hold of this masterpiece no matter what. I don't know if it will be released in digital format but we can always hope, otherwise I guess you know what to do :)

I have started a blog where I will mainly publish musical reviews, I'd be happy to get some visitors every now and then.
You can find it on the following adress: http://thenoseisperpendicular.blogspot.com/
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This is an incredible album. I don't think I've ever heard anything quite like it. It has ambient touches, but at the same time is very emotional. The overall mood is sort of melancholy (I guess the right person reviewed it :P) but at the same time also hopeful. It really seems timeless too. It could be from the past or the future and neither would surprise me (although the invention of time travel would B)).


It's now available for digital purchase by the way, and there are also full-length samples. http://facture.bandcamp.com/album/acoustic-tales


It's even available in FLAC, under the "audiophiles and nerds" option :lol:

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Loved this album. Facebook doesn't have a like strong enough to indicate how touching this is. It is sadly beautiful and might bring some to tears.


Ok it brought me to tears. But I cried when Rudy got that sack because I was so proud of him. RUDY! RUDY! He worked so hard you know. And that's how I relate to this. Sure I cried, but it's similar to watching your child succeed at something all on his own. The style is neo classical (whatever the f*ck that is) with electronic elements. Just call it ambient, I know what that is. If music is supposed to move you than welcome to exhibit A. It's slow and expressive; part thriller movie soundtrack part dream sequence.


I am 100% certain that the 4th tale was used in a movie, but cannot recall which one.






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