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Ahahahah, like we didn't get enough explanation in the movie....


Good movie though, nicely paced, brilliant editing, but way too explanatory and forced, could have been better scripted as well...

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Compared to the average (and above average) Hollywood flick, this rocks. I found it an interesting watch, and I stayed completely focused for the movie's two hours plus running time, which is generally good.


Whoever pointed out the script explaining and all - you nailed it! What's the point if you do not let me THINK about anything?! Why the hell do you spell it all out for me like I'm an imbecile?


I thought the balance between the action sequences and the dreamy gibberish was good. The pacing was good as well; just when I'd get tired of the action, they'd go pack to speaking about "kicks", "dream levels", "architects" and what not...


The entire scene when Ellen Page walks around the city with Di Caprio is jaw dropping amazing! Pure bliss, I seriously wanted to go in the projection room and force the guy to rewind it for me!


However, with all the explaining, little was left to my imagination, which is something I want in these types of movies, so after a while it just turned out in another cat and mouse chase, or a race against time.

Despite all of its flaws, the script is very well written, the idea is great, but I fear they sacrified some artistic creativity and "grey area" in order to make the movie accessible and comprehensible to the most casual viewer.


That said, this beats the hell out of any Spielberg/Cruise or Michael Bay/LaBeouf, or the common Bruckheimer blockbuster fodder.

Want a good, witty Hollywood major movie? Then go see Inception!

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The dreams are structured by the architect, so you're not going to get the surreal goings-on that usual dreams have.


Granted, I think they could have used more of the surreal to make it feel like a real dream but we're not exactly sure what the chemicals in those machine things (with everyone connected to them) do to the brain. I'm assuming that they stabilize the person's subconscious to a point where the architect can submit his or her structured dream into place.


If you watched one movie over (like this one for example) and over to the point you start dreaming of it constantly and perhaps more accurately... I think that's a part of what was going on. Obviously if there was more surrealism going on, people like Fischer would know it's a dream for sure and then try to get out of it. If they didn't fool him perfectly then we wouldn't have much of a movie, would we?


Inception certainly isn't a mind-blower, they didn't make it into one as far as I'm concerned. I'd say it's around mid-to-low thinker. But I thought it was done pretty good. It also depends on what target market they were going for. It seems like it was made for about teenager/young adult level. I would see people in that age range being blown away by the movie.

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