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V.A Geek Mythology

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kazuku    1

Artist: V.A

Album: Geek Mythology

Label: Cosmic Conspiracy Rec http://www.myspace.com/cosmicconspiracyrecords

Release: 04/2010






1. Alfredo Garcia Vs Day.Din – Ghost

2. Dopped-Accesing

3. Grouch - Concentrated Weaponary

4. Hedonix - In the beginning was the command line

5. Disfunction - As Above so below

6. Slytrance - Spectres

7. Meggido - Keep on Rising

8. Slytrance - Chuggernaut

9. Tripinstumble - Reality Show

10. Minimal Criminal - The Tao of Yoda


"Geek Mythology" is the most recent release of the California based Cosmic Conspiracy Records, compiled by label Dj Wizdumb from NZ. In this label has supplied listeners with memorable releases such as Bufo-Bug Eyes from 2006. You may have also come across some of their other V.A´s such as Tall Poppy Syndrome or The Plot Thickens. What we are looking at here is a compilation that combines progressive and minimal tech with a wide variety of psychelic influences. Geek Mythology features artists from Australia, New Zealand, Brazil and Germany, the BPM range is between 125 and 138 and there is a definete growly, night time atmosphere to be found in most tracks.


Alfredo Garcia VS Day.Din - ghost


First up we have a collaboration between two German based artists, Alfredo Garcia and Day.Din. Ghost is a gentle start to the album as it softly floats into the listeners awareness with its dreamy pads and techy beats. Despite the minimal nature of the track, it manages to create a rich atmosphere that grew on me after a few listens, mainly because it becomes of its warm (but not cheesy) feel and mesmerising nature..

The deep tribal feel begins to unfold with deep hypnotic beat patterns that have alot of groove The interplay between the warm pads, choir like fx and metallic beat suceeded in entrancing me. A solid begining, but not a favorite.


Dopped- Accesing


Dopped from Brazil moves things in a more psychedlic direction, with a very thick, phat and chunky track bustling with organic vibe. The style reminds me a little bit of the Bufo album on this label at times, although this has a more spacey vibe, - it has the same kind of funky attitude though. If I remember a comment from Bufo about their album at the time, they mentioned something about "Beer trance".... in this case this case Dopped might be called "mushroom laced beer trance".


I liked this alot, it represents exactly the kind of psychedlic music in this BPM range I like to hear.


Grouch - Concentrated Weaponary


You may have heard New Zealand artist Grouch on previous releases on this label as well as on Zenon records. Concentrated Weaponary follows a very nice curve as it unfolds, building up minimalistically with a hint of funk before assaulting and suprising us with assorted psychedlia, leading into a deep brooding atmosphere. Talking synths, vocal snippets, and above all the supreme dark "growlyness" work together synergistically creating a subdued quirkyness above techy beats. I have only discovered my love for this style recently (by listening to alot of Zenon stuff), and this tune is infused all the slick charecteristics I like about this sound - it is kind of low BPM forest music Sure its somber and tech at heart, but the sound is also drenched with organic feel and psychelic trickyness. very tight, mature night time music imo


Hedonix - In the Begining was the Command line


Hedonix from Sydney pick up the pace significantly as we move into the upper BPM ranges of progressive trance at 138 BPM, along with this we get a sound that is "busier" overall. A funky baseline leads the way for playfull elements to unfold in the form of melodic sprinkles, subtle percussion mischief, glitchyness, moist feel and a very dense, rich psy atmosphere. Does have a progressive attitude, but also draws on many old school psy influences, I even find myself thinking of Hallucinogen at times. I also thought the vocal sample had a very old school touch to it, in a very gratifying, non-cheesy way. Definetly the most twisted track untill now, but slots in nicely at this point. Hints of carnival Progessive techy psychedlic.


Disfunction - As Above So Below


The album winds down again at this point Disfunction´s track, which took me a few listens to get. Its a 130 BPM minimal piece with focus on vocal sampling, breakyness, tribal-techy percussion work and glitchyness in an industrial computer dominated world. Sunlight infiltrates this world in the form of hinted piano stabs and inclings of warm pads. All the while the listener is drawn into dissasociation by the constant interplay of whacked out samples, robots and trumpeting space elephants line the corridors of imagination.

After a few listens I learned to appreciate this, has a lot of suprises hiding inside, especially the percussion playfullness and overall tightness give it depth. Very nice for home listening imho. I think people who liked the Grouch track will also enjoy this alot. Is connected with the rest of the tracks on the album with the same underlying "growlyness" which comes through.


Slytrance - Spectres


This is the first of 2 Slytrance tracks on this album. Very much back in pumping progressive territory we find ourselves bouncing into the night at 134 BPM.

"The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn´t exist".


Very tribal attitude in the baseline and percussion that remind me of early Haldolium especially towards the end. Again we have a very intersting interplay between reoccuring growlyness and creakyness mixed in with more upbeat vibes, manifesting themselves as melancholic, yet optimism infused synth melodies. (Which took some getting used to for me). In the last third the track breaks down into a prolonged atmospheric break before coming back for the finale in full force and taking on a dimension of tribadelica I havnt heard in a long time, with extremely wicked beats and great organic drip-drops.


Megiddo- Keep on Rising


The Relentless, determined basline and steady tribal tech beats melt together with a dark, twisted atmosphere that develops in intensity as the track grooves along. Otherworldly vibes peak in and out of the sounscape like the glowing eyes of predators in the dark. The forest animals we know from faster night time music seem to have made themselves at home, building a nest for themselves in this special breed of nocturnal tech-prog with a twisted edge. Maybe I repeat myself, but this reminds me of long lost styles - night time music at the milenium shift. Later the track evolves to include funkier and more light hearted aspects.


Slytrance - Chuggernaut


The second Slytrance trance is a great example of the possibility to create an intense yet funny track at a low BPM (125). It uses the well known "Pink Elephants on Parade" song from Dumbo and combines it with chunky, funky minimal elements.( I am sure most of you have seen the in-your-face psychedlic sequence from this movie). This works as great comic relief while also providing lots of playful ideas, surely it is going to cause some intersting moments on the dancefloor when it is unleashed on the unsuspecting. Great and brave idea to do this track, I think it will make everyone with a heart smile at least. Cheeky, original and twisted.


Tripinstumple- Reality Show


Very patient track focusing on minimalistic steayness and incorporating samples that make me think back to old Shiva Chandra work with organic sampling. If you have heard classic tracks like "Gartenzaunpforte" and "Schaukelstuhl" you know what I mean- THE EPIC CREAK for example Here we also have use of ping-pong samples being used to create and develop rhythmic elements. Evolves to include small portions of psycho-drama as well, but with restraint. Overall I found this to be a solid track but not memorable for me.


Minimal Criminal - Tao of Yoda


Minimal Criminal winds up the album with a mellow piece with small Yoda wisdom snipets. Like some other tracks it took a few listens to grow on me. I find this is the case with alot of minimal music - may work instaneously on the dance floor, but for when listening to it at home it takes me a few times to appreciate the intricate design and "get it".

After a few listens I found this to be a very deep and mesmerising track with alot of style. Slick, groovy and cleverly blending repitition of key sounds with evolution to do what it is supposed to do - lead the listener/dancer into trance.




I think a wide spectrum of trance lovers will enjoy this album because:


a) Progressive lovers will appreciate the cheeseless approach and night-time focus in this time. Some darker vibes on prog floors at night is a good thing imo. GROWL and KREAK


B) Tech trance fans will enjoy the intricate, intelligent, minimalistic designs and above all the tribadelic flavour that runs through it


c)Old school listeners and all other might recognise inspirations from the past and may be impressed by how seemilessly twisted and psychelic aspects are integrated into the sound.


Great mixture of prog, minimal tech, assorted psychelia and experiments. Funky and tribadelic I think it must be the foresty nature these Australian and Newzealand Bush doofers are exposed to


Favs: 2, 3, 6, 7, 8

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amphiton    2

Looks like a good one, looking forward to hear it.

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skyclan    0

Looks like a good one, looking forward to hear it.


Nice!...in the vein of EPP and ZENON.

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