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"Pandemonium! - A Mad Scientists Night EP"

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Trance2MoveU    395

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Artist: Pandemonium!

Title: A Mad Scientists Night EP

Label: Metaphysics Records

Date: May, 2007


1. A Mad Scientists Night

2. Ali Baba and the 40 Acid Puzzle


Wow, a lot has changed since this came out. First of all Pandemonium! if you didn't already know is one of the projects of Filipe Santos. Now he is heavily involved in his acid projects, but when this came out, it was a revelation. This was a free release, (you can still find it here at Ektoplazm.) The label was set up in part by Filipe, but soon folded.


"A Mad Scientists Night"- This sound is so full with a lot going on. Sunshine trance this ain't! Acid leads replace one another with swift determination as a 303 screams itself above all else. This track has it all. Evil distorted vibes, you betcha. Groove a plenty? Ditto. It is like a trip down the rabbit hole but instead of helping Alice, I'm kicking her in the face!


"Ali Baba and the 40 Acid Puzzle"- The Middle Eastern feel shoots to prominence right from the get go. Screaming leads fire off in a barrage of acidic warfare. The sounds are so lush that it just holds you tight and makes you feel like you are part of the track. The deatails are strong, creating an rich atmosphere but doesn't sacrifice any of it's innate danceability.One melody leaves, no problem a new one takes its place. Stellar!


His work here is outstanding and had me ready for more. I liked a lot of his album "Muinomednap!" and there was talk of a 2nd Pandemonium! album, but I guess that got shelved after the....unpleasantness. Nonetheless, we still have this gem and it should be enjoyed to the fullest. Between Lost Buddha, Pandemonium! and Amithaba Buddha there is plenty of good tunes to go around. :D



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I really enjoyed reading your review and insight of this album.

You even got me to listen to "A Mad Scientists Night" which i never heard for soooooooo long and it's really crazy if not Insane music but always keeping with the exellency it is.

"It is like a trip down the rabbit hole but instead of helping Alice, I'm kicking her in the face!"

This is the best quote and insight of this song i've ever heard , it made me laugh because Pandemonium! can be quite tricky , and yes you really captured the Evilness that Pandemonium has in this EP and some of Muinomednap , it's like watching an Evil comedy piece without reaching the seriousness the Horror has.

I could be here writing a lot of things about this project , but , to me it was good and fun to make this stuff and to read what you have just wrote .

Thumbs up for your review.

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Imba    319

EP is awesome!


Filipe you are junkie :lol:

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AstralSphinx    51

It's not available anymore on Ektoplazm? Too bad, this and the Regeneration EP were easily some of the best stuff Filipe released back then in 2007. If you ever decide to dust of the Pandemonium project, please revisit the playful acidic theme of this EP. These two tracks encapsulated something new, and I think this style would work really well today as well. Just the right balance of playful malignity, acididic tonality and enigmatic melodic storytelling. I would be very intrigued to hear how this could sound with todays studio technology.

Jon Cocco could you review this please? :)


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