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Goa meets Full On: Cybernetika - Machinery

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I was intentionally looking for music where "psy-trance meets cyberpunk sci-fi" and appeared at ektoplazm's Cybernetika - Neural Network Expansion - 2007 page.

Of course, the album was having the strong sci-fi influence, but still sounded way to "common" for me, too "fullonish" or "darkish". Except the track "No communication", but I was searching for some uplifting and inspiring music.


Decided to know more about the artist and possibly discover more tracks, I appeared on his homepage cybernetika.de where there were many more tracks and albums (!) for free download.


I downloaded them all and was listening carefully, one by one and really discovered some inspirational ones, like "The origin", "Promised Land", "Creator of the Universe" and others..


But when got onto his first album and track called "Machinery" of 11:11 length, it hit me to the max! It was ABSOLUTELY what I was looking for initially and instantly appeared to be my loveliest music creation of all time, till now!


I then decided to contact Lars personally and share with him my feedback. He then recommended me to try his other track "Plasmoid", and he was right, that track also has met my demands perfectly! And we now have it in a free release under Nanospheric album.


I was noticing here and there the great feedbacks about Plasmoid track, some people where including it in their mixes, but nothing, absolutely nothing, about Machinery! Which I personally count of the best GOA tracks ever produced and generally. And wanted to share this with everybody!

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Full-on? Depends on what you like to call full-on. To me this is more like Darkpsy + Goa.


I never knew about these 2005+2006 promos btw, so thanks for making this topic. To me, at first, Cybernetika seemed like a no-name darkpsyish artist with his first two Ektoplazm releases, just like you mentioned "but still sounded way to "common" for me, too "fullonish" or "darkish".", but when he released Atropos I became interested as he was able to produce something so unique. These promos are really good too. Cybernetika has lot of talent, I just didn't notice it on those 2 ekto releases..

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