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Pusherstreet - Lingo & Knazter EP


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Pusherstreet - Lingo & Knazter

Multiplex Records 2009 (MULTIPLEX 011); http://www.multiplex-records.de/


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Some time ago, I became a little bit bored of psychedelic music ... on parties it was all starting to sound the same more or less all the time: either it was fullon or dark (unfortunately the dull way) or this kind of generic sounding detergent progressive. All off the mill, sorta. And even though I know a considerable amount of good stuff to listen to at home, I somewhat ended up listening to the same handful of artists over and over.

But then, fortunately, I discovered Pusherstreet and as I heard their samples posted on their Myspace I got instantly interested in their music. This sound had just the twist I needed and altogether made it clear for me that the scene is far from dead and that there are a bunch of guys out there who are still making fresh and innovative sounds! And that there's even more to come, for these guys also have opened a label, Panzar Rekordz...


Pusherstreet were Liam Dorff & Rasmus Alanne (some should know him as a member of Etnoscope) at first. Meanwhile they have a third member, Jesper Nilsson. Their motivation for the Pusherstreet project was that they found themselves in a similar situation to mine above, namely that fullon dominates the psytrance scene and the progressive which is released nowadays often sounds more or less all the same. They decided that something needed to be done about this and chose the right thing: to start a project by themselves and bring back the innovation as well as the original approach and good overall experience that trance music used to be known for! And this is precisely what their sound is: progression and positive vibe, straight to the bone! "Umpa Umpa with a twist" is their motto ... and the sound is totally like that.


At the beginning of this September they released their first digital EP on Multiplex Records. What you get on this release are two of their tracks, "Lingo" and "Knatzer".

Lingo: this one begins nicely with a sorta jumpiness in the sound and beat, builds gradually and changes into a more progressive, rawer pace. It actually almost appears like two tracks in one, very cool! I like how there are no actual melodies, but rather effects embedded into the flow of the track, thus enriching the progression but also changing its variety -- this is one of the main characteristics of the Pusherstreet sound! That and this sort of "phatness" in the beat and musical structure which is just one of a kind and incredibly good. Because of this the music is very easily accessible in a jumpy and "get up and move" manner -- I sometimes can't help but just stand up and shake through the room to this track -- but it also offers some nice creative twists and turns and inputs here and there that just make me smile and create a very positive vibe overall. This is a very good and fresh progressive track!

Knazter: the Knazter track ("Knaster" in german means some smoking stuff, either tobacco or weeds ... nowadays the term is rather used for nasty stuff) is of a rawer sound nature than Lingo and it's also so jumpy as the first one ... one could mean that the nastiness of Knaster stuff is shining though onto this track a bit, in a good way though! You get a progressing beat with present bassline (again with that wonderful, "phatness" without compromise!), some screeching and other effects add a pinch of psy elements ... and what makes this one interesting is again the way that there is actually a melody component, yet there is no melody ... it is actually just very well embedded effects. Sorta. But you shouldn't think too much about this anyway, just dance, it's a really good track :)


The sound of Pusherstreet, which this release stands for, is very particular. It's progressive trance, but raw and in its purest, honest and most positive essence, there's absolutely not a single grain of the fancy fake or pseudoemotional sophisticatedness that one can unfortunately feel in much of the commercial stuff released nowadays. It makes you smile and want to move ... and it might also warm your heart. It's also great to workout or run to, which I can strongly recommend from my own experience :)


So, what you get here is two really very good and solid progressive tracks with a characteristic sound that is very original and innovative. It showcases the talent of these guys and makes appetite for more! A very recommendable piece. Hopefully there's more to come soon from Panzar Rekordz!


Yet the best about this one has not been even said yet: Pusherstreet have chosen to release this EP for FREE! That's right, everybody can download this one in Multiplex Records' download section ( http://www.multiplex-records.de/musicdownload.html )! Get it and enjoy it :)





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Hell yeah, thanxx so much for this!!!!

You totally get what Pusherstreet and Panzarproduktionz is all about!!!

Thanxx, mate!!!

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Had the pleasure to play before them at a party here in Denmark, and their music surely had the crowd jumping and grooving.


They have a comical approach to progressive trance, their melodies are quite crooked and their music surely isn't pretentious, but personally I must say that it doesn't rock my boat. You say that it's very original, but I still hear the same offbeat "funky" bassline that's been hammered to death by lots of German artists for many years, although at slightly slower BPM's, and generally this wacky progressive sound has already been quite huge here in Denmark for instance with acts like Bufo. It's a matter of taste though, and I am sure a lot of people will like the sound of Pusherstreet.


Good review and nice initiative with the free release by the way. Hopefully more people will discover Pusherstreet :)

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The Lingo track is actually a very old track done in 2000 or so....

Knazter was the first track we made in Cubase.

Much more will be available soon....





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