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Basilisk had excellent points. Excellent read too, his post on the Twisted forum.


The one thing I cannot get over with is that SP is complaining about sales going down because of piracy and the leak of his album: all understandable, although hardly a new problem. But what bugs me is that he also says that he spent WAY TOO MUCH (35.000 GBP on lighting alone, that's A LOT!) on a huge gig, which was sold out but almost didn't make him any money at all.


If you combine those two things, it seems to me that you can't blame your label's financial situation just on bad sales.

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I'm sorry guys, but I'm banning 3 assholes and closing this thread.


"Gay" comments are not welcome.

Joking about a label bankrupty is not welcome.

MP3/Piracy and disucssions about it are not welcome (check the rules too)


And I really find is disgusting how mean people can be sometimes.


For a change, get a life and produce a relevant review of this album...in the reviews section. You'll see producing something is much less easy than bitching.

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