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North American Festival Guide: 2009 Edition

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Greetings travellers,


Every year I gather together dates, links, and locations of the various psytrance (or psytrance-related) festivals taking place in North America. This year I'm starting early, largely because of the noticeable increase in spring festivals this year. A good sign, isn't it? Anyhow, if you're seeking a quick and dirty rundown of what your options are this festival season, look no further:



I will be keeping this post updated all summer long. If you have any tips to pass on (or wish to correct any mistakes that may arise) please feel free to use the contact form on my site to reach me directly.

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Eclipse and Entheos get my seal of approval... and I've heard a lot of good things about Gaian Mind (well, aside from the whole stomach flu thing last year--whoops).


Orb, not so much. In fact, be sure to read up on it if you're thinking of going. Seems to be one of those cases where the line-up persuades but the organizers fail to follow through on most other matters that are important to the festival experience...

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Haven't seen anything yet... keep me updated if you find anything.

Actually, somebody sent me this today, let me know if you recognize any of the acts or labels or if they're all local:

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VORTEX PSYTRANCE Presents : The Resurrection

May 1st – 3rd : Ovett, Mississippi


Posted Image



The Vortex Psychedelic Trance Group in conjunction with Cruise Control Records is Resurrecting the trance scene in Mississippi !

After 3 years of laying dormant, the erruption is imminent with a stellar lineup of weekend entertainment.


Live Performances:


Iguana aka Naked Tourist (Berlin, Germany) Parvait-Records

Mubali (Texas) Trishula Records

Monks of Madness (California) Psycircle

Dragon (Florida) Dharmaharmony Records / T.O.U.C.H. Samadhi / Vortex

Primordial Ooze (Chicawaukee, WI/IL) Divine Balance / Kabrathor



DJ Performances:


Iguana aka Naked Tourist (Berlin, Germany) Parvait-Records

Psyonic (TN) T.O.U.C.H. Samadhi

Twarped (TN) Twarped Productions

Arahat vs Bodhi (CA) Psycircle

Mister Black (MS) Cruise Control Records / Vortex

Karma Kat (MS) Dharmaharmony Records / Vortex

Noumenal (MS) Cruise Control Records / Vortex

Psygomin (WI) PSI Control / Vortex

Craft (MS) Cruise Control Records / Vortex

Papa Bear (TN) Electronic Salt

Saint (TN) Electronic Salt

RainCloud (MS) Cruise Control Records/ Radio-Wave / Vortex

Red Bone (MS) Seal Audio Productions / Cruise Control Records

Bong (MS) Cruise Control Records

Bizkit (MS) Radio-Wave



Visual Projections brought to you by Psyonic of Knoxville, TN

FULL-ON UV DECO & BLACKLIGHT EXTRAVOGANZA with fire poi performances nightly.



Gates open at 5:30pm Friday, May 1st, 2009

Event Music begins 7pm Friday & Ends at NOON on Sunday.

Gates will close at 1am each night. No re-entry unless authorized.


This is a LEAVE NO TRACE event !! Please Pack out what you pack in !!

We will have the prvilege of enjoying this venue for years to come in this manner.

Cabins & Lodging will be available along with spacious camp grounds.

Showers, food, and other amenities will be available on site.

A small donation to the camp is always encouraged.

Vendor space is available – please contact by April 17th to vend.










*** You must register your name on the Vortex website by April 28th, or you will be denied entry !!! ***

Picture ID is required at the gate to verify registration.



RSVP HERE >>> http://www.vortexpsytrance.com <<<




Presale Tickets: $31.50

Tickets at Gate: $40.00







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