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Aerosis - Lunar Effect (New Moon mix)


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Have a listen: Aerosis - Lunar Effect (New Moon mix) 143 BPM


This is an alternate mix of the track we did for Sundrops. It is more on the dreamy and trancey side, abit less energy... where as the version released on Sundrops is more uplifting. The mix of this version is not different enough to be a remix and end up on another release, but nor is it a bad peice of music for it to go to waste. I figured we'd put it up the alternate version for you guys to have, some might prefer it better, it is closer to the dreamy moon theme we were going for. Its been laying around for too long and we're probably not going to go back to work on it more...so a promo peice is what it'll become. :)


If you like this track, remember that the upbeat uplifting version is on the suntrip compilation, Sundrops - Light in Motion, which just released! http://www.suntriprecords.com/pages/releases/SUNCD11/


~o~ Aerosis

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