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2 NEW Compilations Coming Soon from AVATAR RECORDS !

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Retrodelic Vibes 4


Title: Retrodelic Vibes 4

Label: Avatar

Catalogue No.: AVA049

Format: CD

Duration: 70 min.

Bar code: 7290011928056

File under: trance


Posted Image


Retrodelic Vibes 4 is here. A wakeup call back to the roots.

Party hymns and unforgettable cuts from some of the favorite names. All tracks have been lovingly collected and carefully selected. This CD will fit nicely in you classics section and for sure will star in your car CD player.

Retrodelic intoxication crammed into this edition of RV, a rich spectrum of sounds from the UK, Italy, France, Germany, Sweden and Denmark.


Kick starting the album are Slinky Wizard, one of the most important acts from the 90’s, a collaboration of George Barker, Dominic Lamb, Simon Posford and Ronnie Biggs, with their self titled debut track (AKA ‘Wizard’) from the first EP of Flying Rhino. Spectral with their all time classic ‘Kundalini’. No party was a party without this one… A remix of The Pleiadians to BPC’s ‘Antidote’. Total Eclipse, who need no introduction with ‘Tenskwa Tawa’, originally produced in 93 as a tribute to the Shawnee Indians of North America. This is a rare one that very few are familiar with …

The legendary collaboration between Boris Blenn (Electric Universe) and DJ Sangeet with ‘Joy’.

Hux Flux with their break through track ‘Calculus’. S-Range and KYM, no doubt this is one of his best tracks up to date.

Sheyba (Orion & Elysium) seal the album with their most popular one ‘Ancient Lands’, known by many as ‘’The wolfs track’’.


All tracks have been digitally remastered and sound improved to ensure maximum quality and pleasure.


Track list:


01. Slinky Wizard – Slinky Wizard

02. Spectral – Kundalini

03. Blue Planet Corporation – Antidote (Pleiadians RMX)

04. Total Eclipse – Tenskwa Tawa (edit)

05. Endora – Joy

06. Hux Flux – Calculus

07. S-Range – Kym

08. Sheyba – Ancient Lands




Arabesque Dis.


Avatar Records WEBSITE



The Riddle of Isla de Pascua


Title: The Riddle of Isla de Pascua

Label: Avatar

Catalogue No.: AVA048

Format: CD

Duration: 66 min.

Bar code: 7290011928049

File under: Chillout


Posted Image


Easter Island, an island at the end of the world. Probably the least visited place on the face of the earth, a place with a great riddle. ‘The Riddle of Isla de Pascua’ tells the story of this remote location know as Rapa Nui. A once striving community that gave birth to the mysterious gigantic stone Moai statues that surround the island by the hundreds.


This album, in ‘The Riddle’ sequel, is an aural adventure hosting Smiley Pixie with his exciting ‘Easter People’ that opens the album. A fantastic one from Hands Upon Black Earth feat. Irina Mikhailova. Astropilot contributes two new tracks written for this project. Overdream and the lovely Rapa Nui, Becoming.Intense with his atmospheric ‘Rano Raraku’. oCeLoT and his multi dimensional ‘Lucky Fungus’. The last three have just completed their new albums to be released on Avatar this summer. Total Eclipse with the tribal and mysterious ‘Banyan’ and Nimba, who seals the album and completes the puzzle with her ‘Orongo’. All artists have contributed from their talent and imagination and will help to unlock The Riddle…


‘The Riddle of Isla de Pascua’ is a far out experience into the mystique.


Track list:


01. Smiley Pixie - Easter People

02. HUBE & Irina Mikhailova - Ashes

03. Astropilot - Dream of the Moai part II

04. Overdream - Rapa Nui

05. Becoming.Intense - Rano Raraku

06. oCeLoT - Lucky Fungus (Dream of the Moai part I)

07. Total Eclipse - Banyan

08. Astropilot - The Rose of Realities

09. Nimba - Orongo




Arabesque Dis.


Avatar Records WEBSITE

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i was realy hoping for another track by 12 tribes (sandman's side project) to be on the new

"The Riddle of Isla de Pascua" compilation.


anyway,both compilation's look's realy nice !

best israeli lable out there IMO.

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