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slow, groovy and chilled progressive


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Yeah, great flow, nice floating atmosphere, lovely percussion... Overall nice production! I do hear some frequency interference(very little) in the low freqs, maybe add some lowcut to the percs and synths...


And the shuffled kick in the first 4 bars make no sense IMO, i would delete them, or just make it 1/4 like the rest of the track :)

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I agree with buzzman, that shuffled kick really doesn't make sense (it would maybe make sense if you do somekind of transition in between shuffled one and 1/4). Overall mix is not bad although i would add low cut to the percussions and synths. Really great flow! Love it. Glitched delay lama (or whatever that is;)) is maybe a bit to loud. I would cut it's volume a bit. And sound image could be a bit wider ;)


Anyways, really enjoyed the song. Keep up the good work B)

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