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  1. Apologies... We apologize to everyone because our web server went out of bandwith. Yes, sad but true. And because of that you couldn't and you wont be able to listen Cunning Fundamentals previews neither to access our webpage for few more days... We're moving to a new server (with unlimited bandwith) so it wont happen again. It's a promise Meanwhile, you can have a listen on our myspace http://www.myspace.com/metaceptrecords Thank you for your understanding.
  2. OUT NOW! NOW AVAILABLE on trackitdown, dogsonacid, amazon, rhapsody etc. in mp3 format and on juno in wav/mp3 format. By september 15th it'll be available in ALL major digital stores including our website. boOm!
  3. Toon Universe atom based Download New dub-o-delic psychedelicly glitched satire TODO list: - record bass - record vocals - fix the arrangement - master Hope you'll enjoy it.
  4. Androcell - Gnome Dosed overe here hehe
  5. awsome stuff. would like to have higher quality tho. Incredible story..
  6. http://dailyaudio.co.cc/MetaceptRecords/Ps...video_edit.divx
  7. I agree with buzzman, that shuffled kick really doesn't make sense (it would maybe make sense if you do somekind of transition in between shuffled one and 1/4). Overall mix is not bad although i would add low cut to the percussions and synths. Really great flow! Love it. Glitched delay lama (or whatever that is;)) is maybe a bit to loud. I would cut it's volume a bit. And sound image could be a bit wider Anyways, really enjoyed the song. Keep up the good work
  8. Artist: PsyOps Title: Cunning Fundamentals Genre: Psychedelic / Downtempo Label: Metacept Records Cat No: META001 Release Date: August 2008. Format: Digital ===[ TRACKLIST ]=============== 01. Hopeless Chillout 02. Morning 03. Bad Tasty Defeat 04. Dark Matters 05. The Milestone 06. Soft Flight 07. Leviathan 08. Releasement Towards Things 09. Rumpus Bhairav 10. Sizlefoot ===[ INFO ]=============== Hopeless Chillout [video edit] music video available on and in hi-quality.
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