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V/A - Ministry of Chaos


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Title: Ministry of Chaos

Artist: Various

Label: Yabai

Release: January, 2008



1. Digital Talk - Acid Test (8:12)

2. Outer Signal - Focus Pokus (7:17)

3. Multistate - Roberta Sparrow Remix (8:09)

4. Phyx - Fall Of Babylon (Lost & Found Remix) (8:46)

5. Twisted System - Necessary Evil (8:06)

6. Phatmatix - Malediction (8:48)

7. Mindcore - Ministry Of Chaos (8:45)

8. Materia - Help Me (Khopat Remix) (6:30)

9. Principles Of Flight - Inferno (8:08)




This is a compilation by the Japanese label Yabai. They have given us several floor stomping records including Frozen Ghost's Edible Technique, Samurai, and the Phatmatix Disc Sorcery. This was compiled by Mindcore who is Digital Talk and Phatmatix. The cover is of a futuristic city, which reminds me of Blade Runner. I like it and look forward to diving into this one. Let's get to it!





Acid Test - Digital Talk- "They..collect data and run tests. All kinds of tests. Testing..chemical..biological...visual, brain activity, most of it I don't understand." Julien and Luc are at it again, with yet another release. The percussive start to this track is very imaginative. The bass shoots in and out with effects lurking in the background. The bass line is palpable, I can feel it. The lead is like a thin wash, deftly carving up the track like it was Thanksgiving turkey. Maximal groove with plenty of sounds to keep me focused. At the break when that bass slides in on its descent, is just wicked. I didn't like the end of the break where the track goes on a run. After the break, some funkiness ensues, with a lead that goes up and down the scale. Pretty good track!



Focus Pokus - Outer Signal - "Just what is LSD and what does it do?" Gil Stoler & Lior Yosha have released some quality tracks on numerous labels. This one starts off with a chopped up sample talking about the effects of LSD. Stop me if you have heard that one before. The track starts ripping at around 3 minutes with a solid groove and spiderweb thin synths that trickle just out of reach. The last part of the track descends into a noisy albeit very groovy rhythm. Pretty good track, but some of the build-ups out of the break could've been better.



Roberta Sparrow Rmx - Multistate- Gerhard Olivier & Greg Hamber (Lost & Found + Xatrik) remix a track off their 2006 album Collaborating With Machines. Like I said before, it takes balls to do a remix of a track that already kicked ass. Sparkling synths fall against a backdrop of an emerging bass line. Industrial percussive elements abound, short and sweet, setting the tone. The break shows the power of a wailing electric guitar with feedback. It is strangely melodic with a sadness of a life lost. The crunch of the guitar stabs drape menacingly over the nimble synths. When the beat fully drops it is aural bliss. :posford: Such madness is perfect, a heavy beat with great effects. Superb track! :clapping:




Fall Of Babylon (Lost & Found Rmx) - Phyx- Gerhard remixes one of Ian's tracks and it starts of with an ominous pad and plunges into a bass line with intent. The computer effects are a nice touch, as this is probably not a good time in the world. Great groove with acid stabs promising more to come. It's sticky and it's hot here, the lead sears the ears moving from corner to corner. This is most definitely not a good time for the world as minor-key melodies scream of what has been lost. The breaks are telling and the rhythms and leads coming out of them make me stand up and get out of the way. Awesome track! :posford:



Necessary Evil - Twisten System- "You call me evil...but unfortunately for you...I'm a necessary evil." Shift + Phyx +Rabdom L mean business. And sometimes doing the dirty work is a necessary evil. Futuristic echoes bounce of a bass line, as leads tease the soul. In typical Twisted System style, I am confronted with an insurmountable wall of melodic noise. As metallic lead begets metallic lead, the cilia on my ears, begin to smoke. The synth arpeggio out of the sweet break rambles on a mission, fighting against the rising tide of acid. A battle, fortunately, lost in the very first few seconds. Very sweet track! :clapping:




Malediction - Phatmatix- "We haven't much time." Stephane has yet to disappoint me with any track he has released. He has been on a lot of comps, and his album Sorcery, is a classic for me. A scary tone is set, as someone...tries to escape their bonds. A lead gurgles it's final gasp, making it count. It weaves from front to back, battling with another lead for supremacy. All the while a renegade bass line watches it all. As another lead screams to be heard, the tempo is abruptly changed. It is short lived, and soon enough I am back on the path to madness. Shots are fired during the break, as the lead that would not be denied returns. The lasers force all to duck for cover as this track has power and is not afraid to use it. Damaging! :posford:



Ministry of Chaos - Mindcore- "What the fuck is that?!?" Mindcore are Digital Talk and Phatmatix (I can't think of a better partnership). With a child screaming against an eerie pad I am immersed in a future like world. The groove grows, I begin to become aware as computer effects bounce of a lead that follows me. Playfully at first, but then joined by its brethren, much like a cat toys with the mouse. When the large cat arrives, it goes for the jugular. The others step aside as I flee, finding sanctuary in the break. With the respite ever so brief, I am forced to continue the journey. Claws rake, blood is spilled. I take the opportunity to retaliate and hurt the beast. The lead regroups and continues pursuit. I am soon overwhelmed by more madness and realize escape is impossible. Oh yeah, this one's a keeper. :posford: :clapping: :posford:



Help Me (Khopat Rmx) - Materia- Delicate tones soothe, but only for a short while. The tormentor from Portugal has other ideas. The tones lull me into a false state of security, as the leads threaten to smother. The track stops and starts, making me think it's weakening. The sample grows tiresome, but the beat is heavy with rhythm. There are some wash like leads keeping pace, as the tones continue to mock me. Not a bad track at all, although not as good as some of its predecessors.


Inferno - Principles of Flight- Pierre Delort & Remy Maurin bring us this track. The melancholy strings weep for the loss of something.

As they trail off gently, the beat kicks in. There are various percussive pops and a sticky lead that lingers right into the break. Another sad melody hangs back, barely there amongst all the effects flying about. Wailing pads make me apprehensive, but the beat shows me the way. The break confirms that I am no longer in Kansas. Very frightening. The track is not bad. Not the hyper trance from before, but more of the "day after" the carnage kind of track.




Conclusion:- This was a great compilation. There was some great power trance with top notch production. One of the things I particularly liked was that the artists for the most part did not rely on the cliched kick or snare rolls when coming in and out of a break. To me, that shows imagination. This label has consistently put out some great discs. These artists know how to reallt set a mood and immerse the listener in their world. I look forward to Macao. 8.9/10

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