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Gaian Mind June 18th-22nd, 2008, Central Pennsylvania, USA

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Presenting the 7th Annual
Summer Solstice / Full Moon
Wednesday, June 18th to Sunday, June 22nd, 2008
Four Quarters, Central Pennsylvania, USA


~ Stone Circle Stage: Psytrance & Progressive Trance ~

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(Phar Psyde Records – Switzerland) Live!

www.rastaliens.com / www.myspace.com/rastaliens

Since about 13 years we are DJ’s. After 3 years with DJ-ing, we realized that the records from other people were not enough for us. And look at this, since about 9 years we are producing our own psychedelic trance. We started in a small cellar with a little sound system. At the beginning we just used simple software-synths and a small sequencer-program. Because of our limited possibilities, it was not easy for us to produce a good quality of sound... Hard work and a lot of enthusiasm caused a booking from some friends in Switzerland. They wanted us for a live-act. Jehaa, our first set, which we played with some quite old synths, as like Roland 101 and Korg Trident. As you can understand, we were more than nervous. But we were more than happy, that the feedback of our first act was really great and amazing. So, we decided to go ahead with our crazy music. The time and the more bookings opened us the chance to buy some new sound-machines.

On a special day, we decided to send our first songs to some different labels around the world. We packed this CD´s together with all our positive vibrations and what happened: Yaniv, from Hadshot Haheizar released our first two songs. "FREAK BOOSTER" and "UNIDENTIFIED SPECIES.” A big thank you to you, Yaniv! We guess, we do not have to explain you our feeling, as we held our first vinyl in our hands. Unbelievable…
After playing at many parties around the globe, like Portugal, Netherlands, Mexico, Greece, USA, UK, etc., there was time for an album which was released also on Hadshot and more should follow on Boom! Records (which released also the 2nd album), Digital Psionics, Ketuh, Glowing Flame, and so on…

Now, after 10 years of producing some of the most groove enticing psy-trance in the world, and a jaunt across the cosmos and returning with new alien technologies, the Rasta's are back! With over 26 single releases on the world’s most respected labels and a full 2 artists albums under their belt; get ready for a better than return of the Jedi's third installment as the Rastaliens return “Back On Earth.”

It has been 3 long years that the world has waited for these highly anticipated corkers to be unleashed. After a long break and transmitting various tracks from the outer universe before re-landing with these 10 bum-spanking belters of intergalactic grooves that the world has been waiting for.

Phar Psyde Records are proud to present our third album, first full artists album and Rastaliens third full album to date. The interstellar voyage returns to the good ol' milky-way with the alien sounds re-engineered, remastered and re tweaked to give a full-punching grittier style to previous releases. All in all this is one phat album that we are proud to release and know will stir the sensations of the soul from the deepest emotions buried within. So tune in to the alien FM and let the Rastaliens guide you through from the upfront to the Phar Psyde of sound, possibility and imagination.

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(Glowing Flame Records – Switzerland) Live!

www.braincell-studios.net / www.myspace.com/braincellstudio

I grow up in a small city in south Germany. After learning several instruments like guitar, trumpet and percussion etc., I started playing in a rock band. In 1994 I had my first experience with trance music on little party in Switzerland. After that I decided to start DJing. Since the trance scene in south Germany was very little, I begun to organize parties in the Black Forest. After a while the project RASTALIENS came up with my friend Jürgen. Check it out at www.rastaliens.com. After moving to Switzerland in autumn 2003 I decided to start my own side project BRAINCELL, in which I want to produce some different tunes to our RASTALIENS-stuff.

Do you think this is air you're breathing? Do you experience the world of your fellow-creatures exactly as they do or you just think you do? Do you maybe think that the way you experience the world around and inside you is the only possible experience? And does all this awaken a desire for a quest through this unknown dimension of seeing, feeling and experiencing things the way you never did before? ‘Cos it does...

...Ralph K. (aka Braincell / Rastaliens) is back again to shaken up the very foundations of our world. “Transformation of Reality” is the next level of evolution of this brilliant musician and it is a highly electrifying, mind-bending array of carefully blended frequencies that completely work for both the dance-floor freak and the attentive listener.

This eleven-track timeline of mystical and atmospheric sounds, groovy bass lines, creepy noises and freaky melodies is an amazing diversity yet a perfect continuity of moods that gives it a sense of a story-like flow and a place in every collection of contemporary psychedelia.

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(Wildthings Records – UK) Live!

www.myspace.com/evpuk / www.wildthingsrecords.co.uk

E.V.P has been making psychedelic trance music since 1996. After a few years he qualified as an RSA approved sound engineer, having studied mixing and mastering of rock music along with synthesis and sequencing using an SSL mixing console and also Macintosh with Logic. After that he has been applying these techniques / skills to produce a high quality finish to the music, also focusing on keeping the music comfortable to listen to at very high levels. The style he is producing is an individual, positive sound that has many twisted electronic sounds but still keeps a very groovy feel which always energizes the dance-floor. E.V.P has played a very wide range of parties over the last 5 years; small or large free outdoor parties, small or large club events, squat parties and also more recently since releasing his debut album in November 2005, and his side project RealityGrid first album in 2007, he has had a large number of major international outdoor festival bookings. He has played in around 24 countries worldwide and already has a number of bookings into the middle of 2008.

E.V.P has also been collaborating with Avalon from Wildthings Records to produce an album project named RealityGrid, the album is called 'Reality Check'. It was released on Wildthings Records in May 2007. After producing 3D animations for broadcast, and involvement with 3D software development for real-time use at live events, he is also working professionally specializing in the field of inertial motion capture, working closely for the last year with Animazoo LTD, a UK based company who manufacture real-time inertial motion capture systems. Their systems allow the user to puppeteer live 3D characters with the movement of a dancers body. At the Wildthings party in London on November 24th, 2006, we showcased this technology with a very interesting fusion of these high-end technologies into a live A/V motion capture performance.

Expect a very interesting new real-time 3D A/V show for next year, the next album is due for release in the first quarter of 2008.

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(Wildthings Records – UK) Live!

www.myspace.com/realitygrid / www.wildthingsrecords.co.uk

RealityGrid is the unique collaboration of two of the U.Ks' finest underground psychedelic artists - E.V.P and Avalon (Alex Diplock and Leon Kane), which can be played anytime during the party spectrum combing the funky basslines and crunch of the night time sound with the space and ease of groove of music often listened to during the daytime hours at party's worldwide.

This combination will mean it will have great popularity for many DJ’s worldwide. The big fat beats and grooving rhythms will push the crowds forward onto dance floors and the synthetic, filtered lead sounds will make them dance like there's no tomorrow. Great party music!

They are performing at the Glade electronic music and dance festival in the U.K this year alongside many well respected artists, and are starting to receive plenty of opportunity to play their music at events globally.

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(Dropout Productions / Zaikadelic Records – Switzerland) Live & DJ!

www.myspace.com/projectdigitalist / www.dropout-productions.com / www.zaikadelic.com

Digitalist is a secret prototype assembled in a underground psychedelic laboratory to create unbounded fresh breathtaking and brain transforming electromagnetic waves and sound-carpets melted with phat kicks and ultra-ueber-rolling groovy basslines…

Thomas Franske aka Digitalist was born in 1980 in Switzerland. Since 1999 he connected to psychedelic music and started as DJing. In 2000 he made his first steps in music production and created sound with analog synthesizers! In 2002 his project Digitalist was created with intention to perform powerful, futuristic and driving music. Over the past years he has been developing his sound and in currently working on his solo album. He has worked with N3xu5, Dejan, Electrypnose and Jelly Headz and played at many parties across Switzerland. His newest tracks are coming out on Dropout Productions, Insomnia Rec., Devilsmind Rec, UTG Rec., Peak Rec. and Woodroom Rec. Watch out for this one!

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(Iboga Records / Desert Dwellers – Los Angeles)


Treavor Moontribe (Iboga Records, Desert Dwellers, Desert Trax, White Swan Records, Native State Records, Omnis Recordings) is one of America’s top Psy-Trance/Progressive DJ's, co-founder of the legendary Moontribe desert parties in Southern California and Head of A&R for dance/electronic music at the leading digital distributor INgrooves. As a DJ and Producer, Treavor is known for being extremely diverse. Although most known for his psy and progressive trance sound, he is also known to be quite unpredictable often playing deep techno, electro, house, breaks and much more. This gives him the unique ability to DJ at any party and at anytime. His consistency lies in his love for deep, moody and psychedelic music, not to mention is tip top mixing and programming abilities. As a Producer, Treavor is part of the famed group Desert Dwellers. With his partner Amani Friend and various collborators, the duo have an impressive discography dating back to 2001 when they were known as Amani vs. Teapot. The duo have remixed the likes of Deep Forest and had their tracks/remixes on labels like Bedrock, System Recordings, Cubic Digital, Omnis Recordings, Existence Records, White Swan Records, Wakyo Japan, Millennium Records and their own imprint Desert Trax.

(Gaian Mind / Soular Records - Philadelphia) Live!

www.onnomon.com / www.gaian-mind.com

Philadelphia's own Onnomon brings a distinctive psychedelic tribal trance styling that always gives joy to the dance floor. Listeners and dancers around the world have enjoyed their musical intersections of mind and body. With diverse influences their music smashes the boundaries of expectation and is sure to raise a smile and drop a stomp. This show will feature extensive improvisation of arrangements from tracks off the forthcoming album "Escape from Planet Buddha" along with very cutting-edge techno-inspired bubbling grooves. This show is going to rock!

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(Ektoplazm Records – Toronto) Live!


Ekoplex is Ray Vincent, a multifaceted psytrance producer currently based in Toronto, Canada. His chosen style can be described as atmospheric psytrance. With an arsenal of heavy rolling beats for the dead of night, ethereal offerings for sunrise, and slower grooves for afternoon or early evening, Ekoplex has been thrilling dance floors across Canada and Europe, playing at many major festivals and indoor events, Now he is ready to soon release a full album after releasing an EP on Ektoplazm records.

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(Chilluminati / TOUCH Samadhi - Milwaukee, WI)

www.chilluminati.org / www.touchsamadhi.com

Kaiser Soze of psytrance act Primordial Ooze first discovered the Midwest electronic music scene in 1996 and was immediately attracted to the more acidic styles of Techno & Trance. Fascinated by electronic music and the manipulation of audio, he is an avid fan of Psytrance and IDM and is always seeking unique rhythms and sounds. By expanding his music collection, perfecting his track selection and mixing skills, Kaiser has become one of the leading Psytrance DJ's in the Midwest. Now a driving force behind the Chilluminati and TOUCH Samadhi collectives, it's his goal to spread the sound and vibe that he has so deeply been inspired by.

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(Peak Records / 28th Day – Philadelphia)

www.myspace.com/djlauryn / www.peakrec.com

After tiring of Boston and New York City, Lauryn is currently based in Philadelphia, PA. Her passion for music has been a constant in her life for as far back as she can remember. She began studying classical violin when she was nine years old. This eventually led her to begin DJing and producing her own psytrance radio show while attending college in upstate New York. Years later, she is a label dj with Peak Records based in Switzerland and is also affiliated with NYC based 28thday. She has collaborated musically with artists Yab Yum, Mubali, and Eg~Bot. In the past eight years, Lauryn has played across the United States, Canada and in Europe, sharing the stage with many well known international acts. She is known for her energetic night time psychedelic sets as well as the occasional progressive and chillout grooves.

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(Dharma Harmony Records / TOUCH Samadhi – Jackson, MS)

www.glowing-dragon.com / www.dharmaharmony.com / www.touchsamadhi.com

Dragon is David Scruggs, co-founder of Dharma Harmony Records, established in 2007 with fellow trance pal DJ Qog. With over ten years of trance DJ'ing experience and five years in the studio producing, Dragon has gained the reputation for powerful trance sets that give a strong dose of organic and synthetic fusion. Performing his first live set at the AUM Festival in 2007, David has been working relentlessly on new material for his first album, set for release this summer on Dharma Harmony. He has a particular style of trance that embrace dark basslines and edgy leads which tear through the mind, exposing the primal core inside. Dragon has performed Coast to Coast alongside artists such as Electrypnose, Artifakt, Deviant Species, Naked Tourist, Scorb, and Pondscum just to name a few. When it comes to full-power psytrance, Dragon will leave you scorched!
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(TOUCH Samadhi – Seattle)


Coral has been djing since 1999. Once she heard the driving psy sounds she fell in love. She has resided in NYC for the last several years, consistently rocking parties in the city and all along the east coast. She has just recently made her way to Seattle to stir it up. Coral will get you stomping with her irresistible energy and driving style of ethereal psytrance.

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(Esoteric Gen – Fayetteville, AK)

Born and raised near Dallas, Texas, Freedom was drawn into electronic music culture by 1992 and was mixing all kinds of dance music by 1993. By 1996 he had begun collecting and mixing any psychedelic trance he could find. Since 1999, he has been living in or near Fayetteville, Arkansas, spreading spirituality and connectivity through music by organizing outdoor gatherings under the guise of Esoteric Generation. In organizing these gatherings, as in mixing music, he enjoys weaving together the energy and intentions of the components into something that inspires and fulfills others.

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(Free Radical Records / Bom Shanka Music - Philadelphia)

www.Freeradicalrecords.com / www.Bomshanka.co.uk

Jonathan Yeminy aka Psyops discovered trance in India when he stumbled upon amazing psychedelic sounds at a far-off beach in the South of the country during Christmas time, 2002. After that, he rerouted his trip to Goa where he caught a severe case of the psy-trance bug. Since then, he's been doing everything he can to help put together the fattest parties on the east coast of the US, playing only the most Psychedelic Full-Powa tunes he can find.

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(Gaian Mind / Goa Home – Philadelphia)

www.fractalphono.com / www.gaian-mind.com

A musician since the age of 10, Rory quickly gravitated towards the rhythm and grooves of the bass guitar and punk rock music especially. Studying with the Jazz ensemble in high school helped open his eyes to more intricate melodies and complex arrangements. In '98, growing bored with the physical limitations of "organic" instruments, a friend passed along a beta version of the software "Reason"... it was all up-hill from there. Rory got a job in Philadelphia as a DJ, working three nights a week, leaving the rest of his time for the studio. Although an element of psychedelia has always been present in all of Rory's musical projects, psy-trance proved elusive until '01. Since then, Rory has become a resident DJ for Gaian Mind in Philadelphia, proving his abilities spinning and producing murky psychedelic-progressive trance and full-on, nighttime music. This being Fractal Phono's first visit to the Stones with the duty of pressing play, you can expect a set full of psychedelic synergy! A full length album is still in the works and as soon as a cure for O.C.D. comes along, the release of the album will be quick to follow.

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(28th Day – NYC)


Tony has spent much of his adult life trying to advance the psytrance movement in NYC as a DJ and event promoter. His dedication to the cause along with his keen ear for great new music has drawn some attention over the years which has translated into 100's of bookings for him on the east coast and beyond. Today he is one of NYC's premier electro/prog DJs and will be playing a very special morning set for us that promises to breathe life into the new day. Many nostalgic memories of afterhour bliss are set to the soundtrack of one of his unforgettable sunrise sets. Those who have had the chance to experience this rare occasion know that this is will be a sweet treat for everyone; the all-night stompers, the early-risers, moms, dads, kids, and dogs alike.

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(Gaian Mind – Philadelphia)


We are Red Planetary Earth. Drummer, DJ, producer, and co-creator of rhythmic sub-frequencies. Microscope gazer, and DNA manipulator, transcribing and holding BlissHarmonics. Multidimensional dancefloor-merging. Catalyzing connections, cohesive bonds. Cells Smile. Going deep the dance and Happening Inside. Toroidal infinity, us in synchronized breath and the throes of dance. .....3.....2......1......

~ North Crook Stage: Downtempo & Ambient ~

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Presenting an exclusive Ultimae Records showcase with:

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(Ultimae – France) Live!

www.myspace.com/aesdana / www.ultimae.com

ES DANA (aka Vincent Villuis), composer and sound designer, DJ and co-owner of Ultimae Records. Electronic activist since teenage-hood, he was also one of the founding members of ASURA. Bass player and singer in several coldwave and industrial bands, he then moved on to composing with machines.

Specialized in sampling and layering of acoustic sounds digitally transmuted, Vincent Villuis creates a music which offers multiple listening possibilities.

AES DANA brings a fusion between the British Progressive feel and the traditional American Space Music; with sounds anchored in the psychedelic realm freely flowing into a morning downtempo trance, tribal or smashed rhythms.

So far he has produced three solo albums, participated in about three dozen compilations and collaborated on an album with Swedish artist Magnus Birgersson under the name H.UV.A.NETWORK (a second one is in the works).

Vincent Villuis currently works the soundtrack of Science Fiction movie "The Passport" (Amund Lie), which should come out late 2007 and the composition of his album “Leylines.”

As the conceptor of the Fahrenheit Project compilation, he is working on the last chapter of the series prior to re-releasing the whole collection as a deluxe edition.

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(Ultimae – Sweden) Live! Trance and Chillout sets!

www.solarfields.com / www.ultimae.com

Swedish based electronic music composer and graphic designer who has been involved in many projects since a teenager, playing drums, percussions, piano, keyboards, for various bands before launching his own project Solar Fields in 2001 with the album "Reflective Frequencies.” Magnus always built a unique sound universe, poles apart from current trends in the genre, he explores the wide possibilities of ambient, atmospheric, deep, extatic, industrial yet organic, cultivating contrasts and subtlety with brio.

As a "high tech" sound designer (sampling, sequencing, morphing, programming…) and multi-instrumentalist (sitar, veena, guitars…) Magnus collaborated with several art galleries and museum, his latest sound installation at Trabekel (Sandviken, Spring 2004) met a great success. In synchronization to the work of pictorial artist Antonio Sognasoldi, he presented four pieces which could be played simultaneously and evolve depending on the position of the visitor in the gallery.

In November 2005 were released “Leaving Home” and “Extended,” the later being a limited edition. These two albums are receiving excellent comments from the media, opening new horizons for Magnus Birgersson and his true visionary work.

Posted Image
(Ultimae – France / Sweden) Live! First North American performance!


When Swedish artist Solar Fields (Magnus Birgersson) meets French artist Aes Dana (Vincent Villuis), the outcome is H.U.V.A. Network, a downtempo project where North and South regions mix and jumble together in a fluid manner.

The pair of sound architects explore ambient-electronica landscapes and their multiple layouts. Their works are thought out and composed in two studios: Jupiter Studio (Göteborg - Sweden) and Ultimae Studio (Lyon - France).

Musical works and ideas are conceived in this two creation poles via a few travels and a high speed internet network connection, thus breaking “Distances,” which separate the two composers.
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(Ultimae – France)

www.myspace.com/mahiane / www.ultimae.com

Co-founder and manager of Ultimae Records, Mahiane (aka Sunny) occasionally participates to the downtempo and trance Aes Dana project as well as Subgardens. Reporter and reviewer for Greek magazine FREEZE.

Her mixes explore atmospheric ambient, floating and organic sounds with a hint of glitch and deep electro breakbeat.

In 2006 she signed the release of the first Oxycanta compilation, the second chapter Oxycanta “Winter Blooms” debut December 2007.

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(Divine Balance Records - Denmark) Live!


Lauge is Henrik Laugesen born in Copenhagen, Denmark in august 1985. Lauge has always had a weakness for electronic music, and in 1997 he started producing music under names such as Synthetic, Qcedelic, Lauge and Phatamoghana. Lauge released 4 tracks with the Qcedelic project, on the Athens based trance label Unicorn Music. Over the years, equipment, software and studio had major improvements, and the sound quality was also improved. In 2003 Lauge and two friends formed the chillout project Orbital Peace and up to 2006, they wrote lots of tracks before splitting up. In the fall 2006 Lauge got his first chillout release on his own, on the Chicago based psy label Divine Balance Records. This year (2008) Lauge released his debut chillout album on the Divine Balance label. Lauge has played along names such as Astrix, Infected Mushroom, Solar Fields, Aes Dana, CBL, Kasey Taylor, Wizack Twizack and Sub 6.

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(Native State Records – Philadelphia) Live!


James Watts began pruning his unique vision for electronic music in the days of tinkering with DOS-based trackers. His prolific body of work now spans breaks, IDM, techno, downtempo, and everything in between. His fluency in piano is evident throughout his work, as is his penchant for jazzy riffs, intelligent structure, wistful melodies, and an often cheeky take on the current state and history of electronic music as a whole. KiloWatts's solo work is about orchestrating electronic music in the same way one would orchestrate an orchestra, emphasizing the ability for digital precision in musical gestures. Basslines follow leads, musical structures preserve thematic cohesion, granular bits divide and come together, swelling into grand peaks before finally dropping into ass-shaking grooviness.

An ever-growing list of projects and collaborations exists. Skeetaz, with breakbeat cohort Bil Bless (Son of The Electric Ghost, The Disciple Grin, etc), brings hard-hitting digital glitched-out funk, as well as their own label Proboscis. His collaboration with singer Peter Van Ewijk is a mystical ride through epic existential storytelling, nested atop edgy electronica. With Tanner Ross, a unique style of dark minimal tech-house is born under the name Voodeux for Dirtybird's techno sublabel Mothership. Fellow Philadelphian poet Amagine delivers consciousness-driven motifs in their digital glitch-hop project called Super Galactic Expansive.

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(AlterCulture Records – Baltimore) Live!


Grains of Sound is a psybient project from brothers Chris and Jason
Sevanick, the duo also behind the pummeling club tracks and
powerful anthems of the dark electronic act, Mindless Faith.

Grains of Sound released their debut CD's "Rays of Life" (Vol. 1 and
Vol. 2) on AlterCulture Records in July 2007 and they have been featured
on several net radio stations. Ambientmusicguide.com desribed them as
"mysterious and beautiful without even trying" and rated them 4 out of 5!
Buzzoutroom.com said, "Verdict? Buy this now!" and the ambient duo,
Carbon Based Lifeforms commented, "Sweeeet tracks!"

Grains of Sound has performed at various events in NYC as well as festivals
Gaian Mind and ORB and plan to release their 2nd (dual) album "Sine
Language" at Gain Mind 2008!

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(Psymbolic Sounds – Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX) Live!


Gift Culture resonates a titillating mixture of worldly and astral sounds. The Gift Culture project is based on sounds, imagery, and art derived from DSP technology, analogue synthesis, and computer-based non-linear editing. Gift Culture attempts to share his explorations in this multi-dimensional space; to evoke sonic textures from samplers and synthesizers; a journey to discover their "voices", so to speak, using such techniques as granular synthesis, spectral resynthesis, FFT/IFFT based spectral morphing and interpolation, and whatever other exotic algorithms he can coax out of his myriad machines.

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(Sonic Beating / Circle Collective / Abstract Trax – Boston) Live!


Holding down the sounds of the Boston underground since 2004, Psylab has been touring the Northeast, performing at clubs, lofts, raves, festivals, and regional BurningMan events for thousands of fans, friends and freaks.

Solely through word of mouth and Internet promotions, Psylab has defied standard music business practices and built a loyal following by creating authentic, organic, live electronic dance music for the sake of the moment. Drawing from a range of influences including - psychedelic, underground, progressive; trance, house, jungle, ambient, dubstep, - Psylab creates music spontaneously, by tuning into the vibe of the event and the energy of the crowd.

Posted Image
(88 / Native State Records / Aleph Zero – DC) Live!

Posted Image
(Star Active Records / Space Dub – Crestone, CO) Live!

www.staractiverecords.com / www.spacedub.org

Silic8 formed during an extraterrestrial encounter at Great Sand Dunes National Monument. As a result a new computer was manifested, allowing channels of digital information to be released upon star active listeners. A founding force of Star Active Records, expect transcendental dub grooves and chunky chillout sounds to entice your senses.

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(Metameme / Seedsound – Denver) Live!


amoebaFunk has carved out a very unique niche in the down/mid-tempo Live PA environment, drawing influence and heritage from a wide variety of genres. The three members (two keyboardist/programmers and a drummer/percussionist) have managed to pull together the best aspects of many electronic music disciplines into an unforgettable live experience. This is not three people hiding behind laptops - amoebaFunk thrives on your energetic presence and absorbs the entire audience into an integral part of each performance. Play your part in the unfolding of ternary fission...

(Church - NYC) Live!

Nyxyss is the creative collaboration between New York's ubiquitous underground DJ Haj (Sub Swara / Freek Factory) and violinist extraordinaire, Hannah Thiem (Copal / Village Underground (Boston) / COSM). The sound is lush and compelling, exploring the more melodic aspects of dub step, idm and leftfield hip hop. Their sets are deftly crafted with an expansive sense of journey and and an eye to the dancefloor. Deep, infectious and evocative.

Posted Image
(Sub Swara / FreekFactory / COSM)

www.myspace.com/freekusmaximus / www.freekfactory.com

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(Copal / Village Underground / CoSM - Boston)


Nyxyss is the creative collaboration between New York's ubiquitous underground DJ Haj (Sub Swara / Freek Factory) and violinist extraordinaire, Hannah Thiem (Copal / Village Underground (Boston) / COSM). The sound is lush and compelling, exploring the more melodic aspects of dub step, idm and leftfield hip hop. Their sets are deftly crafted with an expansive sense of journey and and an eye to the dancefloor. Deep, infectious and evocative.

Posted Image
(Supersensible Science – Philadelphia) Live!

"It is what it sounds like."

Posted Image
(COSM – Brazil)


Born in Brazil, Pedro Gomide was strongly influenced by the diverse and deeply rooted traditions of his country. His ideals of unification begin in this rich culture. Throughout his life, Pedro has lived in countries on three continents, giving him a broad global perspective that is reflected on his music selection.

Pedro is now working on his new project of minimal-techno, Beat Funktions. With bass driven tracks, interchanging minimalist sounds, modern tribal rhythms and richly distorted synth lines he creates a flow in between the electro influenced music of Minimal-Techno, House and Breaks.

Pedro has guaranteed his participation in events such as Trancendence in Brazil and BOOM in Portugal. He will be touring Brazil, producing for a month the Liminal VIllage with Naasko for Reboot Now and Boom Festival followed by other gigs around Europe.

Posted Image
(Green Sector – Los Angeles)


Manny was born is Brazil and for seven years is part of the legendary Green Sector based in Los Angeles. For all this time Manny is been playing extensively, sharing sounds with producers and DJs like Simon Posford, Aes Dana, Bluetech, Ott, Pich Black and the list goes...

Posted Image
(TOUCH Samadhi / Those People – Asheville)

www.djnod.net / www.touchsamadhi.com / www.thosepeople-asheville.com

Nod began his explorations of electronic music listening to the twisted psychedelic rock of the Ozric Tentacles as a wee hippie lad. Throughout the years his ears have traversed far stranger realms of ambiance ranging from dub to trip hop to grinding drones and everywhere in between. Recent excursions have found him deep in the bass-heavy realm of dubstep swimming through the sub frequencies...

Posted Image


...A.K.A Marisa Scirocco plays psychedelic break beat, bassy, downtempo grooves with a latin and middle eastern flare as well as Electro, breaks and drum and bass. Marisa's started Djing in 2000 in the San Francisco psychedelic underground scene. Clothing designer, fire dancer and Managing Director of Alex Grey's Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, Marisa now lives in NYC, djing and hosting electronic dance parties infusing live painting and video projections.

Posted Image
(Gaian Mind / PSI – Philadelphia)


Mastermind behind the legendary Philadelphia Shamanista Initiative (PSI) and a DJ of unmatched skill, Pat has enchanted crowds across the country with his selection of trance and downtempo psychedelia. Smooth yet crunchy, raw yet refined, eclectic and unpredictable. The sound of the Philly Underground!

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(Metameme / Esoteric Gen / OneTribe – Denver)


My world was completely transformed in 1993 when I fatefully discovered the global movement of trance-ambient music. I immediately recognized this music as a timeless language that transcended not only musical genres, but also cultures and the delicate timeline of humanity. I took up the art of dj-ing in 1994 as a way to spread this aural meta-cine and share with others in the rediscovery of the ancient trance-dance ritual. Traveling great distances around the globe, I have sought communion with other trance nomads in hopes of understanding and raising awareness to what can be collectively achieved through this archaic tradition of ceremonial dance. As this musical language speaks to me, I attempt to translate to others by combining intelligent melodies and modern innovation with primal rhythms while staying true to the organic, tribal, ethnic sounds of the global village. I see and use this artistic medium of sound as a spiritual path for transcendence.

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(TOUCH Samadhi – Chicago)

www.myspace.com/primordialtrance / www.touchsamadhi.com

Oscillating waveforms for over a decade, this wizard of electronic alchemy strives for psychedelic chaos among the order that is "reality." Whether he is playing trance as one half of the super-duo live act Primordial Ooze, or delving into digital downtempo, SOT navigates through winding paths, painting layers of mind-bending rhythms to take you along a journey into the enchanted forest, deep into the gritty, digital mayhem, and back.

Posted Image
(Gaian Mind / GoaBabies – Worldwide)


Non-Stop Steve-O... Rockin' Deco & Dance Floors since 1996!
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(ELF’s – NYC)

Dan Covan has been involved with the Psychedelic trance movement since the fall of 1995 when he was wandering around the the Himalayas near a village called Manali. Following the distant boom boom booms, he came upon an opening high up in the Himalayas, there he saw happy bouncy people. He was home. They said go to Goa and he did. Dan is honored to be invited to play at the Gaian Mind Summer Festival. This trance dancing family is hands down one of the loveliest of trance family in the global trance community. Boom boom and don't miss the Drumming workshop!

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(Gaian Mind – Philadelphia)


Tritton's whole world was flipped upside down over a decade ago when two pixie sisters stumbled upon him near a beach and sprayed him with their elixir. After wandering the dunes for several days in a daze, he emerged with a new perspective on life and music. He began to seek out new and exciting sounds, which he found in electronic music. At the present, Tritton's musical journey has found him as a DJ spinning psychedelic tunes, and incorporating many different genres. Always playing for the Now, his sets range from smooth and relaxing to chaotic and eye-opening.

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(Gaian Mind – Philadelphia)


When she's not traveling the world collecting music and experiences, she's home learning how to best share them with you. Melanie's love of electronica started back in 1992, when she first became exposed to such seminal acts as The Orb, Aphex Twin, Moby, and other early pioneers of the nascent dance music scene. Eschewing traditional limits of what constitutes "chillout" material, Melanie's djing style encompasses a broad cross section of musical styles, combining elements of trip-hop, dub, house, drum n' bass, IDM, ambient, techno, and trance, with worldbeat and ethnic influences.

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(TOUCH Samadhi – Chicago)


Poised mischievously between Light and Dark, Kt intertwines the energetic edge of the night with the uplifting beauty of the daylight—weaving the two into an intricate dance of celestial balance in order to arrange the soundtrack of your psychedelic party fantasy world.

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(EDM Spectrum / Bliss Studios – Frederick, MD)


Today, DJ Angular Bliss has moved onto a new sound. He's currently mixing cutting edge House/Electro/breaks and beats that pump that high energy vibe straight to his core. He is using the New Pioneer Djm 800 with EFX 1000 and CDJ 800 mk2's to make his own style and watch people dance and groove the night away. Tonight DJ AngularBliss will be doing a special Chill out set crafted by the ears and taste of his Dad Nick Robertshaw. Nick's Energy will always be with us on the dance floor.

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A recent transmission riding a gamma ray from the star-center of our Galaxy:

In the awareness that Music is Essence, that Essential expression of Life that distills Culture, Era, Locale, Thought, Emotion, and Spirit, and
in the awareness that Music emerges as an expression of What Is, channeled through beings of Nature, beholding the essence of Experience,
SunDragon draws together sets of Music that Invoke, sets that invoke Inspiration, Expansion, Groove, Soothing, Peace, Joy, Presence, and a sense of Uplift, in an exploration of how Music connects with itself, and how Humans use Music to connect with the Spirit Within to arrive to the feeling of being more Awake, more tuned into Now.

These sets could be labelled as Creamy Etheric Beats or, Intelligent-Psy-Dub-Ambient-World-Downtempo-Groove, either way, the essence of SunDragon's sets is deeper than category.

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(Chilluminati / Divine Balance Records – Poland)

www.chilluminati.org / www.divinebalance.com

Listening to music is never enough... Damon continues to slather you within a seamless intervention of psymbient, downtempo, dub, and world music. Within his love of melody and tribal elements he dives into all timelines, releasing a blend of articulately chosen worldly sounds. Listening to music is never enough...

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(Four Quarters – Baltimore)

This TechnoShamanic Kollectiv has gathered amongst the natives of 4QF, where they have found a place they call home. Finding common ground in music and spirituality, spending time drumming and dancing around the fire together. They remain different personalities spinning several different styles of music.

Visual Artists:

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VJ and video artist Guillaume Clave is based New York, USA has been involved in the trance scene since 1991 and started producing trance parties in Paris and Nice (France) in 1992 in association with T.B.E.(Trans Body Express). Since the late '90's Guillaume has been performing as a VJ for parties across the US. Guillaume is known for his signature psychedelic visual effects, which have been displayed at art galleries and video conferences in France, Spain, Mexico, South Africa, and the US (including at Burning Man, Nevada) as well at The United Nations for Earth Day. He has been working for Synthetic Sadhus (New York), Tsunami (New York), Fusion (North-California), Gaian Mind (Philadelphia), OmniTribe (New York), Alladin Project (New York), COSM (New York) and others, but also performed at Red Bull campaigns.

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(Parkerism / Gaian Mind – Philadelphia)

www.parkerism.com / www.gaian-mind.com

Beginning as a club VJ, Peter Parker Brodhead has been growing his trade of video projection into an arena of complex video installations and site specific advertising.

"I feel privileged to have the opportunity to be so young and be a part of a this breakthrough in multimedia technology."
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(Electric Sheep / Spotworks– NYC)


Spot aka Scott Draves started VJing in 1994 using "Bomb", software that he wrote himself and released as Open Source. He developed his style during ten years of immersion in the San Francisco underground, leading to performances at Tokyo's Ageha, Sonar in Barcelona, Chicago's Shelter with Derrick Carter, and Burning Man. He is best known for the Electric Sheep evolving screensaver, which he uses to create abstract artwork permanently hosted on MoMA.org and exhibited in Google's headquarters. He publishes the SPOTWORKS DVD of visual music, and his VJ singles are published by Lightrhythm Visuals.

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(OmniTribe – NYC / SF)

Alex has been media-diving for as long as there was online media. In 2000, he started sharing the best of his loot mashed-up on the spot with his own footage and digital artwork in kaleidoscopic sequences aiming at party-goers' dilated collective subconscious. If you see your weirdest fears laid out on the big screen in front of you, smile and let them go. If you want to know what the hell you've just seen, come and ask. If you see beauty, say hi.

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(Overmind Works – Tucson)

Vostek aims to break down boundaries and awaken a consciousness of interrelated oneness by communicating and participating in the celebration of collective holistic energetic experience by channeling the realm of the infinite bountiful opulent light. Vostek (Clifford Winton) has been producing diverse electronic music for over 10 years, developing visuals for 4 years, and pondering for about 25 years.

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(DMT / Trancemotion / Alladin Project – NYC / Baltimore)


For the last 7 years, VJ Exeris has performed around the United States, at venues such as Crobar (Miami) & The Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame (Cleveland), with residences at NYC clubs like Show. His dynamic visual projections synergize with the music creating a unique audio-visual experience. He has worked with such artists as Astral Projection, Alien Project, DJ AM, Carl Cox, Josh Wink, Biz Markie and many more. He is also an accomplished music producer himself, with music on CD's, MTV, and an Xbox 360 video game. He is half of the dark electronic project Mindless Faith and the psy-downtempo duo, Grains of Sound.

~ Deco Artists ~

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(Pixie Dust – Montreal)


Since 2002 Julien Seyer Ive been involve in the canadien psychedelic scene and full time as a visual artist since 2005.With a constantly evolving set-up,now Julien decorated numerous of party troughout Canada and north america,held by some of the biggest organisation around. Passionate by the illusions of human mind and universal mysterys, Julien make the best out of is time to patchwork the chaotique paterns of his mind into an overwhelming warp zone of blooming scenery for you to play and party.

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(Sonic Beating - Boston)


The Sonic Beating Deco Team had its humble beginnings doing deco at the legendary weekly, Anitya back in 2002. After Anitya ended, Sonic Beating formed in 2003 & began throwing the monthly, Psyforia. Half of the team began by doing simple string art & lycra sculpture & has since added elements to provide 3D landscapes. Other members have been reknowned for their paintings & banner designs. Together, The Sonic Beating Deco Team's talented members have transformed clubs & festivals alike, into visually rich & stimulating environments.

(GoaBabies / Spectra / Gaian Mind) – Rincon, PR)

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(TOUCH Samadhi – Winston-Salem, NC)


Syoptic mind stimuli...

Performance Artists

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ArcheDream uses archetypal characters that perform allegories, or dreams, to personify vital issues pertaining to our lives. Psychologically speaking, an archetype is a primordial mental image inherited by all. For example, personifications of Anger, Death, Love, War and Peace all play their part in our visions of life. ArcheDream’s costumes are illuminated with ultra-violet light, which accentuates the supernatural aspect and reveals the dreamscape as the action unfolds.

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Waking Dream is live interactive performance art. We present works of giant puppetry, pageantry, and stilt dance - all intended to invoke the imagination. We also encourage audience participation in both performance and production, blurring the line between spectator and spectacle. The results are always unexpected and magical!

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(OneTribe - CO)


Sephiroth Dance was started by Shoshannah Sefirah in San Francisco in May 2004. Shoshannah has relocated to Colorado and teamed up with local dancers Jeny Weber and Asayana to create multi-media performaces and ceremonies. Metameme and OneTribe are honored to have Sephiroth as the creators for all invocation ceremonies, rituals, and dance prayer-formances furthering the exploration of ancient magick and wisdom at our events.

"Sephiroth is the Tree of Life. Our vision is to create modern-day rituals that focus group intention and inspire magick and healing. Our work incorporates fire, low flying trapeze and aerial work, contact improvisation, modern dance, yoga, martial arts, tribal belly dance, and other forms of movement at non-preocenium, participatory art events. We have performed at many events and parties each year since January 2005 in the Denver area, including "Imadris: Forest of Refuge", at the former Lida Project in Denver; nearly all of the "Syntropic" events, held intermittently at the Mercury Cafe and various warehouses; "Eleusis", at Mosaic Movement Arts in Boulder; "Earthdance '05 and '06" at Lake George; and the "OneTribe Festival '05" at Easter Seals." --Shoshannah
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Advanced - $110 (April 14th – June 8th)

Gate - $145* (June 18th – June 22nd)

*Cash or Credit Card only – no Personal Checks.


Please contact Four Quarters at (814) 784-3075 or pay online at www.4qf.org.


www.Gaian-Mind.com / www.GMSF.us / www.4QF.org

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