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Do speakers make the DJ?

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Yeah, maybe the only thing thats bad on them is the cable.. Its good cause you can strech it but it can jam up also

there is a version with a straight cable. and I have not had ANY problem whatsoever with my curled so far. In the beginning I hated it, but I got used to it, and it has not once actually "jammed" :D
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Speakers are only necessary to share what you're mixing, I've spent most of my mixing career doing it in headphones. Of course, I don't know if your mixer has the monitor switches that mine does (Pioneer DJM-300)...


Ive got computer speakers that I use sometimes as monitors when I can, but due to home situation, loud repetitive music isn't always a go... I'm totally used to headphones, though, I've got a decent pair of Ultrasone DJ-1's, nice because they're very light, seem durable, and sound just fine...


(Previous, I used a Sony MDR-V700, which IMO was no good, heavy, metal over-ear headphones SUCK. IMO. Spend a few hours in them and feel the ear-pain...)

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Triports are not amazing headphones as far as audiophiles are concerned. They are widely considered to be rather poor, especially if you want flat response.


The AKGs, especially the 701s are fantastic headphones, but mainly for studio work. You can't get better studio headphones really. They are open phones and probably aren't durable enough to make good DJing headphones.


The Technics RP-DJ1210, don't sound good, but are very practical for DJing. But again, they don't sound very good. Terribly bass heavy.


Sennheiser HD-25 is a decent choice, the thing is durable as all heck, but not a DJing set of headphones, they sound pretty good too. I mention them because alot of DJs like them alot, alot of people consider them the best for the job, and such a stance has merit.


Go to this link, its a discussion about DJ headphones, the guys there know their stuff... and ditch the triports.



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I've been very happy with Mackie SRM 450's. They are the original ones made in Italy. All models after 2004 are made in China. While the chinese made ones are good, there is a very slight quality difference than the italian made ones. I would say maybe 5-8% difference. The company that used to produce them in Italy now is building basically the same model under a new company name, something like ART, or RTL (I can't remember the name right now). I would consider buying from them first, than from mackie. I'm sure there are lots of other options too.


As far as sound quality, speakers, music source & quality will all make a good DJ/Musician sound better, but they will not make a bad one sound good.


Having DJ'ed for 10 years now, including house, techno, ambient, psy-trance & more, I have to say that I think it is very unlikely that the DJ's were mixing psy-trance for 5 minutes. While it may be possible, because of the nature of the structure & timbre of most psy-trance music, it becomes difficult to mix that long. It often gets too busy (cacophony), or the songs elements don't match because of quick measure changes, or odd time signature breaks/pauses in psy-trance. I prefer longer mixes, and so I have to often use looping in order to get a smooth transition, as playing the tune straight wouldn't work for that long.


To be blunt, most psy-trance DJ's that I've seen mix very little, and lots of them aren't very good at it. Progressive psy-trance is easier to ride the mix, as the songs tend to build up slowly over the course of the track. I frequently see psy-trance DJ's mix for less than 40 seconds. Another odd thing is, the people who listen to psy-trance in my areas are way more forgiving of bad beat-matching too. It's been an interesting phenomena to observe over the years.


And last but not least, you are always more cirtical of your own stuff, whether DJing or producing. Get other's opinions.


PS- Learning to mix only in your headphones is a very good skill to learn. You won't need it often, but it'll save your mixes when you don't have a DJ speaker pointing at you, or the sound is bad.

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