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Bass sound .. =) Psychadelic trance.

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Hello all :) I have been sitting a few hours trying to make a good psychadelic bass sound/patch... for my soft synth Z3tA++ :)


The order of the clips and loops is not so important , ehm i just made them along the way =) ... What do `YOU think of the bass sound , maybe not the best bassline what so ever but !!! Would be very nice if u listened in ýour speakers or headphones , beacause my headphones are for gaming :P .. And i think it sounds nice in my big stereo so... Please give it a try !




http://www.speedshare.org/qXhQ5CED8c 2mb...

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yo, be patient, music promotion forum aswell as music making forum arent as active as offtopic you know :P

besides, youve posted in the wrong section ;)

Hehe okay, but i thought this was the right section :P. Well , back to my music again... :)

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(my first post? Hello everybody :) )


About this track. It has qualities and you have a bright future. I don't know if the bass is weak or to "nice" somehow. Would you like to make a longer edit with structure? I think the melodies can be interesting if put in a context, kind of.

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Hi thx Robban , swedish perhaps ? :) Well im swedish hehe... Thx for all critics => .. Yeah and welcome to the forum then !


Well i focused mostly on the bass sound in that clip, I always seem to get stuck in that order,.. bass sound.. but i am working on a more sequenced melody with some more ogoing "flow" hehe... Got loads of creativity but lacking in time of working with it more seriously . (working 2 much) .. But today ive found some time :) Back to track ;) .. Thanks

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