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Helium - Alien Disco


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Here is the link Helium - Alien Disco



1. Etnica - Vimana

2. Merr0w - Utopian Society

3. Cosmosis - Alien Disco

4. Dimension 5 - Utopian Dream

5. Lost Buddha - Lost In Paradise

6. Electric Universe - One Love

7. Velvet Acid Christ - Decypher (Force = Authority)

8. Etnica - Starship 101

9. Alpha Circuit - Lunar Circle

10. Goasia - Spectralys

11. Tandu - Visually Distorted

12. Vox - Over The Clouds

13. MFG - Magnetic Activity

14. Tandu - New Aura


What you think?


P.S. I'm not a DJ just made this mix at home with dj software i hope you like it :)



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Cool tracks... Velvet Acid Christ! :D D/Ling! Feedback to follow.



What software did you use?



Edit: Link doesn't seem to be working.... :(

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Hmm.. i don't know why the link do not work :huh:

I'm uploading the mix in sendspace but my speed sucks ... so it will be uploaded after 2 hours :blink:

I will post the new link tomorrow


About the software.. i use Traktor DJ Studio 3 ;)

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Interesting mix to make some free space in my mp3 player and have a trip.



Etnica - Vimana

Cosmosis - Alien Disco

Lost Buddha - Lost In Paradise

Electric Universe - One Love

Etnica - Starship 101

Alpha Circuit - Lunar Circle (Although the title remids me something else)

MFG - Magnetic Activity

And of course Tandu!


Good job dude sfx!

Thanks for sharing.

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played most of it & bits and pieces since I downloaded. going for the whole run of it now. excellent intro. mysterious. then the goa vibes and hyperspace rhythms jump in ;D track 2 sound a bit more fierce. bubbly goa grunge. acid WARPS. aliens are coming ;O

the Aliens have arrived! But...they're not attacking. they are...dancing??? SWEET dudes!! long loved this one from Cosmosis. perfect in every way. ya threw/mixed in the song all of a sudden. was neat. 8)

I like how you mixed in Dimension 5 after Cosmosis. 'Alien Disco' just had its big energy release then this one comes in witha bumpin tempo and soon the Dimension 5 style soaring to continue. the best at hypnotic goa. this mix was the first time hearing this one off Transdimensional. thanks man! good one from Lost Buddha keeping the goa alive. is this released? didn't find so on psydb...

'One Love' sweet different kinda goa album from back when ;p full of dreamscapes. get lost in the atmospheres;O

ahh...'Starship 101' good times 8) goa slayin Etnica

(8 Tandu is a refreshnig one to hear when you think he was forgotten 8) VOX ringing the acid nicely. 'Magnetic Activity' one of my MFG favs ;D theres a different version?? not what I remember. still sounds sweet.

super fun mix. full of the goa energy that is then calmed down by the trippy rhythms of Tandu- New Aura. will play whenever I need some goa flowing thru the brain.

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