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  1. Anyways, here's the link--> I already posted it here years ago, but no luck.. so, maybe this time. Thanks!
  2. Plastomer


    Ola-ola, rum & cola!
  3. Discovery of the year.. for me atleast. Really-really great music. I'll be waiting for the new album. Thanks for sharing!
  4. I'm also looking forward to it..ordered a copy already:) Really love his previous tracks.
  5. Finally found it - it's Cell - Brother
  6. Heey! I have that track somewhere, but just can't find it.. and it's been bugging me for a week now. So, if anyone could identify the track - it would be great. It's also the first track in Dj Yuman - Namaste 2008 mix (but haven't found the tracklist of the mix neither). Link Thanks!
  7. Well, there is defenitely some kind of information point at the festival.. so if anyone figures out a good spot where to meet, could give the info to the ppl at the information point and i'll just check at someday, if they know something about psynews or meeting point... and maybe we'll meet:D I'm off tomorrow morning..
  8. Anyway, I found the track this year, it's: Wizzy Noise - Brain Machine
  9. Hoi! I already searched the website but didn't see any information about this year Ehite Nights nor KlusaDaba. But if it's not in august, then I'll come defenitely :posford: .
  10. I'd say the same, but for the "In The Heaven's Eye", tho all tracks are great. I also went to Helsinki to the album release party and it was really trippy + got the last CD from there:)
  11. Hey folks! So, how many psynewsers are going to Ozora or Transylvania Calling? Maybe we should arrange a meeting point? Just a thought. Greetings! P.
  12. Yep, i'm going also. And from Ozora to Transylvania Calling.. Anyone already knows, from where to get tickets? I only know that much: Pre Sale(special)(limited number of tickets) : 70 euros Pre Sale (second stage ) : 80 euros At the Gate : 95 euros greets!
  13. Wanted to go there for 2 years already, always something ruined my plans. So this year i'm going defenitely.
  14. ps. wow, ive squished everyone else out of this comment box, nice 8) lol

  15. ps. what kind of job, does it have something to do with naked pictures and charlies uncle?

    oh and hows mari, say hi :P!

  16. sup sup suckre, im ok, probably in quest for a new job soon :D

  17. hmm, well, who knows :D:P

  18. that andrejsala party i mean, music wise, what kind of shite is that going to be :P?

    oh and charles - are you arguing with m again?!

  19. hmm, is it going to be good :D?

  20. Don't listen to Regenald. Prostitution can never be considered a hobby!

  21. as long as you dont pay taxes its considered a hobby, not a job yet :lol:

  22. no, not a stepp peennis you bastart, that i leave for charlies uncle for a treat, after he eats charlies arse raw :DDDDD

  23. aha, wait a minute, i remember i uploaded some tracks or smthn, and then you said that you owe me some beer, so no way mistah :lol::P

  24. ill start to save pennies then :lol:

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