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Accidental occidentalism, Intense visitation +more

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I've spent the last week listing most of my psy-trance CDs & vinyl. This is a list of my collection rather than whats for sale but if you offer a high enough price then I might be persuaded to sell. As Im a new poster on here I understand you don't want to send payments to a stranger but don't worry Im cool. I also have an Ebay account & should hopefully be setting up a Discogs account for selling. If you want me to PM you if I put an item from the list for sale on Ebay/Discogs then get in touch.


Got some rareities in my collection

Juno Reactor - luciana, VA - Accidental Occidentalism, Odds - X-plore, Scuba - Underwater symphonies, Etnica - Intense Visitation 12" (only 50 copies ever made), Alycone 12" promo (200 copies only).


Hopefully I should start selling stuff in the next month. Feel free to Pm me offers. Sorry if it takes me a while to reply to you.


All CDs are originals from back in the golden days (IMO :D )of goa trance.


Ignore the rest of the site (biology stuff) because its for work. Sorry its a bit crap looking but Im not a web designer. Theres more to add yet as most of my records are at my parents house & I can't remember what I own. :rolleyes:





:) - Fiasko

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