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  1. Wakes up this tread... Most major labels had their own slipmats as merchandise, like Transient, TIP, Koyote, Spirit Zone, Blue Room, Atomic, Matsuri etc etc... They all had them, in limited quantities... I used to have a pair of Transient-matts but included them, when sold of my Turntables before a trip to asia. When I again bought turntables I was lucky just some after I bought a bigger lot of vinyls and the seller included a set of Koyote slipmats. I also do have the the Blue Room-Recordbag if still interrested. .))
  2. There is Dali from Israel, not that i´m a fan of her work but still... http://www.discogs.com/artist/Dali+%282%29
  3. I don´t listen much to full on these days, but I did played at a party for acouple of month´s ago. And heard new fresh pounding full on which i really enjoyed, Check out "Intelligence" its a mexican artist, from catalyst rec. I found releases on some comps, and 2 digital ep´s, one of them is available on beatport. One of them is named Nighttime programs- Its darker than the average full on, not really twillight either, but not darkpsyish. I guess just proper nightime psytrance But really smart and interresting.
  4. Its out Released: 05-11-2010 DEVILS MIND REC. DVSMCD006 KIRIYAMA – REACH ESCAPE VELOCITY DVSMCD006 / 2010.11.05 / jewel case, green disc + DJ slip 1st Press (500 copies) Mastered by Christer Lundström Artwork by Pelle Nyman Ballanca mandala by Alex Povidailo Photography by Cina Gustavsson Transmitting from the northern hemisphere, Devils Mind Records proudly presents Kiriyama's debut album 'Reach Escape Velocity', a blend of trance styles infused with the twilight sound of Scandinavia and mysticism of Goa. Permeated with the surrounding atmosphere of Oerebro, the journey draws on inspiration from various sources that together form a platform from which these aural transmissions are spread about. Departing in the small hours, the style thematically progresses throughout the album, layer by layer, slowly fading through the abstract night and opening up to the melodic twilight zone. It is subtly mixed to make it as suitable for home listening as it is for dancefloor experiences, though it was primarily contrived to be surfed through in one go. This 79-minute journey is graphically enriched with enchanted scenes from the Swedish High Coast Trail, which is listed on UNESCO's list of natural world heritages as there is no other place on earth where the land has risen as much as there since the freezing days of the last ice age. A mere 15% of the world is within the boreal temperature zone - that is, parts of northern Europe, Canada, Alaska and Russia - and naturally this yields to peculiarities found nowhere else but here. Ready to travel north? AVAILABLE THROUGH: Wirikuta (Austria) / Saiko Sounds / (Hong Kong) / Beatspace (Italy) / GoaStore (Switzerland) / Juno Records (England) / Bravo Records (Japan) SOON AVAILABLE DIGITALLY!
  5. Dude thats sounds exellent I love when its gets quirky and twisted. It doesn´t sounds like miranda to me...not Xenomorph either and i´m not are you 100 % sure if its a 199x-trax. sounds newer than that. Someone should know what it is though. // F
  6. Sounds german to me... It sounds very similar to early Boris Blenn releases. Perhaps even Tim Schuldt stuff. Maybe something from High Society ?
  7. Aah Good News ! About bloody time ! I´ll really looking forward to this !
  8. Orion is sold to Endah for 65 Euros. Thanks mate !
  9. Hi Guys !! I have some dupes I want to get rid of... 1. Cosmosis - Cosmology cd (Transient rec ) Tranrcd604 2. Orion - Futuristic Poetry cd (Orginal Symbiosis Rec Issue) Symbcd06 3. Infinite excursions 2 LP (The only chance to get Shpongle - Behind closed eyelids on vinyl on vinyl is this release) Usually I prefer to trade but... Due to a financial crisis, I have to sell those cds , so no trade this time sorry PM me your offers Cheers / Fredrik
  10. Hi guys !!! So i´m getting rid of my dupes.. So i have this for sale: VA - Infinite Excursions - Sonic Hallucinations http://www.discogs.com/release/304659 This is very rarely seen around, infact I have never seen a copy on ebay And this is the a.f.a.i.k the only release on vinyl with Shpongle - Behind Closed Eyelids It ain´t going to be cheap, PM me your offers !! Have a wonderful day !!! Sunshine Fredrik Infra
  11. Hello... I´m looking for an audio engineering school in Skåne or Denmark. If anyone knows about a good school, please send me an e-mail: infra@earth-intelligence.org Regards //Fredrik
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