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Twisted artist names


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Just take an artist name and ‘'twist’’ it.

Here is my list:


Ant Or Shell -Androcell

Art If Act -Artifakt

Ash Trail Protection -Astral Projection

Ass' Tricks -Astrix

Sell -Cell

Sick Ago -Chicago

Cause Moses -Cosmosis

Damn Age -Damage

Dark's Eye -DarkPsy

Dare Sun -Darshan

ReaDy? Run! Go! -Derango

East Attic -Eat Static

Helen Trip Nose -Electrypnose

Free King -Freaking

Fun Goose Fuck -Fungus Funk

Hi Lucy 'n' Jen -Hallucinogen

Hide Rug Leaf -Hydraglyph

Infested Mass Room -Infected Mushroom

In-Cest -In-Sect

June Or The Actor -Juno Reactor

Cash All -Ka-Sol

Cox Bogs -Koxbox

The Mary Races -The Many Faces

My Racoon Licks -Miraculix

The Mischief Musket -The Misted Muppet

Shaked Two Wrist -Naked Tourist

Neck Tone -Necton

Mo' Mad -Nomad

Owes A Lot -oCeLoT


Awesome -OSOM

Pair Essence -Parasense

Peach Bikers -Pitch Hikers

Sigh Go On -Psygone

Shy Sex -Psysex

Rub Dome El -Rabdom L

Rick And Ink -Rinkadink

Sad Man -Sandman

Save Age's Cream -Savage Scream

Scuttler Rain -Scatterbrain

Sean Kitty -Son Kite

Steve Acid A Poo -Shiva Shidapu

Spawn Glue -Shpongle

Winner Lemon -Winter Demon

Gay Hell -Yahel

Anger Bother -Younger Brother


Your turn :)

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Ass' Tricks  -Astrix

Damn Age  -Damage

Fun Goose Fuck  -Fungus Funk


Awesome  -OSOM

Shy Sex  -Psysex

Sad Man  -Sandman

Spawn Glue  -Shpongle

Anger Bother  -Younger Brother



I love these... :lol::D


Ummm, lemme think for a minute about mine :


Ska Shit - Skazi

Hemoroid - Void

Porn Site - Son Kite

Molested Classroom - Infected Mushroom

Solid Matchstick Men - Shaolin Wooden Men

Dead Planet Degradation - Blue Planet Corporation

Butch Of The New Age Punks Beat - Church of The New Age Hippy Disco Shit



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How about phonetic spelling?


Hallucinogen - Hälluuusinöudjeen


Total Eclipse - Töutol Eklips


Astral Projection - Ästrol Prujekshen


Infected Mushroom- Infekted Mashroom


Church Of The New Age Hippy Disco Shit - Tshötsh Ov Dö Njo Eidsh Hippi Disko Shitt

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