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Celluloid Dmage [oletustila records]

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C E L L U L O I D : D M A G E





* The Intervention 20.9 Download Hifi stream

* Alkio 14.4 Download Hifi stream

* Stepgnome rmx 13.9 Download

* Pimee kuja 9.2 Download Hifi stream

* Motaatti 14.7 Download Hifi stream

* Etuvisio rmx 8.0 Download Hifi stream


Upcoming live:



<span style='color:gray'>Past live:

. 28-02-06 // Imjan ja Miffyn vaalibileet [Helsinki]

. 11-10-06 // Nectarium [Helsinki]

. 30-09-06 // Fairy Tales Of Northern Folk [Russia]

. 09-09-06 // FullMoonParty [pukkila]

. 21-07-06 // Elixiria 4v [inkoo]

. 07-07-06 // Dekotaideleiri [Teisko]

. 24-06-06 // Juhannus Full-off [hki]

. 17-06-06 // Haltiaelokuvan kuvaukset [porvoo]

. 20-05-06 // The Elves Ball [hanko]</span>


For bookings or whatever, contact:






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Mukavan tuoreen kuuloista soundia. Ensimmäinen biisinne mikseri.netillä oli vähän härö paikoin, mutta muuten musiikillisesti ei valittamista kappaleissa. Oh well maybe I should use English? :) However in technical terms you still have to improve because the mixes didn't sound professional; they were on the thin side.


It's nice to hear psy that doesn't stick to the same completely worn-out formulas.

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I'm listening to the first track (downloaded all of them) and have to say I really like it. Melodic and uplifting, nice effects lots of layers and still not sounding like everything else in the genre. I hope the rest is as good as that tracks, very well done! :)

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