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My Photography Work

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I thought I would share some of my work, since a coulple of people requested to see my work, I dont have a website yet because its still been created but it will be up soon! :D


so here is a few from my collection, some have been photomanipulated


I am open to comments, feed back :)





Posted Image

This is a project I was working on, using slow motion caputre and water, this is one of my fav ones I took out of the project :)



Seeds of Life

Posted Image

the Embryos in the egg, was an idea I got from reading books on devlopment about human genetics, on how in the future we will be able to pick are own children ect ect


The Grudge

Posted Image

I got this idea from listning to The Grudge by tool, I think this is the scariest one I have ever done lol


Elaine davidson

Posted Image

This is a photoshoot I did of Elaine davidson for a magazine such a lovly lady to talk to. :)


Self Portraits

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

these are some self portraits of myself lol


Anybody wanting to contact me about the photos, or wanting any photos taking contact me at matthildreth@gmail.com

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Awesome photos Surge, thank you very much :) My favourite is also Tranquil, although they are all amazing. But these hands are so full of wisdom.. represent an entire life flowing with the water..


And that man behind the rose.. wooho makes one melt away.. haha


Really great work! Now I dont wonder anymore how you can just "upgrade" to a Canon 1Ds Mk II :rolleyes:


Dont forget to link us to your gallery once it´s done!




and yeah I know Tashira I am selling my soul to the bank but I need it for my work..


May I ask how much you plan to sell it for?

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hehe thanks!! yeah I am selling my soul to the bank for money an lots of it lol!! well hopfully anyphew so I can buy the camera :(


its not my best work up there, because I am saving it for the website when it is up :)

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Hi surge! Great work! you are very talent for sure! My favourites are "Tranquil" and "Seeds of Life" beautiful inspiration! these photos give to us your point and your thought, but each one of us, can take the point with different way!thats very good!



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