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V/A - Xpla-Nations

Guest LaGoaTrance

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Guest LaGoaTrance

V/A - Xpla-Nations


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Artist: Various

Title: Xpla-Nations

Label: TIP World

Date: 2000


Track listing:


01. 06'31" GMS : Whiplash

02. 08'28" Absolum : D:Generate

03. 08'07" Fuzzion : Killer

04. 08'07" Violet Sky : Magnetic Star

05. 08'38" Space Cat : Snorkelblaster

06. 06'29" Tycho : It's All Rock And Roll

07. 07'29" Typhoon Feat Deedrah : Hi Big Man

08. 07'41" Lotus Omega : Body Snatchers

09. 07'27" Cyberbabas : Like A Pretzel




The third in the nation series.....First track is from GMS, same style than the

"GMS Vs Systembusters" album, very good powerfull track with a lot of effects,

i like the fly sound ! Then a track from Absolum (aka Christof from 3D Vision,

half Transwave) very minimalist, maybe a little bit boring because it's too

hard for me. Track 3 is Fuzzion, some russian sound, perfect for dancing :-)

good rythm, goods fx....it works for me ! Track 4 is Vi oletSky, (Mexicans

??), pretty interesting, especially the second part of the song. Then a track

from the last Space Cat album. This track have been released with Raja Ram and

Riktam, israelian sound at it's best, dark, powerfull....killer track. Next

track is Tycho a very dark psytrance track. Track 7 is Typhoon (aka Total

Eclipse) with Dado, as good as usual with a sound that remind me Gabriel La

Mar "No shelter." Track 8 is Lotus Omega, it's not bad. Last track is

Cyberbaba's (aka Raja Ram and a guy called Benji), a minimalist track that

make you fly, oh yeeees !!! So, this compilation is not as good than

Divi:nations (which is an awesome compilation) but it's as good as

halluci:nations, if you like dark psytrance you can buy it, you won't regret

it. Best tracks are for me 1,3,5 and 9. If you're a DJ you will find BPM of

each track...good idea, isn't it ?

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Guest earthman[at]djearthman[dot]com

Great compilation, lots of quality tracks. Violet Sky/Magnetic Star (track 4)

is really awesome! Yes the 2nd part is really nice. Typhoon Feat Deedrah is

also a very cool track. The bpm idea is great I wish we could see it more

often. As a CDJ it is very helpful to have bpms listed. I'd give this CD 8.5/10

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Guest goa_2000[at]mail[dot]ru

I considere this CD the best from *Nations series. It's a powerfull dance

compilation full of sound. Also there is a track of a guy from my country who

called himself "Fuzzion".


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After a first quick listening to this album I was disapointed... but then, the

second time I actually sat down and listened.. it was great!... Even Space

Cat's track is totally great (I didnt like the Space Cat album).

Newcomers: Violet Sky and Fuzzion... two VERY good tracks.


This is a good compilation... No bad tracks. Full on party music...

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this is tipworld, not your local tip... and it shows once again with this

cd...almost no fillers...standouts include 3 and 4 (all the russian muzic iv

heard rox), 6,7, and 9. GMS are good... but not my style, Absolom moves

towards the Three Point Turn sound here me thinx... but the track might have

evolved a little further than what it does, Space Cat have a heaps fresher

sound now... i think this is a remix of a GMS song, and will rock the night,

but it isnt the standout of the album for me. Lotus Omega's track is a little

noisy and undirected for my tastes... probably the weak link in the album...

its all relative though - the rest truly rocks any time of the year. This

album is like a pretzel...its been going round and round my soundsystem for

weeks now. 8/10

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I don`t believe it, another one of the cool Nation series. now with GMS,

Fuzzion, and the best track on the cd - Like A Pretzel... i just love it!

ohhh.. one more thing...

Typhoon And Deedrah - Hi Big Nun is incredible...

great buildup ppl =)

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better than hallucinations but far below divinations. gms kicks ass! fuzzion,

space cat, cyberbabas (raja ram) are also great. violet sky is interesting but

not great. has promise though, i hope more trance comes out of mexico soon

(yea, we're really going global now!) absolum is boring: he's trying to

imitate gms i think =) 6/10

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Guest boomwizard[at]hotmail[dot]com

Not as good as Divi but still very good the GMS track is sooo

good, these guys can't loose these days. Also Absolum, Tycho and Violet Sky

are good but I really expected more from Space Cats 8/10.

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Guest DeeJay Jones

The best tracks on Xpla:Nations are GMS - Whiplash and Cyberbabas - Like A

Pretzel (Cyberbabas are Raja Ram from Shpongle and Benji Vaughn from Process,

both musicians with awesome imagination and creativity!)

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Good compilation but that is all...Very big variety of tracks from all around


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The 3rd member of the great TIP "Nations" series. It's defently not the best

one, but also not the worst one. Once again the series residents GMS & Ofer

Dikovsky strike with powerfull full on trax. Newcomers Fussion, Violet sky

and Tycho brought here some interesting material. Quite original track by

Typhoon Feat Deedrah. A couple of killer trax from Absolum i hot greeks Lotus

Omega. Nothing new from powerfull duo Benji Vaughn & Raja Ram. So on this

compilation-Nation :) there is no any single bad track, but also no any

masterpieces. One would like some trax more than others, and one would like

the other ones. So on my opinion it is a quality middle class compilation.

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One of my favorites in the series. There is enough variety to enjoy, thumbs up to tracks by Fuzzion, Violet Sky, Typhoon feat Deedrah. 
I already had a hard time to listen to any Absolum tracks, but this one takes the cake in a bad way, noisy stuff all the way. Terrible. 
The last track is pretty nice, but my preference still goes to the Violet Sky track, the nice surprise of this compilation.  



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