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Healer - Wonderground

Guest Baboon

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Guest gizmo

Very original album. (Except 2nd track) Full of relaxing great sounds. You

can't say its a masterpiece, because it isn't, it's rather simple production,

but with this few sounds Healer created great album, which I'm listening very

often. 8/10

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Guest Baboon

Healer - Wonderground


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Artist: Healer

Title: Wonderground

Label: Flying Rhino

Date: 2000


Track listing:


01. 12'05" Speaking With A Def Man

02. 10'55" Illusive

03. 09'16" 1000 Years

04. 06'37" Angels

05. 08'25" Monofonica

06. 10'07" Continents

07. 12'57" Go To Sleep




Oh my! What an great ambient album... this one fell in my taste at once... this

might be as soft and chilly as it gets... anyway, to the tracks... I thought I

might review all the tracks becouse there's only 7... Track 1 has some nice

piano tunes and sounds a bit oriental. Track 2 is if possible a bit

faster...very chilly. Track 3 is one of my favourites, starts with a long

begining with nothing else than sounds from grasshoppers and other creatures

in the night... very nice. Track 4, "Angels" is also very great, nice

sampling... Track 5, "Monofonica" might be the most beutiful one... built on

realy nice piano tunes trough the hole track. Track 6 is also one of the

better in my opinion, this one is like "1000 Years", very slow and nice...Last

track, 7... well... the track name suits it well, when listening to this one

you might as well Go To Sleep...=P good one. The album it self gets a worthy

9/10. Enjoy

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I thought this one too much like Robert Miles stuff without the kick-drum. I

half expected a breathy female voice with a cultured French accent to whisper,

'tell me ... a SECRET' and then with the Yanni-like triumphalist swell of

demagoguery. I ... was blind ... but now ... I seeeeee ... . Pass.

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Guest [Anonymous]

Linearism of the cold ground. Yes it is definately good but not that much

different from the other 3000 ambient albums outthere. In the land of the

blind, the one eyed is king so this side project of Flying Rhino's 12 Moons

should throw away their play-by-the-strict-rules mentality and throw in every

weird instrument, sample, sound or whatever cause the edge in ambient is the

music equivalent of anarchy: there are no rules. Copycats rarely succeed in

the chillout zone, talented freak and weirdos may...Try again Mr.Healer, the

potential is there... 6.5/10

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Guest Mr.Hanky


some well written tunes.

The production though is nothing to be too proud off,

not bad but unsurprising,could be a lot more dynamic for an ambient album.


Anyway if your'e looking for a CD to go to bed with ,this would be PERFECT ,as

it is quite sleep inducing...in a good way!

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Guest rx7style

Peaceful and relaxing. This album doesn't necessarily stand out as the

pinnacle of ambient creation, but it's a nice release to pick up regardless.

Anyone could put this album on, sit back, relax, and enjoy. Sometimes that's

good enough... 7.5/10

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Guest Neil.Madigan[at]student.shu.ac[d

This album is breathtaking. I almost slipped into a coma its so relaxing.

Warning though, do not take drugs before listening, it just causes sleep.


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Guest aquamental[at]hotmail[dot]com

I can't see why some people are complaining this being too simple. Simplicity

is beautiful, because beauty is far from complicated. This album is one of the

best pure ambient albums that came out after the golden years of mid-90's. The

album you can put on and then just close your eyes and drift to the land of

angels and their lively garden of dreams, where there's nothing scary or ugly

and everything just radiates energy and harmony. I guess you just have to drop

your "I'm so into music that I can't listen to anything accessible to

everybody"-ego to enjoy this... and after that it's pure bliss. 10/10

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Guest My email is ....................

Oh...wow...even such pretty music can cause negative emotions...hmmm... well I

can say one thing if your mind is capable of intrancing itself and self

hypnotizing...this little CD would be a great companion...Oh yeah..sure there

are 3000 albums out there and I probably heard all ...still BIG PLUS to this

album is that all the tracks ( while of course being different) are in the

same key...( same speed) so if you start chilling out to this CD you are not

going to be like...kicked out of that chill state by some cheap crappy track

that goes of ballance either in the begining or ( most often for crapy euro

compilations for Clubbers with $250-$400 worth of clothes for 1 day ) well

they usually put crap in the end well HEALER' musicall voyage ....NO NO very

good stuff in the end ANd middle if you will . So if you start tripping and

want to get to point Z from point A...you will! with out any commercial JUNK

to extend the volume of one's crappy CD Here is a good example of somebody

actually "creating "and "working" (new words for you peeps) and not

concentrating on the sound that everybody goes WOW about and than calls

someone brilliant. And ....stop calling this music "TO GO TO SLEEP TO " that

is so ..... ..(nevermind) oh yeah but when you do go to sleep I love how some

sounds in this CD match with your body's biorythm ...like you are sinking


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this ain't no psy chill-out... it's new age all the way (well, except for some

moments). Actually, I got this after listening to some great Healer tracks on

the Wabi compilation and thought this would be in the same genre as those

tracks... but it wasn't, so it really dissapointed me. Now don't get me wrong,

for new age this is great, but ambient psy... I think not... 4/10 for

chill-out psy, 9/10 for new age

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Very soft music, no irritating sounds or sharp sounds... Makes me sleepy in a

few minutes ;) Very nice to listen to before bedtime... Best tracks are

"Monofonica" and "Go to sleep"... It doesn't take that much to create relaxing

music ;) As moondancer said, this is NOT psy chillout, and thank g-d for that!

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Guest Slave2rave

Pretty interesting album, but beware: if you don't wanna sleep, stay away from

this! Listening to it as a whole, beginning from T1 and going through till T7,

is a journey of relaxation and calmness. Interesting what someone said above

that it matches your body beats, so true. And as also stated before: this

ain't psy chill-out. Mr. Andersen (the man behind 12 Moons), in an interview

here in psynews said that he doesn't listen to psychedelic musics, he is much

more into harmonics and deep trance. So don't expect anything psychedelic

here, it's full of harmony and soft kicks. T1 is by far my favourite here.

Perhaps one of the fastest tracks, and what an awesome title for that! Fits

like a glove in a hand. While the track runs, you imagine yourself speaking

with a def person, or even being the def one. Ever tried to put your fingers

in your ears as hard as you could, so the sound couldn't enter? That's the

closest thing that i could imagine. Very nice and chilling sounds going on.

Excellent one. T2 didn't make me happy at all. Its a bit annoying for my

taste, but i really liked the sample in the beginning ("They say time is the

fire in which we burn"). T3 begins with a forest ambientation, really nice for

chill-out tents in the middle of the nature (love to live in Brazil). Very

soft and chilling sounds going on, the harmonics are the best here. He really

knows how to master the sounds in a song. On of the highlights of this album,

for sure. "Do you see the lights? It's beautiful... it must be from the stars.

Look! There are angels...". That's how T4 begins. Awesome ambientation. You

feel yourself on a mountain, looking through the valley, under a clear sky

full of shining stars. Great track for the beginning of the night (9pm). T5 is

Monofonica, which is based on piano and very very chilled drum... seems like

it's plate is full of water, and that makes a very undescriptable sound. Also,

a great track! Continents is track 6, begins with a guy whispering something

about continents and our planet. Seems like he's talking about aliens :).

Great great beginning for an alien-based chill-out set ;). Some simple but

effective spacey sounds. Hey, that gave me an idea! So, last track is Go To

Sleep. As the title says, if you play it, everybody will be asleep in a 2km²

ray, including yourself. It's a repetition of sounds during the whole track.

Here and there a different sound appears, but it's very sleep inducing. It

matches perfectly your pre-sleep biorythm. Very nice album, very good to

mantain yourself relaxed for a long long time. It gets a solid 8/10 from me.

Hope to hear something new in the near future.

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  • 11 years later...

now available for free: http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/healer-wonderground this album is quite catching and relaxing. The original pressing is rare now as it was probably poorly distributed but the music is still fresh and not too dated. Seems like yesterday this was a new cd, but it was 14 years ago.... I remember seeing this for sale at HMV in London, good times!

Well it should be nonetheless enjoyed via headphones as the tracks are long and rich in details, and thanks to the artist for making it available for free with the option of a donation.

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Wonderful chillout album from Healer, had most on various FRR comps but finally got this a few years back. It has been on heavy rotation since. It's perfect for stressful times especially if you cannot sleep as it's very chilled but has a lot you can focus on to let your mind drift away from what it's thinking about.

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