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V/A - White Rhino


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V/A - White Rhino


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Artist: Various

Title: White Rhino

Label: Flying Rhino

Date: 1997


Track listing:


01. 07'29" Western Rebel Alliance : Slewake

02. 05'03" Red Seal : Mice On Mars

03. 06'09" Psyko Disko : Ikengo

04. 07'21" Germinator : Hyena

05. 08'13" Planet BEN : Orang-U-Tangent

06. 06'08" Ololiuqui : Joahey

07. 07'01" Bumbling Loons : Loonacy

08. 08'14" Slinky Wizard : People Like Us

09. 11'30" Nasha Feat Mad Sheer Khan : Chai Machine

10. 08'56" Blue Planet Corporation : Crystal




It starts rather slow with Celtic influences and some guitars, song 2 is also

not fast, but it's nice because of the great guitar-melodies!! But after that


have some heavier stuff... Psyko Disko is indeed PSYCHO, weird noises and

drums... Followed by some mediocre tracks (nr 4&5) and song nr 6 is even

bad!! The song of Bumbling Loons is nice, but also not very uplifting, the best

song on the CD is for sure nr 9, some great melodies and great for dancing...

And this CD ends with a rather slow and not very Psychedelic track from Blue

Planet Corporation. Overall I don't think this is as good as the other

Flying-Rhino releases... It's simply not uplifting enough and it never takes


on a real trip... Bom Shankar

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Guest Snow Dog

One of the best Flying Rhino's yet, mellow, uplifting, but still danceable. Track 1 is an amazing

ambient tune, with cool guitar and voices, that seques into chilled breaktrance. Track 2 is also

quite nice, reminds me a little of "Papua New Guinea". Now we get into real dancefloor territory,

starting with three chugging tech-trancers that have an excellent quirky feel. Track 6,

by Ololiqui, is one of the best they've done, and the same goes for the Bumbling Loons track.

Track 8 is just OK. 9 And 10 are more melodic, morning trance.

You really get your money's worth on this, that is, if you're not expecting hard And fast music.


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Western Rebel Alliance - Slewake is one of my favourite tracks ever and it was worth buying the CD just for that. The rest of the Comp is good but needs more listens to truly appreciate I think.

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