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Electric Universe - Waves


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Electric Universe - Waves


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Artist: Electric Universe

Title: Waves

Label: Spirit Zone

Date: 1998


Track listing:


01. 06'21" Jungle Spirit

02. 07'41" Spectral Blue

03. 07'46" Bubbles

04. 08'40" Spiral Galaxy

05. 08'40" Saijen

06. 05'44" Flashback

07. 08'41" Freakquencies

08. 05'50" The Island

09. 07'04" Funtation




Really bad CD, only two good songs on it!! Flashback and Jungle Spirit!! He


way too much breakbeats and lots of songs sound like Techno, and I don't like

Techno... It's too boring!! Luckely the artwork is beautiful, but the CD isn't

good at all!! Bom Shankar

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I bought this CD for one reason: The beautiful build-up and the amazing break

in track 2 [spectral Blue]...


That fucking rocks, but I hafta agree with Anoebis, that the albums isn't that

great!! Jungle Spirit is OK, but kinda repetitive...


Smart ass artwork!


4/10 (Spectral Blue build-up And break 9/10)

Bom Shankar

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  • 5 weeks later...
Guest Snow Dog

Dullsville. All the tracks sound the same, except for the last two, and the first four tracks are just

not very good. It sounds like something Boris threw together while making his Galaxy album.

Buy Blue Planet or Angel, don't bother with this. 5/10

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  • 2 months later...

Average Album ? in fact Tracks 1& particularly 2 are interesting, other Tracks

are very average ? repetitive And not enough melodies ? the work in drums And

bass is most of the time really good, but that?s not enough to make a good

Track ? there?s much better Electric Universe stuff than this ? Rating : 4/10

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Guest fheierli[at]mails[dot]ch

With waves beginns the time where the albums of BB becomes bad. After the two

great albums "One Love" and "Stardiver", the albums are more Ibiza-Trance or

Techno. I don't say that Waves is a bad album, it have good tracks like Jungle

Spirit, Spectral Blue or Spiral Galaxy, but the album is not so good how the

older two. It have some disappointed tracks like Flashback, The Island and the

ambient-piece Funtation. My favourite tracks are 1,2,3,4. Rating: 6/10

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  • 1 month later...

Pretty poor release...Like you can't imagine that the same guy that made


try of d'n'b techno stylized trance...


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  • 1 year later...

I feel bad now spitting on one of the greates masters in trance music for that

louzy and a bit immaturish review I gave...But, that was after 1 -2

listens...Now, after i listened to it more i have to correct myself and say

that is pretty cute and bouncey album...Yes, it is the poorest of all his

albums but it is not repetitive and boring, same, it is not techno but more

goes into real trance genre...there are 3 not so intersting tracks but the



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  • 10 months later...

Revisionist history time: this is a good release. With the exception of the obligatory chill/dub track at the end (The Island) this was aimed directly at the dancefloor circa 1998, and I'll bet it killed. With all the suntrippy goa-nostalgia swirling around psynews I can't believe this doesn't get a little more love.


Electric Universe never broke any ground that I'm aware of but all the early albums are so well executed it's forgivable. It's just straight-up goa energy injected directly into your brainstem.

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