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V/A - 3D Vision Psychedelic


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V/A - 3D Vision Psychedelic


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Artist: Various

Title: 3D Vision Psychedelic

Label: 3D Vision

Date: 1998


Track listing:


CD 1

01. 09'54" Elixir : Spiral 3 Remix

02. 08'55" Tandu : Alien Pump (Rmx)

03. 08'59" Absolum : Wizzi Wizzy

04. 10'05" Bamboo Forest : Transfer

05. 08'43" Christof And DJ Maël : KLM (Rmx)

06. 09'28" Oforia : Timelessness

07. 08'24" Christof And Jean Borelli : No Name

08. 08'49" Talamasca : Talafrica


CD 2

01. 09'25" Absolum : XS

02. 08'34" Lagoon : Subaquatic

03. 08'56" Lagoon : Skyliner

04. 07'52" Christof And Buzkraft : Coca

05. 09'45" Bamboo Forest : Back Of The World

06. 10'55" Absolum : Biologic

07. 07'51" Elixir : Furious

08. 10'10" Talamasca : Believe




A very nice compilation from the French label of Christoff Drouillet!! But...

This CD could be a killer without all those mixes... The KLM remix is much

less good as the original and the same happened withe Alien Pump! :o((( Spiral

3 is a good (Rmx), but maybe that is because I don't know the original!!

Anyway, CD one gives us some uplifting stuff of Bamboo forest and Absolum!!

But the song of Oforia is also good with a great end...

CD2 is also good, but there are 2 bad songs on it (the 2 songs of Lagoon) and

also nr3 is disappointing!! But the rest of the CD is good!! :o)) especially

6,7&8. Bom Shankar

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Guest [Anonymous]

This has to be one of the most inspirational albums about.Ther

was a point at the end of 98 when I was feeling that psy trance had become too

dark and experimental.It seemed to loose it's spirit however, this cd and the

Homega releases etc seemed to breath some life back into the music.Everything

seems fine now as the quality has picked up across the whole psychedelic


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Guest ChrisdeeACiD

Brilliant! definitely the BEST compilation I own. Disc one is just perfect. Not

one bad track and almost everyone's excellent! Spiral 3 remix, Wizzy Wizzy,

Transfer and KLM are stunning. Alien Pump remix, Timelessness, No Name are

nearly perfect and Talafrica is DAMN good! I LOVE the melodie in the beginning

that sadly never appears again. Disc number 2 starts of with the worst track

on the comp thought it's not that bad. Lagoons Subaquatic is listenable

followed by only good tracks. Bamboo Forest is probably my new favorite group.

Just listen to the weirdness and bass! The only thing bothering me is the

bassline in Back of The World. Don't like it when the bass comes like "wong"

between the bassdrums if you know what I mean =( hmm. Furious sure does live

up to its name! GoD it's FULL ON with psychedelia that twistes you to death.

The beginning of Believe rocks. --::((GeT ThiS RigHT AwAY))::-- CheCk out

the basslines on this OnE!

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Lacks a little imagination and is quite predictable, but good nonetheless.

Fullon stuff... I love the Alien Pump remix, as good as the original, but it's

not surprising, since the only change is what comes after the 7:00 break. Also

the Bamboo Forest and Talamasca are the best tracks, happier than their recent

work. 7.5/10 I think.

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Extremely psychedelic ...as the name says...really good choices of tracks but

the Best are CD 1 : 1,2,3,4,6,8 and CD 2 : 1,3,4,5,7,8......CD 1 : 8/10, CD 2

: 7/10

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