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Total Eclipse - Violent Relaxation

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Total Eclipse - Violent Relaxation


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Artist: Total Eclipse

Title: Violent Relaxation

Label: Blue Room

Date: 1996


Track listing:


CD 1

01. 07'19" Virtual Terminal Energised

02. 07'36" Area 51

03. 09'01" The Furnace

04. 08'14" Tecknophobia

05. 07'46" Chaotic Circus

06. 07'43" Absolute Zero

07. 07'41" Pulsar Glitch

08. 07'27" Space Clinic

09. 08'19" Blue Galaxie


CD 2

01. 09'22" Espanolizer

02. 09'33" The Pendulum

03. 08'21" Black Body Radiation

04. 10'01" Diamond Ring Effect

05. 07'31" Time Drops

06. 08'12" 51 Pegasus

07. 09'40" Gravity Mirage




This album is REALLY GOOD, particularly the First CD :-)

Best CD 1 Tracks are 1,3,4 and 7 (Track 3, The Furnace, is one of the best Goa

Tracks I've ever heard !!!)

Best CD 2 Track is 5 ... Why did they choose the name "Violent Relaxation" ?

Because CD 1 is violent (pure psychedelic trance)

and CD 2 is relaxation (it's more Ambient than Goa) :-) Rating : 9/10 (because

there is 2 CDs)

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Excellent album ! Good tracks on the first are 1,2,3,7,8,9, and my personal

favorite is Space Clinic. I like Blue Galaxy a lot, with a really nice melody,

and also this track is a nice transition between the 2 cds : Not pumping goa,

but not ambient. On the second cds all tracks are good, I prefer Espanolizer,

but I'll never understand why they use an electric guitar in the middle of the

track :(

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Guest PsychedelicGav

This is an okay album, but only okay. Sixteen Total Eclipse tracks are rather

hard to take in one go. Like a lot of bands, the sound doesn?t vary enough, it

gets boring after a while. There?s some good stuff here but you?ve probably

heard the good stuff already on compilations or whatever. Good value for

money as music goes but a little more variety would have been nice.

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Guest a_ozi

I agree with psychedelic gav... very similar styles on both seedees make

listening to either disc in one go a personal issue of contention. Its

forgiven by the fact that it is really old now though, and their newer trax

have all been much more impressive. My fave track on the whole thing...


2 cones out of a six-shooter

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Guest shaharl[at]isdn.net[dot]il

one of my best goa trance cd's. really liked the differance between the 2 cd's.

the first is more energetic and has more andrenaline in it (except offcourse

for track 9 which is well... wow!!!). the second cd you can say is on the

border of ambient but not quite. my favorite tracks on the first are

1,3,5,6,8,9. and on the second, well ... in one word PERFECT.

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Guest [Anonymous]

this is a must have in a trance lover collection.

it's old good trance from 96 but it's allways nice

to hear it.

the second album is chill out music with nice melodies

like track 4- beutifull if u never heard it u have to

hear it.

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Guest kinski[at]aeiou[dot]pt





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Well I had to buy this one finally, and oh my god.. it was really worth it! The

first cd contains very good, old skool psychedelic trance. Each track is

really good filled with melodies and baselines. The second cd is more

ambient-like stuff, great chill-out music. These two cd:s make a brilliant

album, really worth buying. Score 9.5/10

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Guest wonderboy[at]pandora[dot]be

Though not so good as their previous as their previous album this one still


Both the violent and relaxational part make you trip away. This is 100% quality

GOA with some unforgettable tunes on it.

If you hear this you ask yourself how they could make such a horrable album

like "access denied".



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CD1 is a good TE stuff. On the other hand, the cd2, except the first trax, is

really boring and disappointing, a total eclipse of inspiration, bad thought,

poor and empty. Fortunatly, they stopped to make Ambient, it wasn't their key

point. Thanxx for my ears, TE!!! So I give it 6/10 thanks to cd one.

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Guest Le Lotus Bleu

On Cd1 (goa, except blue galaxie which sounds more ambient)),i don't like track

4, favourites are:1-2-5-8-9.

On cd2 (ambient),only the last track is bad. 1 or 2 more tracks could have been

put on cd 2, the running time reachs only 62 minutes.

This double cd is very good, rating :8/10

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Guest j[at]sper.nicetomeetyou[dot]to

After halluciniogen, the first goa i've heared. They made me love psychedelic

trance. Lost the CD, so i MUST have it again; memories. At Sola Luna festifal

in greece this summer(2001), they played one of this album; i thought i was

going nuts!!!!

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Guest Lifeformstudio[at]msn[dot]com

I was never really into some of his new tracks, and i finally got a copy of

this cd just now, and i must say.. I'm VERY impressed. This is old school,

and its kick ass old school! No wonder this is mentioned as a "classic". I'm

only on track 4 disk 1 ... so you must feel my joy of this cd. 9/10 so far.

maybe i'll come back later and review the rest, if necessary.

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Guest my e mail is some where

one of the first cd's i got a few years ago, and since it is one of my favs for

real, the trance trks on cd1 are so powerfull, so fun listen to, groovy power

beats and so many sounds, real good production, the ambient cd, is one of the

most chilli ther are, elctric metalic sounds and rhytems, diamond ring effect,

trk 4, is so cool, when it plays at party it's so fun listen to, funky cool

dly over melodys, love that cd. yep, 10/10

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