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Slide - Unstable

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Saturnalia was, is and will be the best dark track ever!!!

This track sounds so modern even for today standards! And it was made 10 years ago!


Damn, Pete Martin was a genius!

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It's sad to see people saying this album would be better without the downtempo track, The Zinc-Plated Goddess, that's by far the best track on this album.


The other tracks are not bad, but I quickly lose focus after the first or second one because they're all the same and not very interesting to listen through. Nothing stands out.


The Unstable album is nothing like Ultimate Experience, it's more scattered hard psychedelic trance rather than thick dark goa trance. Maybe the tracks are better on their own or in a mix, I don't think this is an album to listen straight through.

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I listened to the full album for the first time ever today. Unstable is a very distinct, rough and melodic Goa album. It's interesting, different. There's some great creativity here. Some tracks however utilize similar sounds and stand out less in that regard.


Tracks that got my attention (and hooked me) the most: 1, 4, 6, 9

Everyone has opinions which is good.


Unstable (self titled track) is intense, strong and climactic. I don't find it THAT dark though, but that's me. I think some of you heard it on mushrooms or whatever (probably more the whatever) and the song left an imprint on your consciousness.


Regarding The Zinc-Plated Goddess that's been discussed. I though that the last (mid-tempo) track kicked ass.


For those who haven't heard it, YouTube is your friend


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