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V/A - Tsunami


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V/A - Tsunami


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Artist: Various

Title: Tsunami

Label: Tsunami

Date: 2000


Track listing:


01. 06'26" Zorba : The Deep

02. 05'27" Chakra : Deliverance

03. 07'45" I-Zen : Voices

04. 07'52" Saiko-Pod : Magnetic Force

05. 05'16" Total Eclipse : Psychedelic Terrorist

06. 06'46" X-Dream : Aspirin

07. 08'28" Oforia : Special Offer

08. 08'27" Yahel : Reality

09. 07'42" Infected Mushroom : Symphonatic

10. 07'59" Morphem : Hypnotone




First the Zorba song is stomping but cool with great sequences in whiche the

music gets some power. Ok song.

Then Chakra offers a track that's not so good: big noise and voices around. Not

good to my mind.

Then a track by Erez Aizen (1/2 Infected Mushroom), that's a very little bit

fluffy at the begining, then it becomes wicked ans twisted. Another Killer

from Israel.

Now we are going to Denmark to hear a good tune by Saiko Pod. I can't deny this

is Ok for a dancefloor. Pure Franck'e style! GOOD!

At first sight you may think the Psychedelic Terrorist is a very fast

Jungle/Break Beat track, but after 90 seconds you get maaaaaad with this pure

absolute KILLER of the mind! Hang on, this is true, this is terror!

If you escape this, you are driven to the next track.

Indeed, get immediately some Aspirin because X-Dream have created the most fat

rhythm+bass in the world. the track whants to be slow, but it's very

interesting as noone hasmade such a strange psychedelic trance track before

(is this psychedelic?). It's ok for you but you head might implode.

If you escape the XD factory you will return to Israël where Ofer has watched a

lot of old science fiction movies. The track is full of funny "mars

attacks"-like noises. It's also fast, superb work on drums, bass and rhythmic.

Of course you won't avoid the usual sequence in he middle of the track of

Ofer. I'd like to see the result over a dancefloor...

Yahel has composed a track that fast, sometimes cheesy. Just like always: the

track would have needed some additional work not to sound so cheesy in the

second part. But this is Yahel's work. now we are used to it.

.....Now, prépare your best psychedelic shoes (no, the others best ones because

the very best ones have been destroyed during the Total Eclipse track)!

Breathe...again...calm...ok?...let's go!

Symphonatic is -for sure- a little bit cheesy somtimes... But try not to dance

over this and you'll see it's really difficult. I heard this during an IM

live, and the girl next to me almost had an orgasm. This is full full on,

no-compromise pure psychedelic killer. Don't resist, they are too strong.

Hypnotone, at least, helps you to find back reality. This is still a good

stomping track, a bit modified here, and i really like it a lot.


Overall, I can say the tracks are very good, there are absolute killers in this

compil, but i also have a little criticism to add: the styles are too

different. That's too hard to quit X-Dream and start with Oforia, for

example... This happens at least 3 times in this compil.

so my advice is to cut the thing, and make your own compil out of the separate

tracks. 7.5/10

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The very existence of this album is a great source of pride for US psytrance

fans like myself. For years, Tsunami has been the emergent force bringing

psytrance to America. I've attended their parties for years (going back to

AP's first US show) and they deserve a ton of credit for their efforts.

As for the album, it's a fine mix of several styles of psy-trance.

Occasionally, this lack of cohesiveness is detrimental. As Mars notes, the

flow of the album is lost when Oforia's full-on Israeli sounds are followed by

the thick, smoky grooves of X-Dream. Both are good tracks, but they don't

quite run together so well. On the other hand, this might be what makes the

album so good. For many fans, especially Americans, this will be their first

taste of psy-trance. Tsunami has given them a bit of everything -- progressive

Scandanavian, German minimalist, pumping Israeli, the works.

Highlights for me are Zorba's "The Deep", a classic track from Morphem, and

especially IM's "Symphomatic." A solid release and hopefully a sign of things

to come for the US psy-trance arena. 7/10

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How much more can I add, the first 2 reviews were precise in their evaluation

in my opinion. The number of people who enjoy psy trance number in the very

few in US, including myself. But we have more fun, with the fact that it is so

underground here. It separates you from the masses, gives you a sense of

individualism. Anyway the comp, explores a variety of trance, it would seem,

from minimal, d'n'b, full on, clubby to ambient all in one album. Sure you

can't like em all but the ones that shine ie. Oforia with his best track to

date, IM with a smashing track you just can't help but say yeah Tsunami hit

the spot. Besides finally we can buy Psy Trance CDs at prices below $20.

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Just tierd from Infected Mushroom tunes!

welp, I don`t like most of this compilation at all, except three tracks by

Total Eclipse, Saiko Pod and X-Dream.. wait.. Morphem is quite ok aswell.

rest of the stuff is really bad and cheezy.

naaaaah... just say no! 4/10 (8/10 for the good tracks)

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Guest no[at]email[dot]com

One of the best comp. i've been heard in years. Infected are still the best

psytrance in israel and symphontic proves it. i zen's voices track is the

BEST, and yahel is improving from track to track.X dream with another boring

track, and oforia with great sounds is the best track on this cd. 9.5/10

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Guest Tequila

probably one of my best compilation.The zorba track is good, fresh and

melodious, but already on the TIP comp "moovers and groovers".I find the

chakra track not that good in fact.quiete boring.The I-zen track is fine, but

doesn't have many originality compared to what erez can usually do.OK, here

begins the KILLER compilation: -saikopod: an excellent track, with the typic

koxbox style:)Then comes Psychedelic Terrorist from TE.What to say of this

track?I'd buy the whole comp for it.this track is one of the best one never

made by the group!!

then comes the minimal-X-dream track...good, but too slow&hard...I prefer when

it's energic...here I want to sleep because of the rhythm but I can't because

of the kick.anyway, it's well made and psychedelic so I like.I love the oforia

track.great.after Off The ground, I'm afraid of any oforia track, but here,

the talent has came back, and the track is great.The yahel track is also very

good, and I was surprised to see that it wasn't cheesy at all, as I heard from

many people about yahel.The infected track is totally a killer.not a killer, a

killer track compared to other IM tracks!!yeah, that good!!this compilation

fu*** worth the money, so if you see it, do not hesitate.9/10 (tracks 5/7/8/9)

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Guest X - Dreamer in NYC

Finally the U.S.A. can buy a trance album for under $20 and I can get it

anywhere. I even heard advertisements on the radio. The album is phat and the

Goa trance will finally take over the world

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Guest [Anonymous]

I didn't like this compilation...some tracks are already released on cd :

morphem, zorba, some are too melodic(i didn't like the vocal sample on

infected mushroom track)...I think infected mushroom are taking a way I don't

like too melodic...x-dream track is an insult...minimal can go but too minimal

and too slow...they did this track in 5 minute...coming soon was the real

x-dream not this stuff...the only two I liked are saikopod...really a great

track and total eclipse...I give it 4/10 only because saikopod track is


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Guest [Anonymous]

What is this leading to, a commercialization of psy trance?

This really bothers me!!!!! I like total eclipse track, and some of the

others, but i'm scared of how watered down the music i love is going to become

in the coming years!!!!

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Guest LaGoaTrance

I don't like this compilation....it looks like cheep trance whithout

inspiration. Nearly all artist are very well known but they dissapoint me....I

wonder how many time they spent to make such a ....

...a kind of Hollywood Trance ? :-(

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Guest Dragonlotus[at]hotmail[dot]com

I had waited a long time for this release I really cant be a viber or so

negative about this release. I love Goa Trance or Psy-trance for all you new

skoolers. It may not have been my choice of tracks but still I liked it its

pure trance in its finest, So what if its not the hardest beat or murkiest,

Perhaps this Is the ripple that starts a wave, the trance tidal wave, well for

now trancees Tune in turn On Dj Dragonlotus

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Guest [Anonymous]

very good cd, although there are some lowpoints. I really love chakra's

deliverence track, this cd was the first goa/psy cd i heard in like a year or

2, and i thought that the whole sound was going to shitty schizo trance... but

the cd proved me wrong, deliverence in fact saved my mind...demons started

comin outta the ground...then after the track it turned to ohms...^_^...the

i-zen track tries to drive me insane and i have to switch past it, and the x

dream i really don't like, i find thre style very boring(i know somone's gunna

attack me for saying that)...the saik-pod track is VERY weak, just cheezy

vocals...if there's anything cheezier than jokenfold tracks it's goa that

wants to be synthpop(i don't know why you'd want to though...)...it's just

like that space tribe track with the stupid vocals...destroys the mood of the

cd...yahel's track is ok, kind of stupid too...very stupid vocals, i usually

like yahel's stuff too...oforia track grade a^_^, beautifal full-on

psychedelia, the psychdelic terrorist track is really nice when it kicks in,

but the introducing jungle is kind of too long...but when it kicks in ...oh

doez it kick in...the infected mushroom track i like, but i find that they rip

off melodies left and right, and this really upsets me, everyone tries to call

them ingenius, but almost everyone of the melodies in the track have been in

other tracks not written by them...I kind of find it fun to point out where

they're from...there's 1 from a hallucinogen track and an astral projection

track on there. but it's nice to hear, although sometimes i get tired of the

infected mushroom vibe, although it's very well produced. The last track is

neat,it really fucked with me and my friend's head when were trippin listenin

to the comp for the first time... we couldn't understand...wuz there 2 files

going on!? the raggae was neat, but it REALLY didn't mix heheheh, we couldn't

figure where it was coming from...i guess that makes it interesting...well

anyways it was a pretty good cd, i haven't gave it a good listen in a few

weeks though...

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Guest waynekeenan[at]futuretrance[dot]

when i first got this cd I was dissapointed...for the same reason as a few

other folks here, "commercialism!"

quite frankly i think the only good thing to come out of a psy-trance deal with

kinetic records was infected mushroom and yahel on one 12" for 6.99!....anyway

I'm sure the folks at tsunami(and their wallets)would disagree with me...but

after a few listens i sort of got a little more into the disc, I did'nt like

the zorba because i expected more from riktam(a little more

psy...ifyouknowwhatimean)chakra, i thought was complete oakenfold material.

I-Zen was good...but typical mushroom

did'nt deserve a new name. Saiko-pod is excellent nuff said. total

eclipse.....well lets just say that ones gonna be listened to a few more

times(few hundred is more like it) i agree with most people here on the

subject of x-dreams track being crap....i love the drums on Yahels reality...a

little bit out of sync...but it fits perfectly..but i hate the vocal,

"creating a bond with reality"? say wha? c'mon now, we'll be having less of

that please.

infected's track is excellent....like I-zen its typical IM but this ones got a

very nice melody...does'nt come close to "release me"..if IM would keep up

that quality the world would be a better place.

morphem....well, all i can say is i have'nt made it past the start of the

track....hallucinogen-lion sleeps anybody?....yeah.. thats what i thought.

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Guest katonah[at]hotmail[dot]com

since psy.trance has new listeners opening their ears to this

kind of music everyday,it's diverse selection is perfect,not only for

psy.vets. but for new born trancers too.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Oh no, what a nightmare not "Morphem - Hypnotone" again. And it ends this

compilation, argh. That fucking track was on Kiss The Future Vol. 1 (Atomic

Records) in 1999, so bad for my ears. Sorry. :)) The other tracks are good,

but Chakra disappointed me. Yahel rulese! [7.5/10]

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Guest ganjatron666[at]yahoo[dot]com

Overall...I really enjoyed this one...it's got a diverse mix of psy-trance

(exactly what one negative viber bitches about). The Zorba and Ofer tunes

have beautiful harmonies and melodies. The Saiko-Pod a little cheesy with the

jungle sounds but excellent production. The mushroom tune has the best

production i've heard from them. And I love the cold-sounding british woman

creating a bond with reality, the track really burns along. That intro on the

morphem tune cracks me up (ofer's is funny too), and a great tune. The rest

of the tunes are average or above average. I think this release is balanced.


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I Have to agree too with some of you. I'm tired of the IM sound. It's not as

deep and complex as some other psy trance and therefor you get what?.....

tired of it.

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Guest lamalo20[at]aol[dot]com

Great CD

excellent combination of artiest

it's always in my CD player

when is the 2 ND. Comp. is coming up

I got it in tower records

why a lot of small records stores can get it.

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Guest i_dont[at]use[dot]email

this shieeeeet 0wnz you aaaaall!!!! Reminds me of the good old days, thank God

not everybody is releasing monotonous goa which the scene is plagued by

nowadays. There's too much non melodic boring goa produced so thank you very

much Tsunami for this EXCELLENT record!


Everybody SHOULD buy this one if they're the slightest interested in PSY!

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Guest goat[at]goatrance[dot]com

Goa feel , deep and psychedelic , great tracks with an unbelievable build up.

pure trance in its finest

i agree

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