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V/A - Tsunami


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Guest AtomicCow

Isn't Aspirin just a slight remake of Delta's Supercell??? Or possibly some

other Delta or X-Dream track. It just sounds way to familiar.

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Guest Diepeveen

This is for sure one of the best compilations i own... So full on! The Zorba

track is so... so SUPER, it's melodic, psychedelic and not to fast... just my

kind of trance! Chakra delivers a dissapointment with "Deliverance", i almost

cry when i compare this with the old "Liquid Troll", "X-File" style... Pure

Goa! The I-Zen track is okay... Nice start, then becomes boring, but tunes up

in the end. And now... Maybe the most full on track i know, Saiko-Pod -

Magnetic Force... This is... What can i say, pure Frank'E - I love it!!!! Now

comes an interesting track from Total Eclipse, some breakbeat/D&B like

something, but superPsychedelic at the same time, so i really like it! And the

voice that screams blalalalalala after about 4 minutes is all the 15£ i paid

for it worth;) I don't really like the X-Dream track, it's to dark and groovy

for my style... And i know u propably are going to hate me for this, but i

enjoy there "Rain" and "Out Here We Are Stoned" style more! The Oforia track

is very good, with nice bmp, and the usual melody after about 4-5 minutes.

Yahel delivers a good track until the SUPER cheezy melody comes in. It

destroys the track pretty much. But as Mars said: "We are used to it" Infected

Mushroom delivers a PURE KILLER... Symphonatic is one of the best tracks i

know... The cd ends with a super psychedelic track, Morphem - Hypnotone is

weird, twisted and has a beutiful... beutiful beginning... Love it! Overall, a

very nice comp, with some pure killers on it, best tracks are: 1,4,5,7,9,10...

Rating: 9/10

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Guest [Anonymous]

the total eclipse track had me trippin for about a week . and the

yahel track is the sickest ive ever heard. infected gets kinda old after the

hundredth time. and yet the oforia track hides for about three minutes and

knocks you on the floor. its a great buy and NOT total crap. props to zorba

for being the first track. its a land mark in my collection

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Guest More from Anonymous

I think that not enough props are given to Chakra: Deliverance. I mean sure it

isn't as Goa as IM: Symphontanic may be, and it might be a bit short, but it

still gets into the deepest corner of the brain and rattles it like every good

trance track should.

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Guest [Anonymous]

I think it is a really cheezy, vulgar, cheap compilation with really GOOD bands

that gave SHEET songs !! Oh but should we be surprised coming from JEG ??

Please, brothers & travellers, spare your money, it is not worthed the buy !


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Guest [Anonymous]



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Guest Diepeveen

Update... I LOVE the X-DREAM track... After i got my hands on Radio, i've loved

everything i have with X-Dream... - Still an 9/10 though... ;)

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Guest djcpr[at]hotmail[dot]com

Tsunami does an excellent job of representing many different types of

psytrance, and producing a very well rounded comp. I don't believe you should

look down on a comp because it has variety, you should praise it.8/10

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Guest xerox_22se[at]yahoo[dot]se

I can see why tsunami records got so famous, every cd shop in sweden has this

release on the wall , like a wallpaper , i bought it and as i was sitting down

, at first i thought it was commercial but after a few more days of listening

i was suprised, the more i was listening the more i loved this comp..

ill give it 9/10

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Guest clifwalton[at]yahoo[dot]com

I just don't understand a few of the reviews here. The reasons they have for

giving such reviews just don't make sense to me. It seems that people are

always knocking stuff down saying it has no variety. Then the same people will

turn around and say some cd is no good because the songs are varied. It seems

that alot of people just have some formula they follow in criticing a piece of

music. Like music can be reduced to some simple check list. Some people hate

melody, some hate minimallistic beats, some think a song is total crap if they

think they hear a guitar in it.. give me a fucking break. That's not what this

music is about. This music is some of the most beautiful, moving, imaginative

music that we humans have ever made thus far. It can take our minds to other

times and places, it makes us feel things we have never felt before. And it

is always moving forward into new realms. That is one of the distinguishing

things about this music, that it is always progressing. But how can it

continue to progress if we limit it by saying 'no, there must never be a

guitar sound in trance' or 'melodies are cheezy'. Music is an expressive

arrangement of sound. Any sound. Sometimes a song might find expression

through melody.

Sometimes a guitar sound might be just what a song needs. Sometimes a song can

work with more minimalistic beats. The point is that there are infinite ways

to arrange sound in a way that moves us. If you listen to a song with all

these stupid predjudices how can you really even HEAR it, how will it have a

chance to work it's magic. If this is the kind of closed-minded additude you

want to have I suggest you find some more mainstream music that follows rules

and formulas and stick to that. This music is for people with open minds that

are always willing to experince something new. Music has to be listened to

openly with your whole being. Heart and mind. It can't be reduced to formulas

or it's dead.

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Guest lyle[at]lylerz[dot]com

This CD changed my life. It was a door into another universe, just like the

Twilight Zone. I walked through, drawn by the power, awe and beauty of these

musical gems. I found the CD by accident - up till then my favorite label was

ZYX. I've found John to be a very gracious loving human being, Tsunami and

people associated to be caring intense good people, and this music has turned

out to be a key to unlock many doors I didn't know were there. I wish I could

meet them all and hear this music live - but I cannot go to the events. Thank

You for this CD.. I can listen and I can dream.

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Infected might be boring .

but did you guys ever notice their symetric style changes? . in 1999 their

style was not that melodic but not yet minimalistic . in 2000 a very melodic

and accoustic sound appeared with Classical Mushroom

2001 is also melodic but a little more .. experimental .

weird and a bit commercial sounding .. still not commercial .. .. so i hope

that now in 2002 they will create a new style thats totaly diffrent ..

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Guest Van138[at]aol[dot]com

I love Tsunami ever since Return to the Source at the Liberty science center.

I feel in love then with goa trance and i still believe now that Tsunami

re-invents and produces the best Goa Trance ever and well.

Just wanted to say that I still love the scene and the vibe. Tsunami is and

will be a major part of my life

Steven DeGracia

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Guest deepphaze[at]hotmail[dot]com

its a year and a half later.....

and they still want it to be brand new....

you can't ride the same accomplishment forever.

why are they still trying to sell it and shpongle albums

on every flyer for a party? do something new already....

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