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Double Dragon - Transparent

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Insejn    63

Double Dragon - Transparent


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Artist: Double Dragon

Title: Transparent

Label: Plusquam

Date: 2002


Track listing:


01. Bong

02. Resonate

03. Doppelganger

04. Gravity

05. Echo

06. Heavy Rotation

07. Shine

08. Dice




This was unexpected. You should all know about Double Dragon at this time. But

for those who doesn't. I suggest you buy Continuum instead. Some of the same

old awesome percussion is here, BUT, it's too boring. The melodies is almost

gone. Instead there ar a sample of a sounds put in a certain way and run over

and over again to create a melodiefeeling. I must say that the basslines is

outstanding, as usual :) You know the one in Spiked? I just love that one.

There are some goodies on this also :) Best track is 6 and 8. This is not a

bad release. Final Verdict: 3/5.

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Setsuko    0

Steve Good is back with another crispy album after his historical "Continuum" ,

but now with something else ... "Transparent" is special ... catchy and has

fresh new crystal clear sounds not many artist are able to produce ... he's

like the master of filtering percussions .... and it sure effects my brain . I

like it ;-) .. thanks Plusquam . the coverart is nice too , Loets is realy a

talented graphic artist . my favourites are 1,3,5,6 and 8 ... score : 8/10 ..

check it out

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GagaISM    18

Man this album is hard to get into. I've tried listening to it soooo many times since I bought it 2 years ago. But I think it's finally happening!

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