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V/A - Tantrance 8

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Guest Pit-UFO   
Guest Pit-UFO

V/A - Tantrance 8


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Artist: Various

Title: Tantrance 8

Label: Sub Terranean

Date: 1999


Track listing:


CD 1

01. 09'27" Sonic Fusion : Tribal Warrior (Live Recording)

02. 07'18" Planet BEN And Synchro : Vampire State Building (Purple Mix)

03. 06'36" Gabriel Le Mar : Why? (Pascal FEOS Rmx)

04. 05'32" Electric Universe : Tribal Session

05. 10'00" Atmos : Drum's Don't Stop

06. 10'29" Man Of The Last 3rd And DJ Lando : Blow Station

07. 07'12" Citizen Kaned : Global Citizen

08. 09'47" Amorphus : Return Of Shalom

09. 07'00" Groupie Syndrome : Peacemaker

10. 07'16" Children Of Paradise : Alien Nation Part 1


CD 2

01. 06'53" SUN Project : 380 Volt

02. 08'38" Noosphere : Pepsis Wasp

03. 08'01" Morphem : Hypnoton

04. 08'10" Infected Mushroom : Blue Muppet

05. 06'38" Beast : Trouble (Hallucinogen Rmx)

06. 09'13" Space Cat : Cat On Mushroom

07. 10'26" Astral Projection : Searching For UFO's

08. 10'36" Cass Vs Flight : Mephisto's Child (Danny Howell´s Squelch Mix)

09. 09'00" Cydonia : Narco Nympho




A good compilation with many big names on it and lots of different styles, but

do we need another CD with already very known tracks from Infected Mushroom

and Astral Projection? Planet BEN And Synchro sounds great. Tribal Session its

a nice "fluffy" tune. Peacemaker by Groupie Syndrome (another X-Dream side

project) kicks ass!. On CD2 the best tracks are the very weird Hallucinogen

"Beast" remix and Cydonia´s low tempo Narco Nympho. By the way "380 Volt" =

SHIT. 7/10

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Guest ace_acid10[at]hotmail[dot]com   
Guest ace_acid10[at]hotmail[dot]com

Quite a better one then Tantrance vol.7 , altough it still contains 'mellowish'

psyche/goa trance, but all worth the money, the first track is amazing,

especially when u put up a lot of bass on it. Neat and triballistic. The

Planet BEN And Synchro track is pretty catchy and sounds superb, altough its

too short, then there are 2 tracks (gabriel le mar, electric universe) wich

arent goa or psy trance at all... the gabriel le mar track even sounds like

some speedgarage from the u.k. very dissapointing, electric universe starts

good, but gets real boring in the end, coz its only a bassline and some

tribalistic drums, then again 2 very disapointing tracks, especially the atmos

one... so very very boring, then we come to Citizen Kaned (a.k.a DOOF!) wich

sounds pretty crawly and set up in the same style as (Prometheus) Process

(clarity from deep And cryogen). Amorphus is a pretty 'dark trance' tune. And

next to that we come to an absolute highlight: Groupie Syndrome! whaaaa!!..!

this is so amazing!.. And yes the well known COP - Alien Nation (part1), DISC

2, starts off with SUN Project, i always skip it, i dont like the guitars,

this track begins good but sounds like happy hardcore after a while bah.. Then

its Noosphere with a pretty good goaish track, next - Morphem, awesome strange

and weird intro (like Infernal Machine's: the loin sleeps tonight),

penetrating bass, and very trippy. Infected Mushroom starts out great!.. real

nasty sounds, but it gets soooo boring and repetetive in the end. Beast is

great (tough too short) Space Cate definently shows some good work again!..

Then there's a little restpoint, Ap's - Searching for u.f.o's , sounds like

all the other Ap tune's.. i dont like Ap anymore, all tunes have the same

hihat and drum pads.. *yawn*.. Cass vs Slide is too long and too boring *skip*

and Cydonia finishes off, with a neat downtempo peace of psychedelic trance,

in some moods i play it, but i find it too empty, overall Tantrance vol.8 is!

nt the best part (still is part. 3 and 6) but worth the money. I dislike the

artwork (too purple) and i would rather see some masterpiece's bij George

Reimann again (Jurgen Heidlebach did this one). Rating: 84%

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Guest Acidhive   
Guest Acidhive

Well, Ace Acid. I agree with almost all you said, this album is pretty good. I

DO like the SUN Project track however and AP's Searching For Ufo's is maybe

one of their best tracks ever. Cass Vs Slide is also quite good in my opinion,

because it is a really nice melodic piece of goa. What I can't grasp here is

that you don't seem to like Atmos and DO like Amorphus... Quite a

contradiction as Atmos is in the same league, only more melody. Atmos rules...

But you're right about the other songs. I give this 8/10

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Guest babdriver[at]iobox[dot]fi   
Guest babdriver[at]iobox[dot]fi

CD1 is full of fantastic hypnotic goa trance, it just fits in my taste.

Especially atmos's "drums don't stop" and COP's "Alien nation" are nearly

perfect hypnotic goa tracks. Second cd is quite disappointment. It's no longer

hypnotic, and guitars in first track makes me want to stand up and dance,

after chilling cd1. But there's also good tunes in cd2... tracks like

Morphem's "Hypnoton" and Infected Mushroom's "Blue Muppet" are really

satisfying. But afterall I think it would be better if cd2 was cd1 and

chilling cd1 was cd2 :-). 8/10

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Guest Le Lotus Bleu   
Guest Le Lotus Bleu

Not the best volume of the the Tantrance serie in my mind.


favorite tracks on

cd1 : 1-4-5-9

cd2 : 1-3-4-8


bullshit on

cd1: 2-6

cd2: none but lots of very average tracks like astral projection which have a

lack of inspiration or beast with the always same sounds from posford.

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Guest zyrkon[at]caramail[dot]com   
Guest zyrkon[at]caramail[dot]com

With this volume 8, Tantrance begins his fall as Sub Teranean has been bought

by Nova tekk.

good things on cd1: 1,4,5,9. rating cd1: 6/10

nice tracks of cd2 are:1,3,7,8. rating cd2 :7/10

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lysergic    0


track1, very tribal and very powerful, nice to begin the cd with :) track2, i

found very boring, i cant listen to this all the way through. track3, not goa

but still fun to dance with, it has a drum n bass type 'rolling' bassline.

track4, tribal drums and electric sounds, go together well. but not an overly

good track. track5, very very repetitive but i actually enjoy this one. i like

the little drum snares. track6, boring boring! track7, too slow and not enough

energy for my liking. i prefer his DOOF releases. track8, nice for a minimal

track. but nothing special. track9, woohoo! i love it, i usually hate tracks

with guitar but this one is so powerful, and it has VERY VERY good acid

sounds. like a real 303 here. track10, good, alien sounds and fun to listen

to, but not groundbreaking.



1, not for me! u will hate it unless u like guitars. 2, resonable minimal

sounding track, pretty dark. 3, nice!! very trippy intro with some guy

singing, but i really enjoy this one. 4, really good! some kickass growly

sounds in here, and even a melody that sounds like something from 3dvision :)

ruined once the guitar starts , and gets too repetitive by the mid-end. 5,

cool squelchy sounds, and the usual quality stuff u would expect from simon.p.

but not a favourite of mine. 6, very good! space cat delivers something quite

special here.. 7, i really enjoy this track, for me it represents a

celebration of human existance searching for E.T life. and the loop that

repeats a lot is very simple but very effective and i would like to hear this

track at midnight under the stars :) 8, yuck.. i dont like this one at all. 9,

resonable.. but not as good as many of cydonia's other tracks.

overall 7.5/10

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SkeletonMan    3

Chapter 8 is perhaps the one to mark the end of the goa inspired Tantrance compilations. Most of the way it certainly ventures in musical territories far away from the sound that started it all.


Therefore the main thing to realise here is that T8 has a far more simplistic sound that earlier Tantrance releases. The year is 1999, Goa is on the decline, and progressive taking over. So to with Tantrance. The tracks are much darker than uplifting goa and here & there approaching house territory. This creates a less strong psychedelic vibe than earlier releases, and even if mood is always the key I certainly have to work harder with this release to enter psychedelia.


A couple of tracks should be mentioned. Atmos, as always, delivers an interesting track. Drums Don't Stop is dreamy, relaxed, and insisting. Likewise, Man Of The Last 3rd & DJ Lando delivers a solid deep house track with Blow Station. There’s not much going on, but if you do get onboard the wagon there’s more than enough to entertain you. Children Of Paradis gives us Alien Nation (Part 2), another deep tech-trance track that demands dedication to be appreciated, but let yourself be run over and it will work.


And then comes the finale of cd 2 ... which for some reason stears this compilation in a completely new direction – back to old skool! Starting with Astral Projection over Cass & Slide to Cydonia the last 3 tracks apparently wants to remind us what Tantrance used to be all about. Or still is. Or ...? Strange, but in any case 3 strong tracks and my favorite tracks of both cds. Melodic, energetic, trippy, they work equally well tripping in a comfortable chair or out on the dancing floors.


To summarize, I’ve heard several Tantrance compilations more opt to meet my taste in music. Still, with ears set for progressive T8 delivers several decent tracks. My main gripe here is the amount of imminent hits which I think is too low for a compilation. In this direction it doesnt' help that a few tracks are ruined by guitars. Lastly, I need to mention the hideous opener Tribal Warrior which I find more suitable for a Riverdance compilation. I mean, I understand some people like tribal drums, but ffs there's a limit to everything :huh: !!

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Manuser    290

Definitely worth the money this one, a strong compilation with many interesting tracks, starting with the tribal one by Sonic Fusion.

Searching for UFO's is not my favorite Astral Projection track and it sounds a bit out of place here... regardless this is a good comp to own, with indeed technoish tracks but melodies always present. Other favorites include the Cat on Mushroom track, Alien Nation 1, Drums don't stop, Pacemaker, Hypnotone (strange intro, creative I should say!).

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thanosp81    310

One of the first compilations that made me realise that I wouldn't hear the sweet sound of Goa again.

Boy was I surprised a decade later :) 

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