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Shulman - Soundscapes And Modern Tales

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Shulman - Soundscapes And Modern Tales


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Artist: Shulman

Title: Soundscapes And Modern Tales

Label: Shaffel

Date: 2002


Track listing:


01. 11'19" Small Grey Creatures

02. 03'00" New Paradigm

03. 10'48" First Came The Stars

04. 07'40" Take A Walk Outside

05. 10'09" Elements

06. 11'33" Avant Garden

07. 06'26" Fromage

08. 06'23" Shiogo

09. 04'01" Aion




Okay, this is my first "real" review ever so go easy on me.


T1. Small Grey Creatures. The track aka song starts out with some dude telling

stuff about UFOs that crashed in the northern Germany near the Baltic sea. The

commentary goes on for about 1 minute, after that some strings join the play.

After that some weird singing, that somehow reminds me from Waterjuice. The

song actually sounds quite promising, even little psychedelic. Hypnotic

pattern repeating, repeating, repeating, you get the point? At 03.30 I

suddenly notice that there's also a chilled beat on the "background" and

wonder when it came into the pattern. At five minutes there's a little

chilling part that lasts until 06.30, this is a great time to fill your lungs

with air, you might forget to do it later. Now on you have to concentrate on

the music, just close your eyes, don't think, just listen to the "flow". At

08.00 the strings are BACK. Suddenly the song ends =(.

T2. New Paradigm. IMHO this is an intro for the next song. It doesn't have any

beats, just some looooooooong waves and effects.

T3. First Came The Stars. Are they horns? Well anyways something like that

starts out this masterpiece, after that a nice Raja Ramish flute joins the

game. At 01.30 you might think that you are in India, although this only

happens if certain chemicals are involved. The beat has some Violet Visionish

influences, the Flute is still Rajaish. What a great mixture =). At 05.00

there's one of those brakes again just fot the purpose that Yaniv Shulman

brilliantly builds the song back to perfection. The beat, bassline, weird

stuff it just builds up brilliantly. We are starting to get some new

instruments.. at 08.00 it's still building, and then suddenly. Am I in

Shpongle Land? A nice solo joins the game and this is absolutely one of the

album's highlights for me. I could imagine myself as being somekind of "Shrek"

thing just chilling around Blobbish yellyish things, having the best time ever

eating candy =). It's hard to explain. =)

T4. Take A Walk Outside. Atfirst this song was a little bit hard for me to get

into and so I decided to Take A Walk Outside, while listening this track

through. I braved the forces of the nature and made a 10 minute walk in the

blizzard. This song sort of stands out from this album, it's somehow more

aggressive, more raw and predictable. The samples remind me of Violet Vision.

Actually this track reminds me from "VIolet Vision Style", you know, the drum

'n bassish feeling.. Well this is also one of the highlights for me.

T5. Elements. This song can also be found in the Hommega - Life Is compilation

and I had already heard it like 100 times. I was hoping that this would be

like a remix or something, but it wasn't. It's the exact same track, well

maybe the end is a little different so that it mixes better with T6. A lot of

people might think this as the best track of the album. It's tribal, hypnotic,

really nice but I have just heard it way too many times.

T6. Avant Garden. This is not really an ambient song. It's an ambient track,

cause it has some BPMs. It also has some sort of Opera singing that blends

really well with the other "instruments". The build up process can also be

found in this track. This time the beats are Simon Posfordish. The BPMs sort

of sneak up and suddenly they just are there. I'm starting to repeat myself,

but this is a highlight again =).

T7. Fromage. I don't know what fromage means, in the case that it actually

means something of course. The song starts with some synths and wind. The beat

and the bass arrive on 00.30. Then the weirdo singing stuff. A small break,

more complicated beat, and the songs goes on. The Raja flute is BACK =), and

no It went away =(. At 03.20 the evil BPMs enter (Go Away U SOB). No good

without evil, no evil without good: the flute is BACK =). Suddenly it's all


T8. Shiogo. Some will love it, some will hate it. This is one of those

Interchill style songs. No beats, nothing radical, just a flow. I'm not a

great fan of this sort of music, but this is okay though. Perhaps this is the

Soundscape of this album.

T9. Aion. aka "sort of outro" ("aion = i will" in finnish). I don't really know

what this is. Perhaps Shulman took all the remaining things and arrenged them

together. This could be a great song, too bad it only lasts 4 minutes.


Psyshop called this album the "Israeli answer to Shpongle".

And a lot of you people probably want to know if this is "better" than

Shpongle. Well, it's not better, but it's not worse either."

I'm glad I got it.

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Guest WiLDSiDE

i luv this album.. i cant say its bettah than Shpongle.. its doesnt have that


but nevertheless, its still an excelent album imo.. i give it a 9/10.

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Guest [Anonymous]

Euphemistically profiling yourself as the Israeli answer to Shpongle may not be

the smartest thing to do but Mr.Shulman gently delivers what is promised

although u can hear his use of hallucinogetics/DMT is healthier than UKs

finest. For the rest it comes damn close to -...are u shpongled?-...Nice

collection of analog instrument, rich soundscapes, psychedelic complexity and,

the hardest part, well crafted compositions. Ganjalien did an excellent

song-by-song comparison so I just wanna add that this is probably going to be

the best chillout album of 2002. 9/10.

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Guest [Anonymous]

as a mental orange fan this was a must for my ears....a bit surprised at first

'cause of the ambiant style... i totally love this album!!...nice to wake up

on or go to sleep on...or....(you can fill that in yourselves;) )...

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Guest bob[at]dobbs[dot]net

Although I do like the album, I couldn't help feeling that it is borrowing a

LOT from the first Shpongle album but is missing some of the magic that makes

Shpongle so special. It sounds like Shulman is TRYING to be Shpongle. There

are places where the rhythms seem nearly identical to clasic Shpongle tracks.

Random flute sounds thrown in here and there. Similar vocal distortions. I'm

calling it Shpongle lite. Tastes great, less filling. Less trancendental.


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This album is not similar to shpongle first album and Shulman doesn't trying to

be shpongle.

I think that this album is something new, it's not totaly different from

previous ambient albums (Are u Shpongled for ex'), but I think that the sounds

are better and clearer,

the album keeps it pace (more or less) from the begining to its end what makes

it more suitable for chilling or relaxing, this album is just superb no one

befor has done this, it's a unique piece of art that any psy-chill-ambient

lover should own, um... sorry MUST own. (the best release by far in 2002)


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Guest hallusinogeeli

I just want to add one thing..

like Bob said, this album doesn't have that "Shpongle Magic". It has something

else, "Shulman Magic"

This is multilayered piece of art that any chill fan should own.. everytime I

listen to it I find something new in it.. specially while under the influence..


bob.. don't you think it's good that we got Shpongle alike music?

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Guest bob[at]dobbs[dot]net

I think one of the things that has made Shpongle so great is Simon and Raja's

ability to break the mold. Both Shpongle albums sound like nothing else that

have come before them. There is certainly a lot of psy-dub influence, but

they've made it something their own. Anyone who has listened to their music

in any sort of augmented state of conciousness knows what it means to "be

Shpongled." Shulman's work sounds like a complete rip-off of Shpongle's

original effort in places. Yes, it's nice to have more Shponglish music, but

borrowing sounds and rhythms wholesale from someone else is not innovation.

Don't get me wrong, I would definitely recommend this album - it certainly has

a lot of merit all it's own. There is certainly "Shulman Magic" in there. I

just feel it loses points for originality. The production is not as good as

either Shpongle. When I listen to it, I'm very attracted to the stuff that

Shulman is doing on his own, then I feel somehow cheated when he lays down a

rhythm or flute/vocal sample that is completely ripped off. Should have

focused more on making good music and less on sounding like someone else's

music. Just my $.02. Gonna give it another chance to win me over right now,

actually. :o)

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Guest --==MileS==--

Excellent showcase of chillout skills although it resembles Shpongles' debut

quite authentically, an achievement in itself given the status of the Dynamic

DMT duo. Trax like -Small Grey Creatures- and - First Came The Stars- are so

many miles ahead of the average chillout poured over us that it would be a sin

to label Shulman as a pure copycat. At least give it a fair try and judge

-Soundscapes And Modern Tales- on its own merits, its imo simply too clever

and beatiful to have this one NOT included in your collection. 9/10.

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Guest chicketo de la homus[at]intergal

I think that the new shulman album is beter then the shpongle album cause it

innovates not imitates do less live longer go buy it. I think that this one is

less "sweet" and that is whats so nice about it he dosent try to buy u by

chessy melodies instade of that he goes to a deep under occean plantery

experance its not about here and there its about the whole story so wake up

and go buy it now. the perfect substance control experence for me for the last

year. 10/10

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You guys are saying that Yaniv Shulman is borrowing from Shpongle. Somebody

asked him in the isratrance.com forum that what happened to his last album and

this is what he answered: "I'll try to explain what happened......the last

trance track Ive wrote was about 3 years ago............we had a thought about

compiling all my old stuff but I've decided to cancel it because I think its a

bit, how to put it ??, well, its old. I don't think it stands up to today's

standards in trance music. Anyway that's why the album was canceled. But after

a lot of delays caused mainly by me not belonging to all my base and the lack

of free time to arrange everything, Im finally releasing a new (you decide)

album in the near near future, (something like a week or two. (touch wood)I

hope that's explains it all."

So as you can see the songs of this album were made atleast 3 years ago.. and

that is before "Are You Shpongled?"

SO.. Who's borrowing from Who?

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One more thing..

I don't want to get misunderstood..

I am NOT saying that Simon and Raja are borrowing from Yaniv Shulman..

I guess what I just want to say is that this is not an ordinary album.. You

know one of those that you buy, listen to through once and then put in in the

shelf where it's going to stay as a decoration and not to be listened through

ever again..

For the people who say that Yaniv is ripping off Shpongle: SHAME ON YOU..

Respect the author.. Shulman made an album out of this world far beyond skills

of homosapiens..

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Guest chroneus

I remembered the time when I first turn on player with "are you shpongled". It

was a great experience with music I never heard before. Frankly speaking the

shpongle "dmt" sound is not ordinary and it is hardly to say another albums

which sound like this... Shulman album will be always compared with shpongle.

But I like this music!

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Guest shpongle for ever

??? I don't think that anybody can say that Shpongle is commercial in any way


Shulman cd is really good, probably one of the best psy-ambiant record i've

ever heard. But the fact is that when you've heard the 1st Shpongle it's very

hard to appreciate totally a new worl/psy/ambiant record like this one !!!!

and that is nothing but the truth !

Anyway it's not a reason to stop listening music !!!!

SHULMAN IS SHPONGLED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (9.5/10)

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Guest Slidingtrancer

Shulman was just shpongled in the second song, where he lays down a sphongical

lead. Apart from that this is just brilliant chill. Just highlight this, nice

and harmonic, emotional music.

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Guest [Anonymous]

I think; its a very thing that most of the people dont

know. get a life and get new music/ buy shulman music only and embrace the new

stile of meeting people all over the cheese- fromage man / are you fromaged????

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This oddly-titles, oddly-packaged and (spiritually) oddly-scented release from

Shulman is a delight. Whether you like to think of it as one man's soundtrack

to an increasingly crazy world, or (like me) you prefer to think of it as

music made by some kooky alien chaps (like the Star Wars Cantina Band messing

about with Cubase), its quirky headiness and rootsy beauty are magic. On tunes

like Small Grey Creatures and Avant Garden, Shulman creates a sublime

unfolding atmosphere and almost manages to out-Shpongle Shpongle. He brings in

huge beats (Aion), trip dub (Take A Walk Outside) and even offers half a nod

to the dancefloor (fromage). Overlook the nasty taste of Jan Hammer-esque

vibraphone in Shigo, and instead divert your spliffy attention to the filtered

arpeggios, cut up vocals and cute dubby reflections that make this an album to

soak up and enjoy. The fractal alien chorus singing yogic mantras (really) on

Elements will make you weep, and the knowing and meditative groove throughout

this album is world class. Love it.

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Guest peacetheworld82[at]hotmail[dot]c

shulman shulman............yesssssssssssssss!!!!!i realy love shpongle and i

love the shpongle music is the best ambient psy music on my mind and my

heart.shulman is +++ on my mind and my heart.i love this

album!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SHULMAN EXCELLENT....ALEX :)

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Guest normanthestoreman[at]bigtits[dot

Shulman is not as good as Shpongle . One , maybe two tracks sound a bit

shponglish but this CD dies off horrible in the seconf half. Its hard to

recommend this albumn . Grab the first few tracks but forget the second half

as its cheesy crap

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Guest oOo_OoO

i agree, the first song is without doubt the best one, and from there on it's

going dooooown. the songs gets worse and worse. going down slow in the

beginning, at the end you're falling.

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Guest dernuk

wow, i've just entered to track one and i already feel totally at ease, this is

a superb production. when it finish I didn't realize that I wasn't on earth so

I could watch my body beeing asleep and my soul flying, wow, this is music for

the spirit. The music goes deep into your mind deeper and deeper 9.3/10

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evryone agrees....


this album is really better than entheogenic...his own style is born not so

close to shpongle for me


wonderfull trip

vey good album


9.5 for me :)

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